Pitufo Diaz: Shakur Stevenson made a big mistake by agreeing to fight me!

By Ivan Montiel


Ivan Montiel: The boxing world is excited to see your next fight versus Shakur Stevenson [April 20th at New York City's Madison Square Garden] Now before we get into that, I should mention last year you lost for the first time in a war against Masayuki Ito.  Then you returned with a knockout of David Berna right before 2018 ended.  What do you think of Shakur Stevenson? Christopher "Pitufo" Diaz: Let me start off by saying I have fought better opposition than Shakur Stevenson.  Yes, I suffered my first loss.  However that’s experience which I gained coming into this fight. As we all know by now Shakur Stevenson won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics but let’s not forget what Felix “Tito” Trinidad did: he beat three Olympic GOLD medal winners: David Reid, Pernell Whitaker and Oscar De La Hoya.  
IM: Do you think that maybe Shakur Stevenson is overconfident going into this fight with you since there’s already talks of possible world title shots for him in the near future?
CD: Yes, I believe he is overconfident. Boxing is about progressing as a fighter.  This is professional boxing ,not Olympic boxing, which is totally different.  Team Shakur Stevenson made a bad choice by accepting this fight against me.  I am going to demonstrate that I am a warrior against whoever is put in front of me.  That night, everyone will see Christopher “Pitufo” Diaz as the winner whether it be by decision or knockout!
IM: I take it you have seen Stevenson fight many times before?
CD: Yes, I have. He is talented and he might become a world champion one day but he won’t beat me.  Once again, it was a bad choice accepting this fight.  
IM: Freddie Roach is your new trainer. Talk to us about training with him.
CD: Everything is going great with Freddie. Yes, there is still some time left for this fight, but we are working very hard for this win.  Sparring is going good as well.
IM: Any message that you would like to send out to Stevenson [who is 10-0 as a pro]?
CD: I just want Shakur Stevenson to train hard like I know he does... that way we can give you boxing fans a great show!  Outside of the ring I have respect for him, but inside that ring we must do our job!  I have nothing bad against him. It’s all business and may the best man win!
IM: Any message to his fans, the ones who believe he will beat you.
CD: Don’t bet against me!  I will give Shakur Stevenson his first professional loss.  After this fight, his fans could very well become my fans.
IM: Well Pitufo thanks for taking the time off your busy training which you have going on right now.  I wish you all the best for April 20th!
CD: Thanks Ivan much appreciated as always!