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December 28, 2009

By G. Leon

Future hall of famer Sugar Shane Mosley told, "They could test me anyday they want to. I'm so clean. I've always been clean, till I was tricked, but it's all good though. They could test me any day of the week. They've already tested me for the CBC blood test, okay whatever, let's do it. When they talk about steroids, they could test me right now. Matter fact they could test me when I retire. I've never taken steroids ever, ever. I would never knowingly take steroids ever. I don't do that.

GL: Looking ahead if Mayweather requested the same test from you that he's requestig from Pacquiao, you would have no problem with it?

Shane Mosley: "They could do a test everyday if they want. He could sit there and watch them draw the blood and take the piss every single day. There's nothing in my veins, I'm just naturally a strong motherf**ker! I'm naturally strong. I'm just strong period. You could take a drug test any day of the week."

GL: What's your opinion on Floyd's position as it relates to Pacquiao taking these test?

SM: "I have to agree with them. Go ahead and take that test 30 days before. I have to agree with Floyd on that one."

GL: SO even though it's not commonplace in boxing...

SM: (cutting in) "What they're saying is you could take the steroids 30 days before the match and clean yourself up and still have the effect of the steroids. Take it go ahead. I'm clean and I've always been clean. Give me a test any day of the week, but you know what? When you give me the test take the same test."

GL: If you were Manny Pacquiao and you've never been asked anything like this before, would you think your opponent felt you were up to something illegal?

SM: "From the outside looking in, I would say, why won't you get the test? Because of the blood or he feels he would get weak when he takes test, but I would rather take it 30 days before than the week of the fight. It's not going to mess up my fight 30 days before. I'm not going to say Pacquiao is doing anything, but he is a little questionable, just a little bit. Me? Test me. Please. I want you to test me,"

GL: Do you think a higher stadard of testing should be implemented in boxing so it doesn't make anybody look like a vilian?

SM: "I think they should do the amatuer testing. Whenever the commission wants to knock on your doorstep for you to take a test you should do it."

GL: If you were fighting Manny Pacquiao would you request this testing or fight under the normal conditions?

SM: "I'd fight him because I don't care if he's on something or not, I'm going to win. I don't care what you do, I feel like I'm superman anyway, but I'm going to win. I think most likely since this came up they should do the testing to make sure everybody is clean. You have these workout guys who try to filter in their techniques Darryl Hudson for one. Oops did I say that? Yeah, Darryl Hudson, him. Trying to bring this track and baseball stuff to boxing and it doesn't work. Leave Darryl Hudson alone."

GL: Is that what you meant when you earlier said you got fooled?

SM: "Yeah, these guys come in and they want to make a big impression and they want to start using different. Oscar is a victim, he never took steroids, but he looked the way he looked against Pacquiao because of these sports trainers. Oscar is a victim of it, Vargas is a victim of it, James Toney, I'm a victim of it. These guys, these supposed to be conditioning coaches come in with all this bull so they can look good, but they be tricking these guys man. Oscar didn't use steroids, but he was on a blood diet and he could't gain no weight for the fight and that was because of the trainers he was listening to. It could happen to anyone so when these guys come and say things like once a juicer always a juicer, nah, I don't juice. I don't do that. I like to be clean, I like organic stuff. I like to live a long life, that's why I'm 38 and still fighting and I'm going to be fightig till I'm 45. My body is not messed up. I'm not beaten down and worn out. They need to get that word juice out of their mouth as it comes to me. I don't juice and they can test me any day of the week."

GL: It's always juicy when we talk. Can you give me some closing thoughts?

SM: "Matthew Goldstein can test me anytime to see if I'm juicing or not."

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