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April 13, 2010

By G. Leon

GL: We're just days away from the big fight between world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik and Sergio Martinez. Can you give us some thoughts on Saturday's action?

Bob Arum: "It should be a terrific fight. Martinez looked very good against Paul Williams. He's a gutty fighter, he's experienced and very elusive. I think it's going to be a tremendous fight. Kelly is in the best shape he's been in in years."

GL: This is Kelly's most significant middleweight fight since he won the title from Jermain Taylor. Can we expect to see Pavlik in more significant fights at middleweight? Sure he's made a lot of money but he won the title in 2007 and this is his first real defense.

BA: "It's tough to find middleweights to put in with him. Winky Wright is right up there and so is Paul Williams. Kelly definitely wants to continue to work as a middleweight and if he's successful then I really believe that Winky Wright or Paul Williams will be next."

GL: What was your opinion of Williams-Martinez?

BA: "I thought it was a terrific fight, I thought Martinez won the fight narrowly."

GL: Do you think Martinez is more difficult for Kelly than Williams is?

BA: "Absolutely. I don't think there's any question about that. I think Martinez has a better chin and as a southpaw I think he's more difficult than Paul Williams."

GL: You have previously mentioned the new Giants Stadium as a potential venue for Kelly's next fight if his hand gets raised on Saturday night. Where does that stand?

BA: "There's a lot of big venues that are going to be doing major shows. Cowboys Stadium is one and the new Meadowlands is the other. We can have something done there by spring of next year though."

GL: Jack Loew mentioned Antonio Margarito as a potential Pavlik opponent. How realistic is that?

BA: "I have to talk to Margarito and his people about it. Margarito is certainly big enough to fight at middleweight."

GL: What's up with Edwin Valero-Lamont Peterson?

BA: "Valero appears to have gotten into serious trouble. Every time he looks like he's making a right move he gets screwed up again. He was arrested and his wife either fell down the stairs or he assaulted her and then he went and made a big scene at the hospital and then they sent him to rehab for anger management. Then he was going to go to Cuba with his family and then he got into a traffic altercation, so it's tough for me to keep up on this because I don't know if I'm getting accurate reports."

GL: What can you tell us about Manny Pacquiao's next move other than his political race?

BA: "Nothing. If he wins the election he probably fight in November and if he loses the election he fights in September. But Manny Pacquiao is definitely fighting again this year."


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