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April 26, 2010

By G. Leon

Pacman to switch to Orthodox?

GL: Congrats on your recent win over Joshua Clottey. Can you tell us what you think about your peformance? "Thank you very much and I want to wish all the readers of BoxingTalk a good day. Regarding that fight against Clottey, most fans were upset of not seeing a knockout like in most of my fights. Boxing fans become used to seeing knockouts in most of my fights. Of course, Clottey chose to play defense most of the way and I give him credit for that. I believe he could have had better chances if he chose to fight toe-to-toe.

GL: Are you upset that Clottey didn't try harder to make it an exciting fight?

MP: Yes, I am a little upset that the fans did not get what they wanted to see because my "dancing partner" didn't want to dance.

GL: Who do you think will win the Mayweather-Mosley fight?

MP: I think Mosley has a great chance of winning. I expect him and his team to come up with different plans to fight Mayweather who I think will run all night.

GL: Do you think Floyd Mayweather will ever agree to fight you?

MP: We have seen him make excuses and accusations when I agreed to fight him, even going too far by destroying my reputation and even foolishly try to become his own Boxing Commission. I believe he will continue to demand outrageous and stupid ideas, should he beat Mosley, only to mess me up and not actually fight me. I still think he is scared of me.

GL: How does a Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight play out? Do you knock him out?

MP: Mayweather still has to beat Mosley if he wants to fight me. In all my fights, I never predict the outcome. If a knockout presents itself, I will take it but I think, should Mayweather ever challenge me, it will be a fight between the greatest offense against the best defense in the sport of boxing.

GL: Tell us about your upcoming political campaign. How do you compare preaparing for a boxing opponent to a political opponent?

MP: If only all boxing fans can vote, then I think I will have no hard time winning. My fight for a Congress seat in the Philippines is very much harder than training for a fight but I will continue to fight for the people who love me and believe in me and that makes me focused.

GL: Why do you think Mayweather is requesting such rigorous drug-testing? Do you think your performances against De La Hoya, Hatton and Cotto have intimidated him?

MP: Mayweather and his kin thought they could push and intimidate everyone they choose to and by doing so, gain instant advantage even before the first real punch gets thrown. I just think he and his team are scared of me and are very jealous of my achievements because I have surpassed him.

GL: How much longer do you plan on boxing? What would you like to accomplish as a boxer before you retire?

MP: I will continue to fight as long as I think I am capable and healthy to give the fans what they like. I think I am still good for three more fights. Before I retire, I would like to leave a legacy and be known as the man who changed the face of boxing.

GL: Early in your career you were a one handed fighter. Everybody knew your left hand was dynamite, but since you've added the right hand to your weapons you have become unstoppable. At what point do you feel you became a more dangerous two handed fighter?

MP: Over the past three years, master Freddie Roach has been working on that right hook and lately, we have been playing on the idea of fighting orthodox. I think we are students of this art and we are still learning and growing in every fight.

GL: Which fight was more difficult for you, the Marquez fights or the first fight with Erik Morales? And why?

MP: Both were difficult because Marquez's style is difficult. When I fought Morales the first time, we had problems with my promoter and manager and yes, they even "lost" my lab results that I had to give blood and do eye tests days before the fight.

GL: I appreciate your time, is there anything you'd like to say in closing to the Boxingtalk readers?

MP: Thank you very much, Greg. I wish all readers of Boxingtalk to continue to support the sport and that we continue to respect each other as persons.

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