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November 15, 2010

By Stephen Edwards

Hey Breadman, I wanted to ask your opinion on lightweight Brandon Rios. I've just seen him box once, which was vs. Anthony Peterson, on HBO. I feel he has a style similiar to Juan Diaz, in which he fights with constant pressure, trades punches, and has a nice uppercut.
I read that he called out Juan Manuel Marquez-Michael Katsidis winner. Do you feel he's ready to face either fighter, or do you feel he needs a few more bouts (possibly against Ali Funeka or Miguel Acosta) before he faces whoever is lighweight champion at the given time? Also, I know Humberto Soto is his stablemate w/ Top Rank, so I feel that fight will most likely occur. If so, who do you have in that one?-- Elton from NYC.

Breadís Response: Brandon Rios is a bad ass in the boxing ring. I think he is no worse than the number 3 lightweight in the world. By late next year he should be ready to fight Marquez.

Iím going to be honest though, Rios has turned me off outside of the ring. I really think, he believes being obnoxious is cool. He called Manny Pacquiao a bitch in Spanish before the fight. That was really uncalled for. Especially since he didnít have to fight him. He also took part in making fun of Freddie Roach. Also every time someone interviews him, he constantly drops F bombs. He really sounds immature and uncouth. I hope Rios gets himself together, because usually the lack of self control that he displays leads to disaster outside of the ring.

Hey what's going on Bread. I gotta give Manny Pacquaio props for that fight against Antonio Margarito. He really fought a smart fight and let his speed work for him. I'm not just talking handspeed but his footwork and footspeed got him out of some tough spots. Points where Margarito had Manny in the corner or ropes and was on the verge of hurting him, manny kept punching and quickly moved away from margarito with quick footwork. That was a very hard fought win for Manny but I do want to put this out there, whoever fights manny next needs to work his body. When margarito went to his midsection, manny visibly slowed down and showed he was hurt in the sixth and later rounds. A faster fighter with better hand speed would have been able to take advantage. If any fighter who wants pac next was watching they should have taken note.
Also, Mike Jones made a crucial mistake in the second round of his fight when he went into overdrive and tried to get Jesus Soto-Karass out early. He gassed himself vs a tough fighter and was taking some big shots in return. He was on shaky legs for the next several rounds which allowed soto-karass to win crucial rounds and gain momentum. He recovered by establishing his jab to keep soto-karass off him but he should have put so much into that flurry so early in the fight. Rob J from Va

Breadís Response: Mike Jones is one of the only fighters I know that does road work twice a day. His dedication allowed him to recover somewhat and get the disputed decision. As for his performance Mike has to learn from it. I know Mike really wanted to show out in his 1st time in a big spot but he made a huge mistake and it will cost him some of his luster. There will be a boat load of welterweights calling Mike Jones out after that performance. I hope  Mike regroups and improves.

Wow, Pacquiao went through some fire. I had a feeling that Pac's speed would be the story, but I knew Margarito could hurt him. Gotta give some kind of respect for Margarito for fighting through and being a warrior. He gave it a good go, and he is definitely the toughest guy I have ever seen (Arturo Gatti too). Now, if Manny fights Shane Mosely right now, that would be detremental to the sport. Shanes last two fights have been pitiful and I think he would be outgunned, even if he didnt just have too forgetful showings. I definitely dont believe Pac will fight the winner of Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez II. I dont think Freddie Roach will go there, especially being that both men are live, and have the speed and athleticism to give Pac pause. Floyd Mayweather is the only man in my eyes who can beat Manny, but I dont see it happening in 2011 period. To me, Floyd would use that check hook anytime Pac came with a left hand, especially being that Pac drops his right everytime he throws it. But, Pacs will unload too and give Floyd all he can handle. Be Blessed. Tom from PA, GO BUCKS

Breadís Response: Pac did walk through some heavy heat to tear Margarito apart. He is a helluva fighter. I keep hearing Pac will fight Shane but Iím hoping that fight does not come off. Shane looked really bad to me against Mora. He gases really early in fights these days and he canít pull the trigger like he used to. I see a bad beating coming his way.

Pac and Floyd have two of the best check hooks in boxing. Whichever guy decides to lead, the other will have to be aware of the check hook. Armageddon should be tactical warfare, but something tells me it will not happen.
I always respect your opinion Bread but I have to disagree with something you said in the last mailbag.  You said that ďYou guys may not realize just how close Manny was to getting stopped.Ē While I agree that Manny was hurt a few times in the fight, mainly the sixth round where it appeared like a body shot hurt him, but Manny never even went down.  Plus, he was nowhere near as hurt as Margarito, and Pacman still won the 6th round imo and I believe the judges scored it the same (weíll see next week when they show their cards on the re-broadcast).  Like a warrior he fought through any momentum Margarito had and regained his composure and continued to bounce around the ring while keeping Margarito at bay with his speed and quickness.  Manny admitted he was hurt to the body and head, however that does not mean he was close to getting KOíd, regardless I think we should just appreciate his candor.  How many boxers admit when they have been hurt?  In such a macho sport that kind of honesty is rare, especially at the highest level.  I understand what you were saying, and I donít mean to nitpick, but I think it is misleading to say that Pacquiao was close to getting stopped when Pacquiao fought through it and had Margarito on the verge of being knocked out, and shouldíve been stopped by the ref or his corner.  Of course if you truly believe Pacquiao was almost KOíd more power to you, but I would have to disagree.  Hurt but never gave up or gave in to Margarito.  He broke his will late in the fight when Margairito only threw 35 or so punches in rounds 10-11 combined, to Pacís 130+.  I think this fight will take permanent damage on Margarito; fractured orbital bone and all.

Breadís Response: Daniel I donít mind you disagreeing with me, but Manny said himself that he was LUCKY to get out of the 6th round.  So I hope you wouldnít disagree with the fighter who was taking the punishment. Manny was hurt badly 3 times in this fight. Itís just hard to read if you donít have a trained eye because great fighters usually donít show discomfort.

Hey Bread,  I've written in to you before, using a different email address now.  The Pacquiao-Margarito fight was good.  Very classy of Pac to not want to hurt Margarito at the end - despite the Margarito camp making fun of Freddie Roach's Parkinson's illness.  Margarito took well over 300 solid punches to the head, according to the PunchStat numbers, so I hope he'll be alright in the future.  I give Margarito his props for insisting on fighting til the end.  He was willing to risk shortening the remainder of his career, health, and possibly his life - just to fight on.  To me, that's what a true fighter is...leave it to the cornermen, referees and doctors to save the fighters from themselves.  Also, I didn't notice any slippage in Pac, as Max Kellerman was saying.  Just because he may have gotten hit more in a round that ever before does not mean he's not as primed as he was last year, but I can understand what he's saying since Pac has absorbed more punches since last year.  But skillwise, I think Pac is at the top of his game.  His timing is excellent, his punches are pinpoint precise, his stamina, punching power, hand & foot speed and movement are awesome.  Did you notice any slippage in Pac?  The only thing I worry about with Pac at this point is the Mayweather fight not happening.  Despite Pac & Floyd's great legacies, I feel like their careers would be shortchanged a little (actually Floyd's more than Pac's since Pac has moved up so much in weight and done more than anyone could ever ask for) as would boxing history and the fans.  
Do you think that Floyd's legacy would be hurt more by not fighting Pacquiao than if he did fight Pacquiao and lost?  Please explain how the following 3 scenarios would affect Floyd's legacy/historic standing as a boxer:  1.) Fighting Pacquiao and winning.  2.) Fighting Pac and losing.  3.) Not fighting Pac at all.
The David Haye-Fraudley Embarrison fight is posted on Youtube.  Fraudley was just there to collect a check, not to fight, not to win or at least try to get lucky.  I'm leaning toward Sergio Martinez in the rematch with Paul Williams and I'm glad James Kirkland will be back in the mix soon. 
What do you think of Vernon Paris as a fighter?
Thanks and keep up the great work, Bread.  Many people out there respect your knowledge, insight and opinions.  - J.

Breadís Response:  Margarito is an animal. You have to be all man to take what he took and keep chugging on. Margarito could have literally been killed in that ring. If that was a 15 round fight, I have no doubt he would have been carried out on a stretcher. I donít like many things that Margarito has done, but he showed will power that is seldom seen these days. He really came to win and he left it ALL in the ring.

Floyd is already top 25 fighter ever in my opinion. If he never fights again his status wonít drop in my eyes. But how he performs against Pac could determine if he moves up or down. For example if Pac completely destroys him and then does it again in the rematch, that would damage Floydís legacy somewhat, because he still appears to be in top form. On the other hand if he white washes Pac like he does everybody else , I think Floyd will move up in the all time status. I will say that I have talked to many people in the boxing community and each person to a man, stated that if Floyd does not fight Pac, then they will regard Pac as the better fighter historically. I happen to agree with that assessment. 
Its absolutely crazy that Many Pacquiao continues to get all of these accolades for fighting leftovers and has-beens.  Not only that he continues to make fighters drain themselves and starve themselves so he can have a better advantage.  I mean didnít Margarito get his head knocked off already by Shane Mosley?  So now thereís this talk about Pacman fighting Shane?  Get outta here.  This shit is getting absolutely ridiculous.  No worries though.  Everybody keeps thinking Pacman will do the same to Floyd Mayweather that he did to that walking mummy Margarito.  I swear the bias thatís shown in your column is unbelievable.  I mean of course you will give Pac a pass for using steroids because your hero Evander Holyfield used them  We talked about this before and I am DEAD serious.  When this Pacman fight comes about with Floyd Mayweather.  I will personally  come to Atlantic City and we will wager whatever you want.  This is not bullshit talk.  Since you believe Pacman is the greatest fighter of this era for making his name off of guys that were already tainted and DESTROYED by someone else.  Then put your money where your mouth isÖCotto? Already destroyed by Margarito.  Oscar already beated by FloydÖHatton already KNOCKED out by FloydÖ.Are you kidding me?  Floyd will beat this dudes ass with or without steroids.  Arum should be locked up for the shit he does in boxing.  He never lets Pac fight anybody unless he owns them both.  And this dude RoachÖdonít make me laugh.  Boxing has really turned into some BS.  I knowÖgo ahead and call me a Floyd lover or whatever, but this shit is too obvious not to call out.  For anybody to say that Pac is the greatest fighter of this era has got to be on some shit..Lmao.  Itís amazing how fans can be bamboozled and apparently boxing writers too who have websites that are sponsored by the very guy (Arum) thatís doing the bamboozlingÖ.LMAO!! P.S.  I donít expect you to respond because you cant handle the truthÖlol

Breadís Response: I remember who you are. I happen to have close to a photographic memory. If Iím not mistaken you are the one who wrote in that you put your son through private school, from money you won wagering on sports events.

As for me not getting back to you, I receive hundreds of e-mails a day. Itís nothing personal brother. Now for the sponsor statement you made, you guys have to learn to stay in your lane. Many companies have sponsored boxingtalk. That does not give them immunity from the pen. Golden Boy has in the past and Floyd fights under their banner, so what that does that say?  Better yet take a look at the site and tell me if you see Top Rank banners hanging. Ok enough of that. Onto the boxing.

I remember you writing in about how Manny suckered Oscar into coming in AT 147. I wrote you back and asked you to check boxrec for the weights of the fights. I told you that Oscar was coming down to 147 anyway, thatís why he fought Steve Forbes at 150. I also told you the plan was to fight Floyd at 147 in the rematch. Then I asked you if you were managing a fighter who weighed 135 and he was called out by a fighter who weighed 154, what weight would you have them meet at. You never responded my man. If you are humble and fair Iím sure you would say 147 would be fair. But Iím sure you canít just admit that was a fair situation.

As for Manny only fighting Top Rank fighters, he is and Iím not crazy about it. But guess what, you have to be fair with your criticism.  Tell me who Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley fought for? See where Iím going with this. Golden Boy, my man. They happen to be Floydís last 3 opponents. See how when you hold things under the microscope, you can always come up with something.

Floyd and Manny both have been the beneficiaries of good matchmaking. At this level, everybody is feasting on someoneís leftovers. Thatís boxing at the top level. Itís very rare for a fighter to be undefeated at this level. Floyd is special. But Floyd feasted off of leftovers and past their prime fighters, and so has Manny. Thatís why itís important that they fight each other. Itís not a one way street. Both guys have done it. But you canít see it or admit because you are blinded with HATE. The only difference is Manny puts his left overs in the garbage disposal, he destroys them. Floyd outclasses them. They have a different approach with similar results, wins. I can just admit they are both great, you canít. Marinate on that and hit me back when you want more of the truth.

Bread I used to be a hater of yours and Manny. I have to admit it. Whenever you would tell someone to check boxrec or youtube, I would check it in attempt to prove you wrong and I must admit you were correct every time. I also saved some of your statements about the Mayweather vs Manny debate and I want to revisit them. When people accused Manny of being on steroids they primarily gave three reasons. One the jump in weight from 135 to 147. Two, how he takes a punch better at higher weights although he was stopped at lower weights. Three, his punching power at higher weights. You came back every time with perfect facts and examples. The first fact was you told the fans to look at the same day weigh ins. By looking at that they could see that Manny was putting on 15lbs after he was weighing in at 130. That told everybody that he probably walks around in the low 150ís. You were dead on.

Then you pointed out that Henry Armstrong, Alexis Arguello and Eusabio  Pedroza were all stopped at lower weights early in their careers and they moved up in weight and became all time greats and showed great chins. I boxrec each fighter and you were right again. You even called Paulie Malignaggi out who was one of Mannyís biggest critics. You pointed out that Paulie was stopped by Darling Jimenez at 125lbs in the New York Golden Gloves with head gear. Paulie went on to show a really good chin at 140 in the pros. The last thing you pointed out was many fighters have went up in weight and scored big stoppages. Thomas Hearns over Dennis Andries at light heavyweight. Felix Trindad over William Joppy at middleweight. Sugar Ray Leonard over Donny Lalonde at supermiddlweight.  I did some research on my own and I found out that Jake Lamotta knocked a big guy in Bob Satterfield. Then you stated that Manny does not knock guys out with one punch and that guys will start going the distance with him as he moves up in weight. You were dead on again.

I just want to give you props Bread. I have been reading boxing articles forever and I have never seen a writer point out so many brilliant points. Manny is a great fighter and you made me a believer.

Breadís Response: I am humbled by your research. Man I said that stuff months ago. Donít give me too much credit facts and history donít change. I just pointed it out. Manny is the one who made you a believer with his jaw dropping performances.

Lol, you did forget one thing I said. I told you guys that the e-mail that Tim Smith and Teddy Atlas spoke about would never surface. It still hasnít. We are still waiting. Iím on record to say again, it will NEVER surface. That was all propaganda to discredit this great fighter that we are witnessing. Itís really a shame that envy takes over our spirits so much that we canít appreciate greatness. Oh well, thanks again my man, I really appreciate the kind words.

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