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January 08, 2011

By Benny "Big Dog" Henderson Jr.

After fourteen years, forty-one fights, one hundred and seventy-six rounds of boxing, former WBO heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster is hanging up the gloves and walking into the sunset with his head held high.
Brewster, who will be thirty-eight in June, decided to call a halt to his career after suffering a damaged left eye after his bout against Robert Helenius in January of 2010. Since the fight Lamon has undergone four surgeries to try to restore sight, but vision has failed to be re-established.
Brewster suffered a detached retina in April of 2006 when he lost his title in a fight of the year candidate against Sergie Liakhovich, but had his vision repaired as Lamon tried to battle back into title contention.
After failing to gain another title in his loss to Wladimir Klitschko, Brewster stopped rugged veteran Danny Batchelder and defeated Michael Sprott before dropping the last two fights of his career.
And the last fight of his career is the reason why Brewster is calling it a day.
“They wouldn’t even let my team be in the room while they wrapped Helenius’s hands,” explained Brewster, “they wouldn’t let me or my team inspect his gloves and I honestly feel his gloves were loaded because I have never been nicked up and cut like that before in a fight.”
Brewster was under contract with German boxing promoter Sauerland for his last three fights, and feels disrespected by the promotional company. “I feel I was cheated, I believed they would take care of me, but you know what, they didn’t, I have undergone four surgeries since the fight and Sauerland hasn’t even helped, or even said anything about it.”
All though his fighting career may be over, Lamon is far from being done with boxing; Brewster has his promotional company Relentless Events, as well as a website which will soon be debuting. “The site I have been working on is going to revolutionize boxing, I will give more details right before it goes on line, but trust me, I honestly feel it is going to help fighters, managers, trainers, and the entire boxing world.
As far as his legacy goes Brewster simply states, “I wanted to be remembered as a fighter, a man who never backed down nor took a dive, and somebody who always respected others.
Career Highlights
Minor Titles

2002: Stopped former Olympian Nate Jones in three rounds

2002: Stopped Tommy Martin in three rounds with two regional titles at stake

2008: Stopped Danny Batchelder in five rounds 
Major Title
2004: Came up off the canvas to stop Wladimir Klitschko in five rounds to earn the WBO heavyweight title
2004: Defended WBO strap with decision win over Kali Meehan
2005: Defended WBO strap with fifty-two second first round knockout of Andrew Golota
2005: Defended WBO strap by knocking out Luan Krasniqi in nine rounds

266: lost WBO title to Sergei Lyakhovich
Writers Note: I have worked beside Lamon Brewster since 2004, and have not met a man with such passion for the sport or with such kindness. Brewster helped me in my writing career and has taught me a lot about the sport good and bad. He is more than a friend but more like a brother, and I am honored to call him brother. I want to go on record to say thank you Lamon, thank you for going out there and giving it your all in victory and defeat

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