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October 11, 2012

By The Nonpareil Hilario

Our beloved sport of boxing suffers today mainly because, over the last 53 years, the teachers who taught the science of boxing have been slowly waning. Stillman's Gym was the Boxing Universe from 1921 to 1959 and ever since it closed its doors, boxing lost a home to determined professors that knew how to cultivate potential talent. Charlie Goldman, Ray Arcel, Freddie Brown, Chickie Ferrara and Whitey Bimstein come to mind.  I believe that today in boxing, there are thousands of "trainers" but few "educators" that can transcend talent.  Freddie Roach has proven he can carry on Eddie Futch’s legacy through his own success.  We lost two wise corner men in Gil Clancy and George Benton in 2011 and on July 14, 2012 when we said good-bye to Bill Miller. In Miller, boxing lost the genius mind that made James Toney become literally unhittable during his prime.

My late mentor John L. Bonner attended Stillman's for ten years.  He taught me what he learned there for the latter twenty years of his life, which has allowed my unique boxing acumen to develop  a reputable 2016 and 2020 Olympic Geared Youth Boxing Course. We already have an undefeated promising Olympian prospect.

We are now seeking an investor who has a passion to alter young lives. We can intellectualize the sport through a solid amateur system rooted on escapism and adaptability. Your partnership will allow us to open a single- or two-ring learning center. This is NOT a "gym" concept, this is a natural client retention curriculum to excel amateur boxers internationally. This course has never been offered in New England! I have a business plan, two portfolios, references, and fundraising plans that are top notch. Together, we can make New England thrive with the father of all sports!

My company stands for integrity and honor for Boxiana (the term "Boxiana" means the science within boxing, a term made famous by boxing writer Pierce Egan during the early 1800s). This means making choices to benefit our team and the sport simultaneously. Professional boxers willing to incorporate the winner’s disposition will be welcomed too.  We imbue social pragmatics and financial literacy and honor the Lineal Crown in any weight class. We don't promote racketeer acronyms or wear long boxing trunks to the knees. We are throwbacks to boxing like our curriculum; purposeful and with substance.

And finally, I'm a self-taught published writer with two books in progress.  My teaching style is inviting and demonstrative with patience and tolerance for all learning capacities. Serious inquiries only to or 508.897.0649.

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