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November 20, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: How did everything go in preparation for this weekend and what can we expect to see from you on Saturday night? "Everything is good. It turned out well. I had a great camp, I did a lot of different things to improve myself and improve my body and my health. I'm ready to put it all on display Saturday night."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Guerrero leads to?

Andre Berto: "A lot of great things. I believe the division and everything is wide open for me. People know what I bring to the table, a lot of speed, a lot of power, a lot of explosiveness. I think a lot of people appreciate that and miss that. I think the people are going to be in for a great fight."

GL: There's been rumblings that the winner of this fight will face Mayweather next. Have you heard this? What are your thoughts on that?

AB: "I've been hearing some of everything, but all of my focus is on Saturday night. I can't move forward on anything if I don't take care of business on Saturday night."

GL: What do you know about Guerrero as a fighter and what are your thoughts on him?

AB: "He's a great fighter. A slick southpaw and he has a high punch output. He's coming up to (1)47 and there's a different breed of animals up here, but the kid is determined. When you're fighting somebody determined you always got to be on point, so I'm looking forward to it."

GL: What's your prediction for this fight?

AB: "Win. Nothing else matters. But of course, you know if the knockout presents itself and it's there, you know when I see blood I'm a dog in there and I'm always going to try and get it done."

GL: Obviously you're always motivated getting into the ring, but do you feel any extra motivation considering the circumstances that lead to the cancellation of your last fight? Do you...

AB: (cutting in) "Yeah definitely, I feel like people could make a movie about my career and everything that's gone on in the last year. There's been a lot of trials and tribulations, I'm just excited and motivated to get back in there under those lights and go to work."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AB: "I appreciate all of my fans support after everything I've been through in the last year. Tell everybody to tune in on Saturday night it's going to be a good one."

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