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December 01, 2012

By Scott Shaffer

Austin Trout W12 Miguel Cotto... Austin Trout outboxed Miguel Cotto over twleve exciting rounds in New York City's Madison Square Garden to become a major player in the talent-deep junior middleweight division (and retain his WBA regular title belt). The official scores favored Trout by 117-111 (twice) and 119-109. Several rounds were close and Boxingtalk scored it a bit closer, 116-112, also for Trout. Cotto left the ring quickly and said he would "probably fight again" although a proposed 2013 super fight vs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is likely down the drain. With Cotto and Ricky Hatton, two self-promoted superstars, losing to self-selected opponents in the last seven days, the boxing lesson of the week is that great boxers should not play matchmaker when it comes to their own careers.

The fight featured two momentum shifts. Trout started well, outboxing Cotto for the first two rounds, marking up the Puerto Rican hero's face, but Cotto's heavier punches seemed to slow down Trout over the next four rounds. At the halfway point it seemed to be an even fight or Cotto up four rounds to two. In the seventh, Trout regained the upper hand, and round eight was a close one that Trout may have nicked. By the ninth, Trout found a rhythm and was boxing well from the outside, turning Cotto effectively as Cotto tried to walk Trout down. It was Trout's best round of the fight. Cotto was hit with what looked like an accidental low blow that round, but no point deduction was made. Cotto closed well in the tenth round but Trout outboxed him for the first two and half minutes, making the tenth a toss-up. Trout clearly won the eleventh and twelfth rounds as Trout kept the action on the outside and continued to redden Cotto's face.  In addition to his already-known boxing skills, Trout's first bout against top competition also showed him to be a very strong 154-pounder. His package of skills are likely something that Alvarez, the WBC titlist, will want no part of. If Alvarez is going to risk fighting a superior boxer, he would likely select amore lucrative bout against the true champion at 154, Floyd Mayweather (holder of the WBA super championship).  source: showtime

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