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December 04, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Paulie Malignaggi? When can we expect you back in the ring? "I have an April 27 date at Barclay's Center. I have no opponent yet. Well, thanks to Ricky Hatton I have no opponent yet, put that in there. I don't know who the opponent is going to be. I'm probably not going to know until the New Year. I believe everyone is just going to chill for the Holidays and we'll know something after the New Year."

GL: Can you articulate the disappointment you felt after Hatton's loss?

Paul Malignaggi: "I'm not pleased at all, but that's why you fight the fights. That's why the winner is decided in the ring and not before the fight. I think the general belief was that I beat somebody for a title who wasn't that good. Because I beat him he wasn't that good, and they learned the hard way. Sechenko isn't a bad welterweight. He's a big welterweight and he was a bad choice for a comeback opponent and obviously the result showed that."

GL: With Hatton out of the picture, who are some of the guys you want the most?

PM: "The picture at welterweight is going to clear up in the next couple of months. Amir Khan is fighting next week. Devon Alexander has a fight coming up. There's some stuff happening, Maidana is fighting soon. I'll probably be fighting one of those guys, I'm sure it'll get figured out."

GL: How would you summarize your performance against Cano on October 20?

PM: "I had a decent training camp, but I got cut during camp so I had to shorten my sparring sessions. It wasn't the perfect camp, but not every camp is and that's something that comes with being a professional. I had a great training camp for Senchenko, but that wasn't the case for Cano."

GL: I assume you're looking to make more of a statement in April than you did with Cano.

PM: "Yeah. One thing about my career is I've been consistently inconsistent. I've had great performances followed by average performances. The one consistent thing is I've won two world titles and I've managed to keep myself on top of the sport longer than most of the fighters who came up with me. A lot of guys people thought were better than me are done, or close to it. That's something I don't get a lot of credit for. Whether I get it or not, doesn't mean anything. I'm just look to pad my bank account at this point."

GL: If you can't get a marquee fight is Dmitriy Salita somebody on your radar? The fight has been discussed for years without ever coming to fruition.

PM: "Dmitiry is a good kid. He's my friend and I would love to have a chance to fight against him if he would put his record on the line and fight somebody who would legitimize him as contender. Boxing is not a regional sport, it's global. To fight for a world title you have to be able to beat world rated contenders. Dmitriy, as much as I like the kid, I'm not in the business of doing favors. If TV is unwilling to buy the fight because he hasn't faced any top contenders, that's not something I can fix. If we can't make the fight, he's only got himself to blame."

GL: Closing thoughts?

PM: "I wish a Happy Holiday to all of my fans. Check my out because 2013 is going to be big."

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