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December 11, 2012

By G. Leon

So Floyd Maywaether-Manny Pacquiao is now "just a money fight"? Why does Floyd get all the blame for the fight not materializing? From refusing testing in the beginning, then having to build a "temporary stadium in Vegas" while trying to change a secure date mayweather already had, and throughout all pricing himself out, bob arum/PAC have always had an excuse to fall back on. It seems everyone just wants to hate on Floyd because they actually hate him more so then falling back on the facts that have presented themselves over the last 4-5 years. Please explain to me why I should feel otherwise, because when it all comes down to it people root for the hero (Pac) and crucify the villain (Floyd).

Leon's Response: Let's deal with the facts. If you can read you have eyes. The eye test tells us that the Marquez that fought a likely intentionally overweight Mayweather looked nothing like the animal we saw in the ring last weekend. You do you have eyes don't you? Other than Marquez, Mayweather was hurt by a rusty Shane Mosley. He adjusted in the same round, in which he was hurt, and to his credit, dominated a future first ballot hall of famer whose activity was inexcusable following his convincing win over Antonio Margarito. Andre Berto, pulling out of his scheduled fight with Mosley due to the earthquake, without any Mosley bout being rescheduled was disgraceful. And pardon my french but Berto returning to HBO with merely one questionable win over a legitmate boxer (Luis Collazo) before Shane Mosley tuned himself up going into the Mayweather fight that his promoter and partner Oscar De La Hoya/Golden Boy Promotions promoted was a f**king travesty. Mayweather followed up with Victor Ortiz, whom Golden Boy was attempting to cash out by moving him up in weight, and matching him with Andre Berto. The idea was to make Berto (with his one solid win) Mayweather's next opponent. Instead, we saw Ortiz give us the best reincarnation of a young Roberto Duran we've ever seen. Only to prove that performance an apparation, by mentally folding under the brightest of lights.This eerily resembled his debut as a Staples Center headliner vs. Marcus Maidana. Then we were surprised when a Miguel Cotto with less mileage than Pacquiao currently has gave him a competitive fight. And now we're waiting for him to fight Robert Guerrero. Guerrero is a solid fighter, but what's his career defining win? He began his career at 126, and shares the same signature win as Victor Ortiz after the fact. Compare that to Pacquiao's resume since October 2009 and you tell me why we haven't seen the fight. Only one party accused the other of being on something. Only one party allowed the other to take more risk, and according to Thomas Hauser's recent PED piece on, only one party folded like an envelope on their lawsuit.


What up G. I know we had some battles a few years back over allan green.  I have always respected your boxing IQ despite a few topics we disagreed on. Anyway, long story short, Thanks for writing the article you did today.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Floyd simply ducked Manny and even Ray Charles could of seen that.  Floyd might feel like he's off the hook now,  I will always remember him as the man who ducked the only legitimate challenger he had. Your like a ghost around boxingtalk these days.  Come on back and post a mailbag or two.  I know your busy but the site needs you to stay a little more active. Thanks

Leon's Response: The beauty of you guys responses submitted  is that our readers often provide both sides of every arguement. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I will be back on Boxingtalk more often. After years of primarily advising boxers, I hope my credibility is to a point where I can give you guys my opinions without being accused of spinning any agenda. I'm calling it how I see. Boxingtalkers can take it how they want it.  As it relates to my brother Mr. Green I assure you he will get another big fight and the fact that I don't have to compomise my written opinions to make an opportunity come to fruition is a blessing from the Most High.

What's good Bread? First off I wanna say I'm an admirer of your boxing knowledge bro.  You are at the top of the food chain in that department.  My question to you is what is going on with the "disturbing phone calls about PEDs" leading up to the fight? I had my suspicions as well about Marquez's transformation but as a big defender of Manny through his accusations I don't want to accuse Marquez of being guilty with no evidence of cheating.  I do find it interesting however that there is no questions being raised about this, especially after 36 hard fought rounds and all of a sudden Marquez is able to lay Manny down twice essentially off of two single punches. Up until Marquez's transformation I would have said that Roy's bulking up for his fight with Ruiz was the most dramatic body transformation I had seen in such a short period of time. But even then it looked like Roy had just put on natural muscle and it was also noticeable in the size of his neck and shoulder area.  As you mentioned itlooked as if Marquez's face also packed on extra muscle and it was noticeable that his punching power had increased just by the 24/7 clips of his mitt work.  I don't want to accuse Marquez of being dirty but just by knowing that he was willing to drink his own urine at the advice of a nutritionist then it just shows that Marquez is willing to ingest whatever it takes to get a physical edge.  I know that Mackie Shilstone uses the same quick reflex type of weight training that Marquez was using with "Memo", but I did not notice that kind of change in Roy or B-Hop when they trained under Shilstone.  I would just like you to delve more into the subject if you can. Thanks, Joe W

Leon's Response: Joey W, you didn't make Bread's cut, so you're stuck with me. If Bread is at the top of the food chain with his boxing knowledge, I hope I ain't too far behind. After all, I'm the first person on this side of the fence who recognized his pugilistic acumen warranted a forum. This is America and WHEN ACCUSED of a crime, we're innocent until proven guilty. Juan Manuel Marquez has not been formally accused of anything therefore his victory needs to be celebrated. He landed a perfect punch that Manny Pacquiao never saw. If Manny Pacquiao could make his Armstrongesque like run from featherweight to junior middleweight, a futute first ballot hall of famer catching his rival with a perfect counter punch he never saw should be acceptable without any greater level of suspiscion. Assuming Angel Hernandez is operating above board, he's certainly on some next level ish.

I just wanted to comment about the fight between Manny and Juan. It was an incredible fight. I donít want to come off as a hater but JMM seamed to be able to punch harder and drop MP (1st knockdown) where as before he would only wobble him. I also noticed his ability to take a punch straight to the chin was much improved. There was one punch that landed clean on JMMís similar to Ricky Hatton and it seemed like JMM didnít even blink. Can a fighter make his chin that much stronger w/o the help of PEDís? The reason why I ask is, in previous fights you can visibly see JMM slow down after being dropped and he would use his ring general ship to recover. This time around he recovered much faster and was able to through punches with the same amount of power. Can a fighter at age 39 be able to become that much stronger without PEDís. I do believe MP made a huge error in going after JMM so aggressively. He should have waited for JMM to come to him b/c JMM had as much to prove as MP did. MP made the mistake in actually trying to look for the KO. Bernard Hopkins would have never let the public effect his game plan.  Be-hop has a solid chin and is very hard to hit, how is it that he gets dropped by Pascal and JMM was able to take MPís punch so easily. Both fighters are much older. As Roy said it at the end JMM was the smarter fighter because he knew MP would come for him and he prepared for it. I am still not convinced that JMM is clean. That being said he landed a great punch that MP did not see coming. I hope there is a part V. Sam

Leon's Respone: Bread and I both lack the expertise to provide you with any factual proof of how PED'S may effect the punch resistance of a professional prizefigher. Fact. Bernard Hopkins was several years older than Juan Manuel Marquez and had a different strength and conditioning coach for his first fight with my current (not then) client Jean Pascal. It should also be noted that Bernard Hopkins was able to prevent himself from getting hit against Jean Pascal in a way Marquez had to work much harder to prevent against Pacquiao. Doesn't the first three minutes of round one of their first bout exemplify that? Geez, if Joe Cortez stops the fight after that third knockdown THERE IS NO RIVALRY OR OUTCRY OF A PREMATURE STOPPAGE. One of Roy Jones Jr's all-time great gems was when he pointed out how if Mayweather REALLY wanted to fight Pacquiao he would never have allowed him to make fights as risky as Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Margarito and Timothy Bradley.

It was only going to be a matter of time before Manny Pacquiao was going to be exposed he swings to wildly and has poor defense and make no adjustments in his fights. What works for Manny was that he had great punching power and high punching output with a great chin. But when he jumps in and out he leaves himself exposed, and he takes to many shots to the head. A counter puncher with punching power is Manny's kryptonite because if they can catch him coming in with his hands down its lights out. It's not that Marquez is punching any harder than before it just that I believe he caught Manny jumping in and caught him with a great punch knocked him out cold. Manny is more of a brawler than a boxer and the style that he fights with the high output punching and explosiveness doesn't last forever and he's getting older and I always thought from the beginning that he takes to many punches to the head. I'm afraid that he could end up like Ali if he continues to take punches to the head which is Freddy Roach's fault for not improving his defense and making adjustments in his fights. Pacquiao and Cotto fight he was allowing Cotto to hit him flush, just not good common sense.When you fight the same man 3 times who has your number its only a matter of time before he gets the decision because Manny in my opinion fights the same exact way everytime and I haven't seen any adjustments made period. I agree with you that Bob Arum was going to get Manny beat I just never thought it was going to be a devastating KO. I don't believe Marquez is juicing at all and until he is a proven cheater I won't speculate at all because that's all it is speculating, that's the same for Manny. Alex Ariza believes that Marquez got that chiseled body from working hard and dedication in his training camp. He went out to also state that Manny didn't follow his regimen in training camp.  I thought it was an exciting fight and I think he can recover from this but I see a little bit of slippage in his last few fights. Maybe its because he has to many distractions outside of boxing and its taking a toll on his boxing career either way if his heart isn't in it anymore than he needs to retire. -Dric

Leon's Response: That's like saying it was only a matter of time before Roy's techinical flaws caught up with him. A perfectly placed punch will separate any boxer from his senses. Pacquiao has clearly improved his right hand, footwork and overall effectiveness since he first made his big splash as featherweight by forcing the corner of an all time grea to throw in the towel. And when that happened all he had was a 1-2 combo. Let's not play Monday morning QB after the fact. Pacquiao's run through his fourth fight with Marquez is one of the greatest we've ever seen in the history of boxing. Unless suffering an L is the sole reason you would poison nine figure money, why you would an innocent man of cheating without any proof is beyond me. Most of the time when such irrational moves are made lawsuits get settled or dropped. Kindly refresh my memory. Was it Mayweather or Pacquiao who made that move?

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