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December 12, 2012

By G. Leon

First of all floyd mayweather don't owe us [anything] because what he do is for him & it should be because we aint the one who is putting our life & body on the line by stepping in a ring to take fuckn licks to our damn head. I'm so fuckn tirer of hearing & reading y'all bullshit comments about floyd by saying he is the reason why the fight didnt get made as if pacquiao & arum wasnt ducking this fight as well. Shit they both are at fuckn fault because manny had his oppertunity to fight floyd this past may but came up with all kind of bullshit excuses from building a stadium ( by the way leon where is that stadium ) to manny eye would take an half of a year to heal, shit I thought he had a cut over the eye not loss an eye but thats arum for you, feed y'all all kind of bullshit & y'all clowns buy into it. Why was bob setting up manny other fights before he finish with the one he is already in & quess what floyd was never mention as a possible opponent out any of them, matter of fact isn't arum the one who sent the judge an email stating he wasnt interested in a floyd mayweather fight or nego an fight with floyd & company, Oh my how y'all clowns seem to have short memories with all the bullshit excuses arum done gave us for the reason why this fight havent been made. Bob arum is a cancer to the sport & y'all clowns allow it with y'all blind eye to his bullshit, now if it was floyd who was suppose to been your p4p champ & was fighting all this catchweights & lightweight fighters with rehydration clauses you & the media would bury floyd alive but y'all allow manny & bob to get away with this crap, like for instant manny & floyd both didn't have an opponent after floyd was release from jail so nobody heard from manny on who he was going to fight next not even bob arum himself knew, so manny went months without saying who he was going to fight next so us fight fans took it that him & floyd had something brewing up. So what do manny do, he come out & say he is fighting marquez for the 4th time then he take his ass on espn talkin about how he want to fight floyd & floyd is scared, where was all this bullshit talkn before he chose marquez. This clown waited until he sign to fight marquez just to come out to say he want floyd when he could've made the fight but instead chose marquez for the 4th time & GOT KNOCKED DA F#*K OUT & thats actually what he deserve for being a lil puppet for bob "b!tch" arum. So for you to say that floyd regain the number 1 p4p status by default proves that you are still butt hurt because manny have looked like shit in his last three fights & he lost to bradley whether you say he won or not its on his record & aint no real p4p champ going to allow no lightweight come up at the age of 40 & knock his ass out because you seen what floyd did to his ass by showing him that he didn't belong in the ring with a real p4p champ but yet marquez keep whoppin manny ass. So your default shit don't mean nothing to us old boxing fans that know better because we have watch the real p4p champ for 17yrs now do his thing without a loss & still at past his prime age do his thing, so y'all bias ass clowns can keep hating all you want because the proof is in ring whenever he decide to step in there.

Leon's Response: We all know Arum's signature statement, so by no means am I confusing him with honest Abe. Of course both sides are to blame for the fight not happening, but I believe one side is to blame more and that side is Team Mayweather. Saying that Floyd got the #1 spot by default is a fact. He certainly didn't get it by force. Manny Pacquiao was moving from weight class to the other at a faster pace. He fought once at lightweight before moving to welterweight. Floyd didn't fight at catchweights, he just agreed to one with Marquez and came in at his weight anyway.  Fact is the fight hasn't happened and will likely never happen and in my opinion Floyd Mayweather is the primary reason why.

I am a long time fan and supporter of boxing talk and I like the site but the hidden agendas are hilarious. I read both of your mailbags this week following Juan Manuel marquez's obliteration of Manny Pacquiao and neither of you would even fix your lips to say (or in this case adjust your fingers to type) that you guys would like to see Mayweather vs Marquez 2. I read Leons P4P list and he has JMM #2, the same slot JMM was in when he fought Mayweather the first time in 2009.  Ive heard you guys for the past 3 years discredit Floyds win vs JMM but why arent you two suggesting this fight occur again?  I read the interview with Arum talking about JMM vs Pac 5 is the biggest fight in boxing?  Give me a break fellas, Pac just got iced like a hockey rink, Greg why didnt you ask Arum if he would make a Mayweather rematch with JMM?  I assume has Pacquiao defeated JMM, the 2 of you (Greg & Bread) would still be scrutinizing Mayweather for the fight with Pac not happening so why arent you advocates for Floyd-JMM 2?  Is it because you guys know that no matter what size JMM is, he can never be competitive with Mayweather.  Mayweather does everything JMM does but better and you guys still continue to talk like Pacquiao had any shot to defeat Floyd, no jab (you see the so called jab he tried to throw before he got put to sleep?), no defense (did you see the way he tried to shoulder roll and get slapped across the ring by a LOOPING right hand from JMM?) &  just a high work rate.  Also why arent you guys going at Team Pac for the steroid/PED accusations towards Marquez?  You guys have shredded Mayweather for accusing Pac of PEDs yet when Freddie Roach makes the same claims about Marquez then its just "awww i was just kidding".  All these years of accusations and Pac still hasnt taken it upon himself to take tests in his fights, his promoter hasnt even instituted random drug testing for any of his fighters and yet every time Greg Leon interviews Bob Arum he never ask "Hey Bob why dont any of your fighters take drug tests?  Why isnt your company following other companies by having random tests taken?"  This shows you how great Mayweather is, NOBODY is requesting that this new JMM who has now fought at the 147lb weight limit 3 times & has destroyed the career of a fighter that many of us were clamoring for Mayweather to face yet you guys dont want JMM anywhere near Mayweather because you know Floyd will toy with this ATG like taking a rattle from a 6 month old baby.   You guys need to be more fair and balanced, Leon is already crapping on the potential Mayweather-Guerrero fight but Mr Leon doesnt want Floyd to fight Marquez again.  Come on Greg, you are talking about Floyd vs Pac should have happened when they were both P4P #1 & #2 but look at your own rankings to see who YOUR #1 & #2 P4P will you be an advocate for this fight or are you going to be a homer and hype up a pointless 5th fight between JMM & Pac?  JMM is a legend right?  He has been chasing Pacquiao since 2004, lets see if this ATG Legend wants to get revenge on the ONLY boxer to ever embarrass & dominate him inside the squared circle.  Will the two of you say JMM is ducking Mayweather if he doesnt call him out or try to make a fight?  Would the 2 of you really support JMM fighting anyone except Mayweather? Or are you guys going to fall in line with your buddy Arum and hype up this 5th fight like its even necessary or needed?--Allen Cade from CA

Leon's Response: Why would I mention Mayweather-Marquez 2 when I think Mayweather would easily win that fight again? You did notice I said he's managed to put DISTANCE between himself and the rest of the field without ever taking a single Pacquiao left hand didn't you? That means that Floyd Mayweather is currently the best pound for pounder BY FAR. I'm disappointed by how he created this distance but the path of least resistance and most reward has always been the Mayweather way. He's a boxer basing his legacy on an undefeated record. Manny Pacquiao was a hurricane blowing through divisions against one hall of famer after the other. He took the pound for pound throne by force and lost it for facing a guy who clearly had his number for a fourth time. Mayweather would never have a fourth fight with a guy that didn't get a single W in the first three. Different strokes for different folks.

Greg it's great to see boxingtalk come back from the dead every once in a while!  Takes me back to the good old days when this was THE site in boxing.  Love to see the p4p list.  Question: can you please explain Chemito's spot on your list over Danny Garcia?  And Chad Dawson's spot over Cotto, who are both coming off losses?  Garcia has wins over Morales, Khan, Holt, Campbell, and Gamboa...OK Julio Gamboa.  But still.  Moreno with one signature win, coming off a loss is still ranked higher than Garcia?  And Dawson is coming off a landslide obliteration, granted to a p4p fighter, but Cotto's loss too (which was wide, but less so in my view), was also to a guy who made your list.  So why is he punished for that, when he gave Mayweather some might say his toughest fight, and some solid recent wins before that...OK I guess I can see Miguel not being on this list, but the fact that Dawson is there, with Chemito as well, made me ponder your logic.  I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying I wouldn't have put Moreno that high, or Dawson above Cotto at this point in their careers.  Trust me, I read the opening entry in your previous mailbag--you're still the p4p mailbag king.  But please explain the logic.  Hope you're doing well.  ~justin in colorado

Leon's Response: It's alive!!! Garcia's win over Khan was huge. I like Garcia and I think he punches like a mule. I also think that if Amir Khan had a better chin Khan would have shut him out. Chemito lost to the best fighter in the division above his, so I didn't punish him too  much for losing to fellow pound for pounder Abner Mares. After the top 6 guys I think it's all a matter of opinion. Cotto did give Mayweather a very good fight, but I think that was either his last hurrah or a fight where Mayweather lost a bit. For the record Mayweather's toughest fight was the first Castillo fight. I think Dawson and his people made a stupid decision by deciding to fight Andre Ward in Oakland at SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT. I gave Trout the spot previously held by Cotto because he pretty much boxed his socks off. In that fight Miguel Cotto didn't show anything that warrants him being on the pound for pound list. Cotto is a warrior and has always fought the best so if he makes another major fight soon he'll have a chance to get back on the list. Team Cotto made a terrible decision by choosing to fight Trout over Pacquiao. Losing to Pacquaio wouldn't have killed a future Trout fight, Cotto would have made more money and MOST IMPORTANTLY ;-) he would still be on my list.

Both sides had equal blame with the fight not getting made. Bob Arum had a new reason everyday and he started the pissing match that lasted for years. They were close to agreeing in early 2010 When Bob had PAcman fight clottey to show how big a draw he was then Floyd fought Shane that began a pissing match between the two camps and we haven't looked back. Pacman even joined the fray when he started the defamation lawsuit by not including Paulie Malinagi when he blatantly said he thought pacman was on peds. Once the clotey fight did 700k buys and Floyd and Shane did 1.25 (at the time 2nd highest non heavyweight ppv) we were off and running with both camps trying to spin their side and we never looked back. I personally think that anyone can try to discredit Floyd and pacman choice of opponents but they have both fought elite competition/champions and anything can happen once you walk between those ropes. and if they didnt fight each other, they made the next best fights. It sucks that we didn't get to see the fight between these 2 but blame belongs on both sides. It didn't suck for their bank accounts because the pissing match turned both of them into golden boys I'm glad you will be back on the site more often. You and bread do a great job with the mailbags. I look forward to you bringing the site back to the mid 2000's when you had everybody hating you like your name was mayweather because you had access to everyone who mattered in the fight game.

Leon's Response: Blame and equal blame are two different things. I believe the primary reason the fight didn't happen is Floyd Mayweather. Arum had a cash cow and wanted to protect it, but Arum quickly gets to a point where he says f**k it and will make any fight, as evidenced by what eventually happened to Manny Pacquaio. Since 2010 Mayweather never risked his undefeated record the way Arum risked Pacquaio. I'm basing that on my knowledge of the situation and my knowledge of Floyd Mayweather and his people who I happen to know better than most. Why list somebody like Paul Malignaggi who had nothing to do with the potential mega-fight and had much less money than everyone else Pacquiao was going after? Malignaggi was a non-factor to Manny Pacquiao and the possibility of Mayweather-Pacquiao. I love Andre Berto. I've known him for 10 years and have been interviewing him since the amatuers. Berto has never not once made my pound for pound list, but now if Mayweather faces Robert Guerrero next, Berto will have been the catalyst who created not one but two (Ortiz and Guerrero) Floyd Mayweather opponents since 2010. Manny Pacquiao never needed somebody to defeat Andre Berto to get a shot at him. 

Greg, You’re my dude, I’ve been reading this website from the beginning and have been a fan of the site and your writing for a minute.  I briefly wrote for the site before kids were getting money for it and have met you in NYC at fights; I respect your mailbags and interviews for a minute and I just want to know, why do you let Bob Arum get away with the things he says that you know to be false or allow him to be disingenuous?  “Pacquiao/Marquez, the biggest fight in boxing”…Word?  “Why does Mexican have anything to do with it”… He pull race out of the bag more than any other promoter not named Don King.  “We offered Cotto $13”…honestly, who would you believe, a fighter who has been as classy as any in boxing or the guy who said “yesterday I was lying, today I’m telling the truth”? A lot of people accuse Boxingtalk of having a cozy relationship with Top Rank and although I believe it’s out of respect, it’s easy to see why people think that when you let him off the hook so much when you’ve went after others.  Keep up the good work yo! -Carl Rice

Leon's Response: Since I'm just returning from an extended sabbatical from the site I didn't feel my first interview back with Arum was the right time to go hard. As you pointed out I have a great deal of respect for the man. I will admit I laughed my ass off listening to him explain the differences between Mexicans with and without "the Indian blood". Fact is neither of us know what went down during the failed Cotto negotiations. I'm confident that the Top Rank braintrust viewed Cotto as a safer option for Pacquiao than Marquez so I tend to think they really tried to get it done. But like I said we weren't there, so we don't know for sure. I don't know the gentleman he said failed to transmit the offer to Cotto, which makes it a he-said he said. Based on the MAINSTREAM attention their fourth fight received, it's one of the biggest fights that can be made moving forward. If it isn't, why don't you tell me how many other fights are bigger than Marquez-Pacquiao V right now?

I would like to show my respect for you and the other writers on the site, you guys are very knowledgable and speak your mind.  With that being said, I read your pfp rankings.  I don't have any problem with the list I just think that it's strange for you to say something positive about everyone on the list except for the guy that you rank number one. You explained why everyone deserved their pfp ranking but you said that Mayweather got the position by default.  Was it too hard for you to say that Floyd has one of the greatest ring IQs or that he is a great defender with incredible counter punching ability?  I believe that Mayweather's choice of opponents can be questioned but he is still a HOF fighter.

Leon's Response: Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time, there's no disputing that. Some of his decisions lower his all time status in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. I'm the person who dubbed him the pound for pound Picasso so I know how good he is. I just hold him to a higher standard and if he believed in his ability to defeat Pacquiao as much as I do, the fight would have happened and boxing would have been better off on all fronts. Are any of us supposed to be happy that the debate over pound for pound #1 ended this way? Prior to the last update I've always had high praise of Mayweather's abilities. Seeing him take the number one spot via the path of least resistance is very frustrating to me. Please forgive me.


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