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December 15, 2012

By Doveed Linder

NOTE: These e-mails were originally sent to Greg Leon, who forwarded them to Doveed Linder.  G. Leonís mailbag will be back next week when he returns from Jean Pascalís fight.

I have some comments for the Wednesday mailbag. Juan Manuel Marquez is no longer WBO champion at 140, he won't fight again until maybe next  June or September, likely against Pacquiao. He won't go back to 140 to challenge the next WBO champion. If Pacquiao doesn't come back, it may be Marquez luring in Tim Bradley or Devon Alexander, and since Bradley clearly beat Alexander, there won't be a rematch there, just like there won't be a rematch between Mayweather and Marquez. Mayweather will be number 1 pound for pound, but why will Marquez be #2 when there are plenty of guys out there to put at #2 (Sergio Martinez, Andre Ward, Chris John (who might decision Gamboa at 130))? And why is HBO calling Roberto Guerrero-Andre Berto fight of the year candidate, it may have been face-swelling of the year in a championship fight, but that was about it, especially with Berto on the ropes half of the fight. And finally, Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Michael Farenas was one of the better 12 round fights I have seen on HBO in a while. Farenas should be shown again since he is still 28. Pacquiao at 34 and with a long time career might listen to his mom and hang them up after she saying he started young and should  finish his career. Farenas deserves a 3rd title fight in a row next time out. I'd like to see him fight Richard Abril for the vacant WBA title at 135. He might bleed like Jesse James Leija, but he is interesting. Gamboa vs Adrien Broner probably won't happen, and maybe  Gamboa will go for a different title at 135 if he can't stay at 130 for a while. Is any of this sort of true to the fans?

Linderís Response: Marquez would be considered #2, because he just beat the guy who many considered #1.  But with Mayweather in the picture, they wonít put Marquez at #1 because of how handily Mayweather beat him.  As G. Leon has pointed out, Mayweather is #1 by default.  Honestly, though, itís impossible to create a list without making a contradiction.  How can you rank an inactive Mayweather over Andre Ward, who has been dominating every top guy in a division that is stacked with talent?  Mayweather, Marquez, Ward, and Martinez are all great fighters Ė letís just leave it at that.  Guerrero-Berto was one of the best fights of the year, so that makes it a candidate.  But Marquez-Pacquiao was better, because there was more at stake and it ended in a knockout.  Gamboa-Farenas didnít do much for me, but it could be that the two previous fights took me out of the evening.  Both guys represented themselves fairly well, so why not put them on television again?  With everyone calling for a fifth fight between Marquez and Pacquiao, I am among the few who thinks Pacquiao should retire.  Heís rich and he has nothing left to prove.  Iíd like to see him walk away with his health intact.  Broner-Gamboa isnít completely unrealistic, but I think it should be built up first.  I donít think it would be much of a fight.  I think Broner would school him, but it could be made out to be a big event if promoted right.       

With it looking like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will never fight, what do you think, has there ever been a bigger fight that never got made? And what are your picks for best fights that were missed? I'm thinking Lennox Lewis-Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson-George Foreman, Aaron Pryor against any of Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, and Tommy Hearns, and of course Sam Langford - Jack Johnson  though as Johnson said no one wanted to see two black man fight for the title.  [Editor's note: Johnson and Langford fought in 1906 before Johnson was world champion with Johnson winning via fifteen-round decision.] Have a blast in Montreal, been there many times for shows.  -Wayne Flonders
Linderís Response: Here are a few fights that never happened Ė Mayweather against Kostya Tszyu, Antonio Margarito, and a prime Miguel Cotto.  Just kidding.  The only real criticism I have for Mayweather is the Pacquiao fight.  Lewis-Bowe is the prefect example.  Tyson-Foreman was never in great demand, but it was discussed and it would have been a lot of fun.  I think Pryorís name gets thrown in the mix with Sugar Ray Leonard by Leonardís critics, but that potential match-up doesnít stand out as a catastrophe.  Lewis-Vitali Klitschko II was somewhat in demand, but Lewis had nothing left to prove.  Never in the history of boxing has there ever been a fight that never happened that was as big as Pacquiao-Mayweather.  [EDITOR'S NOTE: how about Ray Leonard-Marvin Hagler II?]
This is a response to many of your comments about the Floyd Mayweather and manny Pacquiao situation, and your statements about how Floyd's choice in his career supposedly tarnished his legacy.  Manny fought Miguel Cotto at a catchweight, draining him.  Cotto excepted that.  He fought Oscar De La Hoya at a catchweight, draining him.  He fought Mosely in a fight where True Boxing people not fans.  Boxers believed that was doctored as well as the Clottey fight.  Margarito is a slow fighter I I saw that coming a mile away.  Why didn't he fight Mosely, Clottey, DelaHoya, and Cotto legitimately.  Floyd fought undefeated Hatton knocked him.  Manny knocks him out and he is the greatest.  Floyd taught ricky how to get knocked out.  Floyd fought De La Hoia at his natural weight Floyd jumped two divisions to do so. Manny fought DeLaHoya at 145 he had not been close to 145 since 1997 against Pernell Whitaker he was 146 1/2.  His killed his self to make weight.  Floyd fought beat Corrales,  Manfredy, Hernandez, Castillo, Gatti, Zab, Cotto, Mosely, Marquez all competitive and legitimate.  No catchweight.  The human body needs time to acclimate to weight loss you already have low body fat.  When you loose weight you are losing muscle very little fat and you go and be competitive in a fight.  History shows that is damn near impossible.  Chris Byrd Roy Jones Tarver Toney etc..  The list goes on.  How strong where Manny's weight drained foes.  Not very for long.  See fighters know this.  The one doing the fighting at the time figures he would be the exception till he's on that Matt.  Floyd made great decisions in his fights.  I believe he will fight Canelo and Martinez next year.  Guarantee that won't be enough either.  If Floyd was humble and white he would be spoken about like a god.  FACT.......  Good luck Floyd do you.  No matter what he does and any black athlete for that matter great is never enough. 

Linderís Response: You made a lot of invalid points and backed it up with the suggestion that Floydís critics are racially motivated.  First of all, you are overlooking the fact that Manny was viewed as an underdog against De La Hoya, and that many viewed Pacquiao-Cotto as a 50-50 fight.  It was only after he destroyed these guys that he was criticized.  Mayweather knocked out Ricky Hatton at 147, which was a weight class where Ricky was not very effective.  Luis Collazo almost defeated Hatton in Hattonís welterweight debut.  And what about Mayweather-Judah?  Didnít Zab lose to Carlos Baldomir in his previous fight?  I could go on, but thereís no need.  Both Manny and Floyd have had some great accomplishments in their careers.  Itís okay to criticize certain points, but your comments are emotional and biased. 

It could easily be argued that Manny Pacquiao has been living the biggest double-life since the movie Face Off hit theaters.  Here's a guy who bounced around town with his Bieber haircut and innocent smile, playing the "good guy" card, yet he's allegedly been sleeping with dozens of prostitutes, gambling away millions of dollars (whats up with that Arum loan?), boozing like an alcoholic, letting 20-30 goons live in his crib- don't even get me started about his "representation"-- and who knows, maybe being one of the biggest juicers in the sport during his historical rise in weight divisions. Living on Cloud 9 has one condition, if you slip, its a hard fall back down to earth. I'm not God, but athletes and superstars are held by a higher standard, and I'm not feelin this cat at all.  Im sure there's been many champions with much worse lifestyles and failures at being role models, but this is something different, something that teeters with being a total fraud......DJ from NYC.

Linderís Response: Just imagine living in a cardboard shack in the Philippines and then becoming an international star and having the whole world thrown at your feet.  Any normal man would have a hard time finding a sense of balance.

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