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December 15, 2012

By Rick Evans

Nonito Donaire Jorge Arce... In Houston, Texas, Nonito Donaire retained his WBO 122-pound title and capped off a fantastic 2012 with his fourth victory of the year by knocking out Jorge Arce in round three. The fight started off slowly, with Donaire walking down a game but out matched Arce behind a sold jab. However, neither fighter landed any solid punches in the first round. However, during the first exchange in the second round, a counter right hand put Arce's glove on the ground, which prompted referee Lawrence Cole to correctly rule a knockdown. Arce attempted to get right back at Donaire by jumping into his chest for a moment, but then returned to fighting with caution during the remainder of the round. Arce started round three like the Arce of old, taking chances and swarming Donaire, but he paid dearly for it, getting hit with a solid right hand that put him on the ground a second time. Arce rose and wanted to fight on, and was allowed to continue. As Donaire approached Arce in the closing moments of the third round, Acre taunted him as if to say, "come on and fight." The Filipino Flash lived up to his name and obliged by launching a picture-perfect lead left hook that flattened Arce and ended the night's festivities. Punchstat numbers at the end of the fight showed Donaire outlanding Arce in connect percentage 30% to 14%. After the fight, Donaire told Larry Merchant, who was calling his last fight for HBO after 35 years on HBO and more than 50 in the sport of reporting on the sport, that he was motivated to perform well after watching fellow Philippine idol Manny Pacquiao's knockout loss last week. He also said that fellow 122-pound title holders Abner Mares and Guillermo Rigondeaux would be  great fights for him in 2013. Donaire moves to 31-1 with 20 knockouts with the victory. Arce falls to 61-7-2 with the loss. source: hbo

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