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December 19, 2012

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Watch the second and third replays of the knockout punch by Juan Manuel Marquez over Manny Pacquiao last week. The first replay won't show it. Watch the right foot of Manny. Watch what it does nanoseconds before the punch. I'm not saying it aided in the knockout, but he actually tripped into the punch (as opposed to walking into it). Yes he walked (or should I say tripped) into the punch, but I wonder if the stumble never happens, does it become a game of inches and take something off of the punch?  Or do we get same result?  Or does the punch even graze him to the point of he's able to recover. His right foot trips over JMM's foot a fraction of a second before the punch. It's easy to be a genius and say it wouldn't have mattered. I'd like those sports science guys to do a session on that one to determine the flight of the punch if he doesn't kinda FALL into the punch instead of WALK into it. -- Chip

Breadís Response: Great call!!! I was watching the fight at a sportsbar. When Manny fell I couldnít grasp what happened because I have never seen anybody fall so fast. Look at how Roberto Duran and Terry Norris fell when Tommy Hearns and Julian Jackson KO'd them. When guys falls face first, itís usually a slow timber fall. Not a flop fall. Now that you bring it to my attention I see why. 

I donít want to say thatís the reason why Manny got KO'd. I donít know. Iím not a scientist. And to be fair he still didnít see the punch coming, regardless if he tripped or not. I have no idea but you should write into that Sports Science Show and see what they come up with.

Peace, writing in to talk about Shawn Porter [who is trained by the author and had a draw with Julio Diaz] and some other things - Porter definitely needs an identity, He is strong and brave. I thought he needed that Diaz fight - to test him with a former crafty champion, and I for one did not think diaz would be a walk over, I have seen Diaz quit before, but that was at the lower weights, and he seems alot stronger at welter. Was he taken lightly? That cut reopened. I see he is a aggressive fighter, are you guys trying to hold him back alittle so that aggression doesn't become a weakness? I have been throwing my next great heavyweight question out there with no response? Amir Mansour, how good is he? and who do you see him giving problems, and who do you see out there giving him problems? Bryant Jennings ? Deontay Wilder? Johnathon Banks ? Chris Arreola ? Tyson Fury? David Price? Pulev? Cunningham? Adamek? etc.. any story's, who do you like and why etc.. appreciate your insite always - P Duke Ė Chicago
Breadís Response: Diaz was definitely not taken lightly. We have no excuses with Team Porter. Diaz just fought a great fight. Sometimes you wake up and youíre just off, itís nobodyís fault. I personally donít try to hold Shawn back. Cut or no cut, I believe a fighter does what he needs to do to win, meaning he has to fight the best fight for him. The cut opened but it didnít bust open if you know what I mean. It was manageable. Our cutman Mike Rodriguez does a great job. Shawn will bounce back; heís a kid of high character. I personally would like a Diaz rematchÖ.

Amir Mansour is the truth but heís older and inactive. If he was being moved by a big wig he would be in the mix. He would give everybody problems, he is a one punch guy, with great stamina and heís a southpaw.

Bryant Jennings and Deontay Wilder to me are the best young Americans on the rise. I like them both for different reasons. Wilder because he seems to have so much room to grow. Under the right guidance he could have a 10 year run. Jennings simply because of his mind. He has a fighterís IQ and because of that he will be in every fight. I donít know enough about the overseas heavyweights to assess them.

Bread, its taking me this long just to come to the realization of what actually happened... It's not just that Manny Pacquiao lost to Juan Manuel Marquez, its the fashion that he lost in ... A couple of points I wanna shoot off and hopefully I can get your input .... In hindsight how much did that Antonio Margarito fight take out of Pacquiao? Most people saw Pacquiao get a lopsided win over Margarito, which it was, BUT in my opinion I think it took Pacquiao maybe from that 100% beast to maybe 90% ... Again I'm saying this in hindsight and didnt think so until now ... I think MARG took something out of PAC that people didnt fully realize... He never performed at that optimum level ever again after that ... Also I wanna say Marquez deserves that moment more then anyone in boxing, for such a great fighter he really didnt have a career defining moment besides his losses to PAC and now he does ... Won't get into the PED thing ... I saw u make reference to that in your last mailbag and if the time comes u will dive into that when your comfortable or not .... I'm just in shock really, don't remember a all time great getting scorched like that besides maybe Roy jones and Roberto Duran ... Last question/point I wanna shoot your way is ... How would mayweather come back from something like that mentally compared to PAC? PAC is prob not totally aware or cares about the million twitter photos going around for the last week .. I think mentally PAC is fine BUT physically will never be the same ... I think mayweather would be the Complete opposite. Last point ... Everyone's "run" eventually comes to an end if u fight the best even when it's not the BEST for you ... And even the best boxers and boxing minds will never ever predict this sport 100% accurately and that's why it's great ... 

Breadís Response: I have said many times that Margarito severely hurt Pacman. Everybody thinks Pac had this huge advantage over Margarito because the fight was fought at a cathchweight of 150lb. But Margarito was just a big welter anyway those 3 extra pounds helped him. Look how low he came in against Shane Mosley. Margarito had a huge physical advantage over Pacquiao and they wore 8oz gloves. I saw PAcquiao struggling not to look hurt at least twice. One time a big right hand hit him high on his head near his temple and he was boggled. Manny talked blurry at the post fight interview and reportedly he stayed in LA a few days after the fight bundled up in bed in pain. That cheap title fight very well could have cost him his primeÖ.Iím up in the air though because I thought he looked great against Marquez up until the KO. He may have just got caught.

It was only going to be a matter of time before Manny Pacquiao was going to be exposed he swings to wildly and has poor defense and make no adjustments in his fights. What works for Manny was that he had great punching power and high punching output with a great chin. But when he jumps in and out he leaves himself exposed, and he takes to many shots to the head. A counter puncher with punching power is Manny's kryptonite because if they can catch him coming in with his hands down its lights out.

It's not that Marquez is punching any harder than before it just that I believe he caught Manny jumping in and caught him with a great punch knocked him out cold. Manny is more of a brawler than a boxer and the style that he fights with the high output punching and explosiveness doesn't last forever and he's getting older and I always thought from the beginning that he takes to many punches to the head. I'm afraid that he could end up like Ali if he continues to take punches to the head which is Freddy Roach's fault for not improving his defense and making adjustments in his fights. Pacquiao and Cotto fight he was allowing Cotto to hit him flush, just not good common sense.

When you fight the same man 3 times who has your number its only a matter of time before he gets the decision because Manny in my opinion fights the same exact way everytime and I haven't seen any adjustments made period. I agree with you that Bob Arum was going to get Manny beat I just never thought it was going to be a devastating KO. I don't believe Marquez is juicing at all and until he is a proven cheater I won't speculate at all because that's all it is speculating, that's the same for Manny. Alex Ariza believes that Marquez got that chiseled body from working hard and dedication in his training camp. He went out to also state that Manny didn't follow his regimen in training camp.

I thought it was an exciting fight and I think he can recover from this but I see a little bit of slippage in his last few fights. Maybe its because he has to many distractions outside of boxing and its taking a toll on his boxing career either way if his heart isn't in it anymore than he needs to retire.


Breadís Response: You make some good points but I have to address one that makes no sense. ďI knew it would only be a matter of time before Manny would be exposed.Ē How was he exposed? I know some have said Roy Jones never had a chin. But no one can say that about Manny. His biggest detractors would agree that he is a tough SOB with a world class set of whiskers.

He got caught bro. That was not an exposing. Was Duran exposed by Hearns? Relax with the revisionist accuracy.  It took Marquez 42 rounds to do that. The dude turned pro in 1995 and he has moved up 40lbs! Of course you will take some lumps over 17 years, 61 fights and 10 weight divisions.

Manny is not just a brawler. Antonio Margarito is a brawler. Manny sort of boxes his way in with superior footwork. He feints , angles and comes in , in a weird rhythm. He is not some brawler who just wades in. You have to assess accurately when you criticize or else your criticism wonít have any substance.



Bread, did you hear Arums comments a few weeks ago that said Ariza used to work for Memo? Very interesting especially since Ariza has praised Memo so much recently and has said hes 100% sure Marquez is clean. He's gone out of his way to do so. Not sure but it sounds like Ariza is trying hard not to open a can of worms. Did you hear about that and what do you think about it?
Breadís Response: I donít know what to think of some of Alex Arizaís comments. But something tells me he wonít be back with Team Pacquiao. Something also tells me he doesnít care and heís speaking out on purpose because he wants to be done with Team Pacquiao.

Otherwise he wouldnít consistently contradict Team Pacquiao. I have never seen such an outspoken Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I just donít get it. Itís one thing to not accuse Memo of wrong doing. I am for that. But to sound sure of it is ridiculous. Heck I would never vouch for anybody in this business. This is a dirty game and people will do anything for their next payday. I like Alex Ariza heís obviously a great coach but Team Pacquiao canít be happy with his statementsÖ.



What's up Bread
          This fight on Saturday man still has me in shock.i haven't watched the replay yet but what has me thinking is not the ko punch in the 6th but the the 3rd round knockdown was explosive.I know a lot of Pacman fans myself included are gonna wonder or accuse Marquez of of being on the juice and in a way can you really blame us when you look at Heridia's history the statements he made about having numerous steroids that are undetectable and then there is that YouTube video of him buying it in Mexico at a pharmacy and showing how to inject it into his own stomach.Marquez is gonna have to just understand why some people may think he is juicing.I blame Manny because he should have been testing or encouraging it for awhile .Now he can't say anything about or he is going to look like a idiot.Im no expert but its hard for me to believe Marquez is a one punch killer now and I mean the 3rd round knock down not the ko in the 6th If I'm not mistaken Manny seemed to have a decent chin! Ariza seems to think it has to do with the "Ballistic Training" Hereida has Marquez doing.What are your thoughts on Ballistic Training for a boxer?
Breadís Response: Ballistic training does help with explosiveness. As for Manny you make a great point. If you notice a while back I have said that Team Pacquiao does him a disservice.

Here is why. Many people among Team Pacquiao took the stance that Floyd was using the blood test as an excuse not to fight. They also felt like Floyd was spooked by Pacman and if Floyd wanted to believe that Manny was a PED monster then that was on him and his own insecurities. I understand where they were coming from. ButÖÖÖ

Here comes the other side of the sword. Now they face a guy who many whisper are on a PED. Manny canít say anything now. So he has to be a GUN and fight a guy many thought was juicing. Oh well. Life circles the block.

Manny being in politics and knowing how important public image is, should have found a better PR team and enhanced his stance on PED. Despite what Floyd tried to do to him publicly.
For the record with a few coaches openly stating that they can make PEDs that wonít be detected. I say forget the test. For a high profile fight like this, with the cameras on all the time.

How about fighters sign off on a waiver allowing a camera and agent from a drug testing company to follow them 24/7. Think about it. Most fighters donít have sex while training anyway.
So their only private time is when they go to the bathroom. Well search the bathrooms and make sure nothing is in them and thatís that. It may seem intrusive but that is the only real way we will get to the truth. Everytime I hear a so called expert say that they know how to beat the test, it makes my stomach sick.


Hi Breadman,
I pray you and your family are doing well. Thank you for defending the honor of Ali. He is a once in a lifetime athlete who I appreciate more and more as I get older. He fought everyone in his era and was a true champion in and out of the ring. Do you think that he would have ducked Manny Pac Man? His confidence was for real. Not hype .When you see a guy like Seth Mitchell who they were trying to hype it really makes you appreciate Aliís skill level.God bless you and thanks again. One more thing. Is it me or has Boxing got a lot better lately.? My best friend sent me a DVD of the fights of the last year and I found them to be quite entertaining. Especially Rioís and Alvarado. God bless and take care. Blood and Guts
Breadís Response: I will defend Mr. Ali until the day I die. Period. I revere the man and I donít want anybody saying a bad word about him around me or to me.



What do you think of demetrius andrade joining virgil hunter's stable ?
Breadís Response: I think a kid like Andrade will only improve under Hunter. Andrade is a great talent and being around a top flight boxing mind like Hunter will make him a force immediately. I actually think Andrade is just about even money with anybody in the division as he sits.

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