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December 20, 2012


Press Release: According to Holly Holm's promoter, negotiations are about to begin for a womens' pound-for-pound champuionship fight between three-division champion Holly "The Preacher's Daughter" Holm (32-2-3, 9 KOs) and Cecilia "First Lady" Braekhus (21-0, 5 KOs) for July in Las Vegas.  Braekhus issued a challenge by way of a video tape shown after Holm's recent victory against Diana Prazak in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After introducing herself as the WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight champion, Braekhus said the following, directed to Holm: "I have an important message for you. Your promoter (Lenny Fresquez) has been saying that this fight (vs. Anne Sophie Mathis) confirms that Holly is the #1 female fighter in the world. I do understand that you are avoiding me, but listen carefully: next July I will be in Las Vegas. You will meet me there? Let's find out who is the best female fighter in the world."
The Colombian-born, Norway-residing Braekhus has fought once in the United States. Thirty-four of Holm's 37 home fights have been in her hometown, Albuquerque, where she regularly sells-out with crowds in excess of 3,000.
"I'd love to fight her to make that happen," Holm proclaimed as she accepted Braekhus' challenge. "Lenny will talk to them. I appreciate her wanting to make the fight, as well; that's the only way we can get a good fight. Two fighters mutually agreeing to fight is what it comes down to. I'm honored that she has challenged me.
"I would never make a video of myself to send to someone. That's not my style. I'm open to fighting her, really, wherever. I've always been open to fighting, wherever, and I think there's a big misconception that, oh, I only fight here. I fight here (Albuquerque) because the opportunities have been here, and that's the bottom line. If there's an opportunity that it's going to be in Las Vegas, then, by all means, let's make it happen."
Holm and Braekhus, combined, are 33-1-1 in world title fights, as well as 19-1-1 in fights against other world title holders (Holm is 22-1-1 and 14-1-1, respectively, Braekhus 11-0 and 5-0). Holm has an overwhelming advantage in experience fighting quality opponents, having defeated a Who's Who of women boxers, from the light welterweight through light middleweight divisions, including Christy Martin, Jane Couch, Mary Jo Sanders, Chevelle Hallback and Terri Blair twice apiece, Duda Yankovich, Myriam Lamare, and Mia St. John. Braekhus, who has also defeated Hallback, is coming off a 10-round decision over Mathis, whom Holm split two fights with in the past year. 212 of Holm's 275 pro rounds fought have been in championship bouts; Braekhus has 100 of 154
Fresquez hopes that Braekhus and her promoter, Sauerland Boxing, are serious about coming to Las Vegas and fighting Holm. "I've been negotiating with them for two years and they've avoided Holly," Fresquez reported. "I sent Katie Sauerland, I think that's her name, an email but have not gotten a response back. [EDITOR'S NOTE: THAT IS NOT SURPRISING AS THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON]."
The great Lucia Rijker, who trained Prazak for her fight with Holm, added, "That (Holm vs. Braekhus) would be a phenomenal fight."
Women's mega-fights are difficult to pull off for a wide variety of reasons. Two perfect examples of mega-fights that failed to materialize are Laila Ali vs. Ann Wolfe and Rijker vs. Martin. Fresquez is pressing hard to make what potentially could be the greatest fight in women's boxing history.

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