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January 10, 2013


Female boxer returns from multiple gun shot wounds

Press Release: In April 2011, Rola El Halabi was an undefeated lightweight waiting in her dressing room to enter the ring when her nightmare began. She held a win over Mia St. John and was 11-0. Estranged from a dominating stepfather who previously ran her career and life, she was on the threshold of making a statement by fighting and winning on her own.

But she never made it to the ring that night. Her world crashed down around here when Roy Hicham El Halabi entered the dressing room and ordered everyone else to leave, before proceeding to barbarically shoot his stepdaughter in the hands, knees and feet. El Halabi was rushed to hospital, and an almost certain end to a promising boxing career was not as much a concern as the possible loss of her life.

While doctors saved her life, it looked as if her days as an athlete were over. But the Lebanese-born German proved to be a greater fighter than anyone in the boxing world could have imagined, and on January 12th, she will return to the ring and fight Italy's Lucia Morelli on a show she is herself promoting in the city of Neu Ulm, just across the Donau river from hometown Ulm. 
Roy Hicham will not be able to stop her this time because he is serving a six-year prison sentence in Berlin, while Rola is in the process of one of the most amazing comebacks in recent memory. After several operations and months of being confined to a wheelchair, she decided that the actions of a mad-man would not keep her from achieving her dreams.
She was going to turn the nightmare into a fairytale!
“I didn’t want to give up on boxing”, 27-year-old El Halabi recently told German newspaper Die Welt. “April 1 2011 was not a highlight, but it gave me strength to fight, and keep fighting.”
Ironically, Roy Hicham wanted to destroy Rola but ended up making her a bigger star than ever. Before the attack she was not yet a big name even in Germany, but after countless newspaper articles and talk show appearances following her recovery she is now very well-known, something she intends to use for good: “I want to spread a message with my story, to never give up no matter what happens. The life I had before April 2011 doesn’t exist anymore, and I am reminded every day when I look in the mirror and see my scares. God has a reason for everything that happens.”
Some would say that returning to the ring in a world title fight against a quality opponent such as former world champion Lucia Morelli (17-3, 8 KOs) is biting off more than El Halabi can currently chew, but she is not concerned about the outcome, saying:
“I don’t worry about losing. If things don’t go my way, my career is not over. But it will be expensive, as I have invested a six-figure amount in the event. But, on the other hand, a boxing match is nothing compared to what I have been through!”
The words of a true fighter, in the ring and in life!

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