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January 15, 2013

By G. Leon

GL: Last time you appeared on Boxingtalk, you didn't have an opponent. Now we all know you'll be fighting Fernando Guerrero on February 9th. Can you give us some thoughts on the fight and Guerrero as a fighter?

Peter Quillin: "Him only having one loss on his record is good within itself. He's coming to take my belt and I have to treat him that way. I have to treat him like he's trying to take something that's mine. It's going to stay in Brooklyn with me. We're both fighting for our reasons and I can't ask for anything more than a guy who is going to fight to win. It's a good fight for boxing."

GL: Do you think Guerrero deserves this opportunity?

Peter Quillin: "I can't determine that about him. I got a chance to be a world champion with the people I got to work with. They got me the opportunity and I became a world champion. But he should be very happy that his people got him an opportunity to fight for this belt."

GL: His people are your people. You have the same representation. Do you feel a certain way about that?

PQ: "This is about business being conducted and as long as I'm happy with my money for the opponent I'm fighting I don't care who represents him. I have people who work only for me just like I'm sure he's got some people who only work for him."

GL: Does this fight go the distance?

PQ: "He has to ask himself if he's ready for that. I'm ready to do what I've been training to do which is punish. I'm already coming off one of the fights of the year and I already know that I have all the hardware to put on a good performance. I'm not going to take anything away from him, but if he fights with the same will I have it's going to be a good fight and that's all I want to give the fans."

GL: Guerrero is a comer. You won't have to look for him. If he comes to fight as he usually does, will this fight go the distance?

PQ: "He can choose 44 minutes of an ass whooping or he can choose 20. I'm training to win and I'm training like an animal. Just like when the lion chases the gazelle it's a brutal kind of thing. It's nothing pretty about it, but it's mother nature. I'm training to be a f**king animal. I train to punish. This is a brutal sport and I"m training to punish this guy."

GL: What are you hoping a victory in this fight leads to?

PQ: "Every fight in this sport I want to be a showcase fight for me. I have to treat it that way and right now I'm a confident champion and it's going to be tough for somebody to take my destiny away from me."

GL: Who do you like in Golovkin-Rosado?

PQ: "It's going to be a good fight. Golovkin is coming off a good win and people shouldn't count out Rosado because he's coming to fight."

GL: So no prediction.

PQ: "I'm stopping with the predictions because when I picked Vernon Paris to beat Zab Judah, I was f**ked up. On some real stuff, you have to be a fan of the sport. As a fan of the sport I'm not choosing sides, I want to enjoy good fights between top competition."

GL: Closing thoughts?

PQ: "I want to thank for following me as always. If you want to get me follow me on twitter and instagram @kidchocolate."

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