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January 24, 2013

By G. Leon

GL: Obviously things didn't go as planned against Gennday Golovkin [a gutty seventh-round stoppage]. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance?

Gabriel Rosado: "We were looking to box him early in the fight and the apply the pressure later on. But with the cut happening so early in the second round, it kind of changed the whole plan of what me and my trainer were trying to do."

GL: Was there anything about Golovkin that surprised you?

Gabriel Rosado: "Not really. I knew he was a strong guy and I knew he was a good puncher. There was really nothing that overwhelmed me at all. It was unfortunate the cut happened so early in the fight. Being cut and not being able to see shots coming from a guy who could punch is dangerous."

GL: Before the cut occured it appeared that you were trying to implement some Bernard Hopkins tricks. I imagine all of that went out the window with the cut.

GR: "Pretty much we wanted to counter in the early part of the fight because we knew he was going to be aggressive. In the second half of the fight we figured he would probably punch himself out a bit. It didn't work out that way. But at the end of the day it was a good fight and the fans loved it. It didn't hurt me at all. I wish I would have won the fight, but I think the fans appreciated the performance anyway."

GL: How do you feel about your corner stopping the fight when they did?

GR: "Billy (Briscoe) did the right thing. I always tell the corner to never stop a fight and to let me keep fighting. But it got to the point where there was just so much blood. It looked worse than what it really was because when they wiped my face down it's not like my face was destroyed or anything. It was just that there was two cuts on the same eye, so there was a lot of blood pouring out. Billy knew I couldn't see so he did the right thing. I'm young and I have a bright future ahead of me so he was just looking out for me."

GL: How many stitches did it take to close the cuts?

GR: "Six on one and seven on the other, so thirteen all together."

GL: Considering that this wasn't a break-the-bank kind of payday do you regret moving up to middleweight to fight for the title after all of the manuvering you did to position yourself as the mandatory at 154?

GR: "Not at all. It's prizefighting. It was my biggest payday, but at the end of the day, I don't regret it at all. I think the fight won me fans. I think I was able to show my courage and my will to win. At one point I did back him up in the fifth round. I was trying to fight through the blood. I think it was one of those fights where I didn't win, but the fans are showing a lot of positive feedback and they definitely want to see me back. At this point I'm going to move down to 154 and handle some unfinished business there."

GL: After all the work you put in with the eliminators, I imagine you're going to be expecting to maintain a very high ranking in the IBF.

GR: "I think at the end of the day they'll look at the fight and keep me at a really good ranking. At this point I can still get the big fights at 154 regardless of the rankings. I think the fans will still want to see me fight Canelo [Saul Alvarez], Alfredo Angulo or Austin Trout. Nobody really wants to fight Trout, so there's guys out there that I can definitely fight. I would definitely fight Trout. I'm just going to take some time off let my cuts heal and look to get back in there in May or June."

GL: Always a pleasure Gabi. Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

GR: "Thanks to the fans for their support and all the love they're giving me on facebook and twitter. I truly appeciate the fans."

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