Juergen Braehmer is the new European light heavyweight champion. The 34-year-old won an unanimous decisio">
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February 03, 2013


Jurgen Braehmer W12 Edward Gutknecht...  

Juergen Braehmer is the new European light heavyweight champion. The 34-year-old won an unanimous decision over previous titlist Edward Gutknecht in Berlin on Saturday. Official scores were 
114-113, 116-111 and 117-110. There were no knockdowns, but Gutknecht was penalized a point for pushing Braehmer to the canvas.

It was a very tough fight against Eddy. I did manage to take advantage of most of my strengths, but it was difficult for me to keep focus for the whole duration of the fight, said the student of coach Karsten Roewer afterwards.

Right at the beginning, Gutknecht was keen to put his stamp onto the fight and went straight into attack mode. The 30-year-old caught Braehmer on the head, who seemed a bit overrun by this ferocious start. However, this was not going to be the only unwanted surprise for the man from northern Germany. Gutknecht tried everything he could which resulted in him not only showing an aggressive approach with his fists but also using some unclean methods by pushing his opponent to the ground.

Nevertheless, Braehmer was not impressed and went for it. The two opponents exchanged some vicious shots both taking as well as throwing hard punches. After a while, Braehmer managed to get the required distance between him and his opponent. Especially his straight left hand was causing some serious problems for Gutknecht, which did not only impress his foe but also the judges.

In round nine, the student of coach Ulli Wegner was his own worst enemy. After pushing Braehmer to the ground once again, referee Terry O'Connor deducted a point. From that moment onwards, the orthodox fighter knew that he could only turn things around in one way.

I cant complain, I should have knocked him out. I had the chance to. In the end I was too focused on the harder punches and forgot about the easy ones, said Gutknecht. 
However, an early ending was not meant to be and the judges had to declare a winner. All of them were in favor of Braehmer.

Robert Woge TKO11 Hakim Zoulikha... 
In another 175-pound battle on the same show, Robert Woge (11-0) defeated Hakim Zoulikha (18-4).
 In a fight that mainly consisted of trades of one big blow after another, both boxers were bruised from an early stage. 
In round eleven, Woge landed a left hook on the head of the man from France, whose knees caved in. He did manage to get back up again but as soon as Woge went back on the attack, Zoulikha took a knee and the referee stopped the bout. source for both results: sauerland event

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