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February 04, 2013

By G. Leon

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Goossen Tutor Promotions?

Dan Goossen: "The latest is what's in front of us.  Chris Arreola is back in a position to become the heavyweight world champion;  Andre Ward having successful surgery and coming back better than before (think of how awesome that sounds); having a group of Molinas in the stable: John Jr. who just had a solid victory, Javier Molina, who has a defining fight coming up, and his twin brother Oscar, making his California debut after winning his first pro fight in Mexico (both fighting on March 9th). Brandon Gonzales, Malik Scott, Ricardo Williams and Cornelius White all on the cusp of getting to the top level toward possible world championships with victories.
GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Arreola's upcoming fight against Bermaine Stiverne?

DG: It's one of those fights that you promise your fighters when you sign them and they do what they're supposed to do by working their butt off in the gym through the years.  It always feels good delivering your fighters a guaranteed opportunity to fight for the (heavyweight) championship of the world.  In this case, it will be Arreola's second shot at making history in the heavyweight division and as I've always said, it all lies in his hands.  He trains like a world class athlete, he'll become world champion.  If he doesn't, history has a way of repeating itself.    
GL: What changes have you seen in Arreola that lead you believe he's now capable of defeating either of the Klitschko brothers?

DG: "For one his weight was down entering training camp, which is always a significant factor, but certainly not the only one.  The key is with a little over 5 weeks left that he gives himself every opportunity in making history.  We all know talking a good game doesn't win fights; actions do.  I believe Chris knows this today, and with the dedication of Henry (Ramirez) and Darrell (Hudson) Arreola has everything in front of him to be at his best.  If he is, I can't wait for this whole scenario to play out in the heavyweight world.  The opportunities are endless for a tip-top trained Arreola, and he would be able to change his and his family's good fortune forever.  As I said earlier, it is in his hands. 
GL: What's the latest update you've received on Andre Ward?

DG:  Andre has said his rehab is right on schedule and he's feeling great.  We're not looking at any specific date until a little more time goes by and we get closer to his doctor giving us a clearer timetable of when he believes Andre can start going full steam ahead.  I can tell you Andre seems to heal at a very solid pace which bodes well for his fans seeing sooner than later.
GL: Does it concern you at all that three of Ward's last seven fights have been postponed due to injury?

DG: It's all part of the sport we're in.  All I can tell you, Andre has the mindset, even when he's not even close to being 100%, not to postpone a bout.  Case in point was the rescheduled (Carl) Froch bout.  If you would have seen his hand at the final press conference, you would have been shocked that he would be able to do what he did to Froch in the bout.  Keep in mind, when you get cut, as Andre did in the original date for the Froch bout, the opportunity to make a decision to fight or not is completely out of your hands.  As tough as Ward is in the ring, he has that same mindset outside the ring, and believe me, he wants to fight.  It's apparent, the decision to postpone the (Kelly) Pavlik fight, was the right one.
GL: With Kelly Pavlik out of the picture, who is on the short list of opponents for Ward's next fight?

DG: As I said earlier, we really haven't gotten that close to even speculate.  I believe in another week or two, we'll have a clearer handle when the doctor believes Andre will be ready to take the necessary steps in preparing for his next bout.  At that time, we'll all huddle up and see what's on the horizon.  But as you are aware, Andre has always taken on challenges that have made him one of the most respected and top athletes in our sport today.
GL: Oscar Molina will be making his debut soon. Your thoughts on him as a fighter?

DG:  One thing about boxing, some of the greatest fighters throughout the years, are the ones who became Olympians. I believe it is competing at the highest levels as amateurs that get these fighters prepared for the professional ranks.  Oscar was one of only two Olympians representing Mexico, and being the twin brother of Javier (who we also promote), it was a no brainer for us to aggressively pursue him. We have been working with his managers, Arnulfo Bravo and Don Morrandini (they also manage Javier), for many years, and their mindset is the same as us, treat the fighters the way we would want to be treated.  The Molina's are both well-schooled in boxing, and have been brought up with a strong and loyal family background, which obviously is a big plus.  Our partner in Mexico, Oswaldo Kuchkle, was also bullish in being involved with the brothers, which allows us to promote them in Mexico as well as the U.S. 
GL: His brother Javier is about to fight Joseph Elegele. What are your thoughts on that fight? What's next for him if he wins?

DG:  Its a big fight for Javier.  When we initially signed him out of the 2008 Olympics, we believed he had all the tools to become a fan friendly world champion.  He displayed all the ingredients of having a very successful future.  The process was slowed down early with terrible hand problems that led into surgery, and what I believe after recovery resulted in a period of time for Javier having to overcome the mental part of thinking every time he threw a big shot he might experience another problem.  At this point, he seems to be ready to let all hell break loose and understands this is the fight to show the networks and fans what we all thought from the beginning, he is a world class fighter.  He wins this one impressively, we're ready for the next step.

GL: John Molina stopped Dannie Williams a couple of weeks ago. What's next for him?

DG: It was a big win for John, and reestablished him in the top echelon at 135 and 140 pounds. His punching power has the ability to knock out any champion with one shot and that's what we're looking to do getting him in front of another title holder.  We hope to have another world championship for him in 2013.
GL: Cornelius White hasn't fought in six months. What's next for him? Can you tell us what you're working on?
DG:  W're looking to put him in a light heavyweight world championship eliminator on the Arreola undercard.  Either way you will be seeing him on March 9 and I promise the fans will be seeing a lot more of him throughout the year.  He is pure action in there and is one of the few examples of a fighter who has learned on the job.  He is someone that will have to be reckoned with in 2013.
GL: Always a pleasure Dynamite Dan. Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DG: It's good seeing you back leading the charge.  Lets face it, you uncovered the scoops before they were scoops.

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