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February 18, 2013

By Tommy Canez

Adrian Broner proved this past Saturday night that he is here to stay by outclassing Gavin Rees with pure power, speed, and skill. With Manny Pacquiao's and Floyd Mayweather's careers dwindling down, there is no question that Adrian Broner is the heir apparent to the pound for pound throne. It is inevitable. However, as with every fighter, there are critics who will start to demand more from Broner. His talents are so exceptionally superior to any of the opponents that he has faced thus far that fans are starting to get anxious to see him get into the ring with an opponent who isn't listed as 80-1 underdog in the sportsbooks.

Are there any decent opponents left for Broner at Lightweight who could provide a stern test? The answer is no. The two most viable opponents at Lightweight for Broner are Ricky Burns from the U.K. and Mexico's Miguel Vasquez, neither of who are household names, nor even known to the casual and hardcore fans. On top of that, neither would be expected to pose a legitimate threat to the superior skills and talents of Broner. If either bout is made with either fighter, it would more than likely result in another overmatched contest where Broner would overwhelm them and toy with them before stopping them. It would be the equivalent of a Ferrari (Broner) going up against a 1950 Volkswagen (Burns or Vasquez).

So with the lack of quality opponents at Lightweight, the obvious choice would be for Broner to move up to the Jr. Welterweight division at 140lbs, which is one of the deepest divisions in boxing right now. The talent pool is loaded with up and comers, veterans, and fighters looking to rebuild their careers with a quality win. The likes of Danny Garcia, Brandon Rios, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson, Mike Alvarado, Josecito Lopez, Zab Judah, and Amir Khan would be awaiting Broner. Throw in the possibility of tweeners such as Juan Manuel Marquez, Devon Alexander, Timothy Bradley, who currently campaign at Welterweight but could make Jr. Welterweight and the possibilities become endless for Adrian Broner.

Adrian Broner is quickly becoming known to casual boxing fans. He is capable of talking the talk and walking the walk with an exciting and fan friendly style which seems to resonate with fans. Throw into the mix that Adrian Broner is quick witted and humorous with his post fight interviews and you have the making of a boxing megastar.

Broner has a very ambitious personal goal of making 1 billion dollars in the fight game. That type of money is possible but he must step up to the loaded Jr. Welterweight 140 division right now where if he beats the majority of those fighters, it would not only catapult near his goal but it would also build his legacy to amazing heights. Broner is in control of his own destiny. He controls whether he reaches his goals in boxing. Does he continue fighting overmatched opponents or does he step up a division to fight the best and make the most of his talent?

Ultimately, boxing fans want to see if "The Answer" to "The Problem" lies in the 140lb Jr Welterweight division.

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