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February 28, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Bread, I feel Kathy Duva is a mess. This is the third time that a Philly fighter got screwed out of a fight where they should have won. Tomas Adamek v Eddie Chambers, Adamek v Steve Cunningham and now Malik Scott v Vyacheslav Glaskov. Its just blatant how the first 2 cats got robbed. Thank Heavens Malik didn't lose his zero to this kid [the fight was scored a draw]!!! Who knows how much that would have set him back. If Im Bryant Jennings, I'd have to be severely worried about doing business with them because you have to go in thinking of not letting the judges be involved in a fight. It was despicable to see. 
Breadís Response: Not sure it benefits Main Events to have these poor decisions on national television but there have been some bad ones. Malik Scott won his fight and I thought Steve Cunningham beat Adamek. The Adamek-Chambers fight was extremely close in my opinion. I wouldnít call that one a flat out robbery. While Adamek should have been able to handle a one armed guy better, Chambers could only get a pot shot here and there because of his injury. So letís wait and see. One more bad decision on their show and I will ride with you.


What is your opinion on Floyd Mayweather's move to Showtime, his fight with Robert Guerrero and his supposed agreement to fight 6 more times? Its official that he is also having his father train him for his next fight which should be entertaining for the upcoming fight. From what I read if Saul "Canelo" Alvarez beats Austin Trout than he could be Mayweathers opponent in September which would be an awesome fight and it would generate a lot money for both sides. I really think that Manny Pacquiao resigning with his promotional company was a big mistake, and if he made his own decisions things would of went a lot differently in his career. Its nothing like being your own boss and choosing who you fight, the amount of money you take home. Hopefully if Manny chooses to continue to fight he will take a stronger stance on who he wants to fight, and the course he wants to take on his boxing career. He could fight Brandon Rios or Tim Bradley, but honestly I don't want to see the Bradley fight there is no point of that Manny beat him and he was robbed by the judges. It would be nice to start seeing some Top Rank and Golden boy fights put together. I hate to say it but this is what sucks about boxing these days, because of beefs between promotional companies fights are not being made that the fans what to see and it really sucks man.--Dric

Breadís Response: I think Floyd Mayweather made a power move. He has the BEST business infrastructure of any boxer in the world. I have always said that. I donít know the exact parameters of his deal but it seems as though itís completely lucrative for him.

As far as how many times he will fight, Iím not sure he can pull off 5 or 6 fights in that amount of time. He hasnít done it in a while and I expect a grueling fight with Guerrero. I actually expect Floyd and Guerrero to fight twice.
As for the Canelo fight, I donít expect Floyd to fight Canelo. I think Floyd will focus on welterweights and junior welterweights. I get the impression that Canelo is a little too big and too fresh for Floyd at this point to risk a loss with.
Canelo has recently asked for a guarantee to fight Floyd if he fights on the May 4th undercard. Apparently Floyd didnít want the guarantee and Canelo has now been pulled off the card. I donít have a horse in the race and both guys have points.

Floydís point: I am numero uno. I donít have to give you anything in writing. You fighting on my card is a privilege. If I decide to fight you in September then I do, if I donít then so be it.

Caneloís point: I could have fought Floyd on Cinco de Mayo. I am a bigger star than Robert Guerrero anyway. I also fought on Floydís undercard last year on Cinco De Mayo and helped his PPV sales which went over 1.5 million. Iím not doing it again when I canít get a guarantee that I will fight Floyd, when I can make the same 2 million and change on regular Showtime. Why should I help my future opponent at the negotiation tables?

Both guys have a point. Donít look forward to a Floyd vs Canelo clash. 


What's up Bread?,
I know the fight is still over two month's out but I wanted to get your initial thoughts on Mayweather-Guerrero on May 4th. I'm sure you will do a detailed breakdown but I wanted to chime in with a few thoughts and ask a few quick questions:
1. I noticed what you said about Austin Trout having "length" but not having as much of a height advantage over Canelo as most people think. I looked at Boxrec although it would appear to some that Guerrero is this huge welterweight monster he and Floyd are actually the same height and Mayweather has a two-inch reach advantage. Do you think reach (or lack thereof for Guerrero) will be a factor during the fight?
2. I know Floyd isn't getting any younger but how do you think Guerrero compares to Victor Ortiz? Both were/are young strong southpaw welterweights who were/are supposed to be able to bully the supposedly smaller Mayweather. I would say Robert is more polished and stronger mentally than Victor was but I think "The Ghost" is making a mistake if he thinks he will be able to maul Floyd the same way he did Berto. What do you think?
Hope all is well with you and yours,
William in West Palm
Breadís Response: Guerrero is long and gangly. I donít know who has a better reach but I would be hard pressed to believe Guerreroís arms are longer than Floydís. Floydís actual arm length is incredibly long for his height and weight. His arms are 26 inches in length.

As for the fight itselfÖ. Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors?  Boxing has a rock, paper, scissors also. Here it goes. Pure boxers can usually trump punchers. See Hopkins vs Trinidad.

Big punchers can usually trump volume pressure guys. See Tommy Hearns vs Roberto Duran. And high volume pressure can usually trump pure boxers. See Sandy Saddler vs Willie Pep.

Now nothing is 100%. But I would say that 75% of the time if you have two equally talented guys, then this trump will hold. Guererro is a pressure swarmer and Floyd is a pure boxer. From that perspective I expect a competitive fight. Guererro is also a southpaw and itís no secret the Mayweather shoulder roll is less effective vs southpaws.
That being said I think Guerrero will lose because of his lack of technique. He telegraphs his punches and heís not quick handed. I expect Floyd to get comfortable and punch in between his volleys. I think the masses will demand a rematch because Guerreroís volume of punches will impress some, but Floydís cleaner shots will carry the day.


our boy Gabriel Rosado has to be the worst business man in boxing. Correct me if I am wrong but I heard he got 150k for the Golovkin fight. Thatís peanuts to take a for sure loss. I donít know what Ishe  Smith got for the Bundrage fight but Rosado can beat both Smith and Bundrage on the same night. At least he would be a defending champion in a position to make some good money. You frequently say Roy Jones made the biggest mistake in the history of boxing by moving back down to lightheavyweight and fighting Antonio Tarver. Well Rosado made the biggest mistake of 2013 lol. If you were advising Rosado would you have taken the Golovkin fight?
Breadís Response: If Rosado won the fight would you say what you are saying now. I think not. I have NO idea what Rosado made for the Golovkin fight. Nor do I know what Smith made for the Bundrage fight. So Iím not really in position to say what a mistake was and what wasnít.

Gabe dared to be great and it didnít work out for him. Oh well it happens. The only thing that I would question is fighting in IBF eliminators. From my understanding when you fight in eliminators you pay sanctioning fees. So paying IBF sanctioning fees and then NOT fighting for that title is not something I wouldíve liked but again I canít say what I would have done, because I donít know the particulars of the situation.

Maybe HBO promised Rosado another date. Maybe the IBF promised him a high ranking. I have no idea, so itís a tough question.

The only thing I agree with you with on is, Rosado would beat both Bundrage and Smith. They definitely would have been easier fights than Golovkin. Oh well, letís see how things play out from here on out.


Bread you constantly speak out about the mistreatment of black fighters. Well we have an undercover scenario going on with Lamont Peterson. I hear that Peterson has signed with Golden Boy and they plan to sacrifice him against Lucas Matthysse in his next fight. I donít understand that when Matthysse is Danny Garciaís mandatory and they wonít let Matthysse near Garcia. They also havenít mentioned Matthysse as an opponent for Amir Khan. But Peterson has to fight Matthysse in his first fight with Golden Boy. Something doesnít seem fair about that.
Breadís Response: I see where you are coming from. But we have to consider all details before we make a snap judgment. I did hear that Peterson will be fighting Matthysse. But you didnít mention that the fight would be in Washington DC where Peterson is a local hero. Thatís a huge factor. Remember Matthysse lost to Devon Alexander in St. Louis and Zab Judah in Newark.

So in all fairness Matthysse may be the one who is being mistreated. He has to go in Petersonís backyard and fight him. Peterson is a dog and he has just as good a shot at beating Matthysse as Danny Garcia does. Actually he may be tougher stylistically. Matthysse may have a case of crying foul because he may have to fight a tougher fight and after all he is Garciaís mandatory.

I get your point and Iím not saying youíre wrong. Iím just not sure itís mistreatment to get a chance to defend your title at home in a 50/50 type of fight. We also have to see what Peterson will be getting paid for the fight. I would assume he would ask for at least 1 million dollars. And if he gets that no one can cry about  mistreatment.



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