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March 12, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

What's up Bread?
First let me say thanks for the post-fight analysis on Hopkins-Cloud. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the backlash that Bernard Hopkins and Adrien Broner have been receiving. Some people are criticizing Bernard for not wanting to fight Andre Ward but at 48 years old with 25 years in the game I think he's earned the right to be selective with his opponents. I have even heard a few people make the baseless accusation that he must be taking PEDs since he can still school the Pascals and Clouds of the world. That to me is ridiculous because it's not like he is suddenly knocking guys clear across the ring and out cold. As for Broner I don't understand the criticism of the Malignaggi fight at 147. I understand that 140 is stacked, however winning a belt at 147 gives him options and I'm willing to reserve judgement on a 23-year old fighter who was fighting at 130 last year. By the way I know it may be premature but if Broner beats up Paulie at 147 as you suspect he will then I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that he will bludgeon the face-first brawler Brandon Rios if that fight ever happens. I know Broner isn't the toughest guy to hit and Bam Bam will keep coming but in this case I would take skill over will. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
William in West Palm
Breadís Response: I think both criticisms are Unwarranted. People are just mad at Hopkins because he won and they donít like him. In this business people mix their personal feelings with integrity which is wrong. Hopkins fought a great fight and beat an undefeated favorite. So what he wonít fight Ward. Ward is not even a lightheavyweight, itís not like Ward is his mandatory.

As for Broner, the Malignaggi fight is just one fight. Al Haymon is genius as far as maneuvering his fighters to titles. Remember a few years back Floyd Mayweather beat Oscar at 154, he vacated that title and another Haymon fighter fought for the title in Vernon Forest against a fighter that Floyd already beat in Carlos Baldomir. People forget but I never forget anything I just observe and calculate. Ok also remember Floyd retired after the Hatton fight and vacated the title at welterweight. Who do you think fought for that title? Another Haymon fighter in Andre Berto. 

Donít be surprised if Haymon puts Paulieís title in his stable. Donít be surprised if Broner vacates and one of his guys fights for the same title. I personally think the

Broner/Malignaggi fight is good for boxing. Two colorful personalities, the weight jump, New York City. Great event. Broner can only be criticized if he blatantly ducks threats. At 135 there are some good fights but nobody is really kicking down the door. This one particular fight is fine.

I would love to see Broner vs Bam Bam. Hopefully the cold war will be ended soon. I have an idea however. If GB and TR donít want to do business but they want to make certain fights. Position their guys to be mandatory contenders. That way the fights will go to purse bids and they will be forced. Remember Vanes Martyrosyan TR fought Erislandy Lara GB in an eliminator because it was enforced.

Right now I donít have a favorite in Broner vs Bam Bam. Will and ambition is something that canít be measured on paper. Rios is from another world in those areas. And as long as heís in his prime and heís not fighting a cold stinker like Abril he has a shot to rip your heart out.



What do you think of the smack talk (mostly from Mayweather) on the Showtime clip for his fight with Guerrero? I was surprised. I really thought Guerrero would engage more, at least give as good as he was getting, haha. It really looked like Mayweather caught him off guard and I am not so sure Guerreroís mind is very fast, look if he cant at least hang in with Floyd in a smack talk I think itís a sign of whats to come on May 4. I donít favor the Ghost as much as I did prior to this promotional clip. Just my thoughts.
Breadís Response: So Floyd won you over with his trash talk. Who did you think was going to win that? Guerrero seemed out of his element. Oh well, they still have to fight. Funny thing about trash talk is Floyd kicks everybodyís butt in it. But these guys seem scared to hit below the belt. So much of Floydís business has become public one of his opponents could really go HAM on him but they never do. I heard him say some nasty stuff about Shane and Oscar and neither guy got loose on him. SMH. Floyd trash talks with the gloves off and these guys play gentleman. Oh well, thatís on them.



I once heard you mention that the welterweight had a boogeyman in Carson Jones, a serious guy with 7 losses...but someone that no top welterweight would be clamoring to face. Carson Jones comes to fight (i watched his match versus Kell Brook)... Keith Thurman brings the heat too... Jones vs Thurman that's a fight i would pay to see.. Two truth tests in the ring testing the other guys intestinal fortitude. As you always say Bread, the truth only comes one way... (in fact, they can just name that the promotional billing, TRUTH ONLY COMES ONE WAY.

Call me crazy, but I think Kell Brook easily outboxes Devon Alexander. I think it's a pretty easy pick. Alexander has fast hands, but i don't believe his footspeed and coordination match up with his hand speed. He doesn't seem to cut off the ring well, and the defensive subtleties just aren't intact. He's there to be hit. Against a quick-handed fighter with good ring IQ and navigation of angles, i see it as easy work for Brook. Call me crazy again, but i pick Austin Trout to thoroughly outbox Canelo from the southpaw stance. The jab will be key, and i don't really see Canelo getting inside his range to set his feet and rip off those textbook murderous combos to the body. I see Trout controlling distance, and Canelo is just not light enough on his toes for me to see him punching on the move (as he will need to do vs Trout).

I don't like the Malinaggi fight for Broner at all. I would rather see him fight winner of Burns/Vasquez and the myriad of competition available for him at 140...than to leap 12 pounds and pick out the weakest guy there with a name in Malinaggi. In fact, i believe Keith Thurman would dispatch of Paulie pretty easily. I would favor Carson Jones, Kell Brook etc to soundly defeat him as well. Paulie's best weight was at 140, where he wasn't a huge puncher there...and he's clearly past it now. I like Adrian, he seems like a good kid. But he's clearly the best lightweight, so to call out the 8th best welterweight (Malinaggi)...that's not gangsta. When Shane Mosley was best at 135, he called out the BEST 147 pounder in Oscar De La Hoya...moved up 12 pounds and beat him. THAT'S GANGSTA.

Regards from Chitown
Breadís Response: I donít think Kell Brook easily outboxes Devon Alexander. Let me let you in on a secret when assessing fights. Well rounded fighters who are not particularly great in one area donít on the norm easily defeat A class fighters. For example Vernon Forest and Bernard Hopkins are well rounded fighters.  They donít dominate fighters like say Manny Pacquiao or a Roy Jones. Feel me?

Now this doesnít hold true for every fight, but Kell Brook is not Pernell Whitaker or Willie Pep. Heís not a master boxer with sick reflexes and inhuman stamina. Heís not super fast, actually Devon is faster. Heís a good clean puncher but heís not a dynamic offensive machine like Terry Norris. So he may win but he wonít dominate. Bank on it.


What do you think of the J Leon Love vs Gabriel Rosado fight? I think they are rushing Love and he will be in over his head. I think heís going to get demolished.
Breadís Response: Iím really shocked that this fight is getting made. But I look at things differently than most people do. If I were handling Love I would go after a Jonathon Gonzales type before I went after Rosado. I think Love is about 3 or 4 fights away from thriving against Rosado. But just because itís early doesnít mean he canít win.

Let me put you down with something. The way you view Rosado and the way Loveís team views Rosado could be different. Think about this. People in boxing communicate. Rosado lost to Fernando Guerrero. Guerrero is an Al Haymon fighter, so is Love. Rosado lost to Alfredo Angulo. Angulo is a Golden Boy fighter and Al Haymon is partners with Golden Boy. Rosado lost to Derrick Ennis, who Canelo Alvarez uses as a sparring partner. You can see it on youtube. Canelo handles Ennis. Canelo is a Golden Boy fighter.

I know Rosado is improved since then but we donít know how much, because he has not avenged any of those losses.

So sometimes you guys over think and sometimes you guys donít think enough. I do think the fight is too soon but Love is NOT over his head. If you twisted my arm I would take Rosado on a decision because I think Love has purposeless movement. He gives up too much ground unnecessarily and his punch selection is poor. But he will be in the fight. He has some cute skills that will trouble Rosado. He also has an upside he has room to improve. On top of that Love has been fighting at a higher weight. Rosado may not have the same physicality at 160 that he does at 154. I think itís a good competitive fight.


I may be in the minority but I donít think Bernard Hopkins won the fight with Cloud. You canít take the title from the champion backing up all night and throwing half the amount of punches the champion throws. I know black fighters are the most athletic but I am not crazy about their style of running awayÖ.
Breadís Response: Wow. You may be the dumbest emailer ever. There are way too many people in boxing that should not have an opinion, On Facebook, Twitter and all of the blogs. I can only stomach to conversate with a few because of this kind of ignorance. I am not going to even address the black fighter comment you made, your infantile mindset will be displayed to all.

But I will address ďthis take the title from the champion bsĒ that keeps getting repeated. Even knowledgeable people repeat this ďignoranceĒ. There is no such rule that a challenger has to ďtakeĒ the championís belt. All a fighter (champion or challenger) has to do is win more rounds or score a ko. If the fight goes to a decision, itís judged on 12 SEPARATE rounds. If a judge said to himself the challenger really won that round but he only won by an inch and not a yard, so I will give it to the champion then that judge is an imbecile.

Maybe the challenger is only an ďinchĒ better than the champion and he canít beat him by a yard? If your logic was correct then fighters like Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali, Ivan Calderon and Floyd Mayweather shouldnít even try to be professional boxers. How stupid can you be?

Listen up Mr. Know It All. The winner of the round is the fighter who is the most effective. It doesnít matter if heís coming forward or backing up. It doesnít matter if he throws 30 punches/rd or 80 punches/rd. The fighter that is the most effective is the winner. Everybody tries to change the rules to coincide with who they wanted to win.

If you like Ray Leonard then he outboxed Hagler, if you donít like him he RAN from Hagler. If you like Manny Pacquiao he outfought Marquez, if you donít like him Marquez outboxed him. Itís ridiculous. The rules change to win arguments. What if you are a fan of Hagler and Marquez, two contrasting styles? Will you repeat the same stupid argument?

There is no way Bernard Hopkins lost to Tavoris Cloud. The judges got it right and you are so wrong, I will never answer another email from you Dummy! Itís ok to hit and not get hit, no matter how boring you think it is.



Bernard Hopkins should cut you check for speaking up the GGG fight. I havenít heard one person mention that fight, then you speak about it in your mailbag and now the fight is being discussed. Seriously Bread I have heard you say countless things in your mailbags then they come to fruition. You should start taxing these guys. Right now if they fought who would you favor GGG or Bhop?
Breadís Response: I doubt seriously Bernard or anybody will be cutting me a check anytime soon, lol. Boxing is not like that. I have been told by several people I ďgiveĒ away too much info, but itís hard not to if Iím answering a question. But my true followers are my folks, I donít mind. On top of that Iím auditioning for future clients, feel me?

Now for the record I donít know if those guys read my mailbag so I donít want to toot my horn it could be a coincidence, who knows. As for the fight itself, itís very interesting.

GGG has said he would fight Hopkins at 175lbs. Those 15 lbs are the hardest in the history of boxing to overcome. Very few fighters in boxing history have been great middleweights and great lightheavyweights. Think about that. Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins were able to do it. Tommy Hearns won the lightheavyweight title twice. Dick Tiger did it. Ezzard Charles did it. Bob Fitzsimmons, Harry Greb and Sam Langford did it. Off the top of my head I canít think of any other fighters who were almost as equally good at both weights.

Notice this, Carlos Monzon and Marvin Hagler had lucrative fights at 175 waiting on them in Bob Foster for Monzon and Michael Spinks for Marvin Hagler. Neither guy even attempted the jump.

Lightheavyweights arenít even built like Middleweights. I have always said the biggest jump from one to weight to another is 160 to 168. Well 160 to 175 is like whoa!
GGG is also a pressure guy. The reason pressure guys donít move up as much as tall, lean boxer punchers is because they run out of physicality. It tops off. This is why a guy like Henry Armstrong is so highly regarded. I still canít believe at 5í5 and roughly 138lbs he was able to fight middleweights in his walk forward at all cost style. No wonder he has to be the 2nd or 3rd best fighter ever.

Look at Ricky Hatton. Heís not the same guy over 140. Kostya Tszyu. Chavez Senior would have had trouble with ALL of the welterweights not just Whitaker. Arthur Abraham is not the same guy at 168 that he was at 160. Despite what Aaron Pryor says he never even tried to move up 147lbs. The ceiling is lower as for how high in weight a fighter who fights like that can go.

I donít suspect Golovkin will be able to stay at 175. But he could fight the right fights there because of his pedigree and tremendous power. Is Hopkins the right fight? This is a tough call for me. I wasnít crazy about Tavoris Cloudís answers to the Hopkins test. GGG and Cloud have the same trainer. GGG is a better fighter, but heís a p4p better fighter maybe not a better lightheavyweight. Let me think about this a little more. Believe it or not Hopkins has a helluva shot to beat him at 175lbs.



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