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April 12, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman Edwards

Would you advise a fighter to sign with main events or a smaller promoter so they aren't put in the middle of the Cold War between golden boy and top rank?  Seems like a good plan also so they aren't tied into just one network. What is the flip side, more money with top rank and golden boy? 
Breadís Response: DJ Iím going to keep it real with you. I personally donít want to recommend any promoters publicly, because they are on a different side of the fence from me. There is a reason why itís illegal in this country to be a promoter and a manager. So if you are training a fighter you are on the management side. You have a duty to look out for the best interest of your fighter. A promoterís duty is to put your fighter in fights, but sometimes those fights are not always in his best interest.

I am going off on a rant a little bit but this is an ugly game. There are horror stories circulating around about EVERY promoter. So to answer your question it really depends on the fighter, what weight he fights, what his nationality he was and what level of interest the promoter had in him. I have learned a lot in the last 3 years and there is so much more for me to learn.

Also you have to realize that all promoters love the fighters when they first sign them and/or they are winning impressively. But like a woman the real test is when the fighter stumbles a little bit. My last take on your question is this. You can ask me who I think is a good matchmaker, trainer or manager is? But I donít rate promoters in terms of being good. I rate them in terms of being powerful or influential. I hope you get what I am saying.

When you get a chance do me a big favor. Ask a fighter who has fought on TV, when was the last time his promoter showed him a copy of the Muhammad Ali Act and gave him FULL DISCLOSURE on what the network was paying for his bout. Write me and tell me what they sayÖÖÖ



I am so glad a knowledgeable boxing writer finally gives Leonard is just props for beating Hagler. He won that fight fare and square. No controversy.
Breadís Response: 100%. I have seen plenty of fights that I thought was closer than Leonard vs Hagler that donít get treated with the same left handed comments.

Marquez/Barerra, Duran/Barkely and Toney/Tiberi to name a few. The bottom line is Leonard was wildly popular but people were also extremely jealous of him. People thought they related to Hagler more. There are more blue collar guys than there are superstars. I have actually heard that as a reason on why someone thought Hagler won.

The masses thought Ray would get destroyed and they wanted to see him get destroyed. When things didnít go that way, instead of giving him his props people said he got a gift. He won that fight super clean.


A few questions. Who are you picking in Donaire vs Rigondeaux,Canelo vs Trout, Garcia vs Judah, Quillen vs Guerrero and Mayweather vs Guerrero? Why is it that Top Rank seems to move their prospects slower than Golden Boy?
Breadís Response: I am coming out with a video mailbag for Donaire vs Rigondeaux so I will give my answer then. I will be in San Antonio for Canelo vs Trout and my pick is Canelo. I think he will outbox Trout. Trout is a lot stronger than he is perceived. Once Canelo finds this out I think he will use his speed and showy combinations to win the fight.

I am picking Garcia to stop Judah in 8 rounds. Danny is just simply punching to hard these days. Heís getting too much leverage on his shots. Zab will have to turn into Pernell Whitaker in order to beat Danny and unfortunately he never became Whitaker.

I like Quillen to beat Guerrero. I think Guerrero is actually a better fighter than Quillen but my saying goes just because you are better than someone doesnít mean you can beat them. I think Quillenís die hard mental approach will carry him through.

I have noticed that Top Rank moves their prospects slower than Golden Boy. I donít necessarily know why but it does seem to be. I have noticed guys like Glen Tapia, Mikal Zewski and Matt Koroborov still havenít really stepped up yet. And all of those guys are pushing 20 fights. Top Rank even took their time with Mikey Garcia and I think he could be top 15 p4p in world and he just fought for his first title after 30 fights. Itís interesting. Maybe itís a difference in philosophy by the matchmakers. Who knows. But the only guys I can remember Top Rank ever fast tracking were Oscar, Floyd and Cotto. But all three of those guys are HOF and they could be fast tracked. Good question.


Whatís going on Bread,
Been coming here checking out the site for a few years now and I really like what I see. Keep it up!! With the upcoming mayweather fight there seem to be a great deal of intangibles within this fight that makes it more juicy for me. No matter who wins I feel that this will be great fight as both can make adjustments and after the berto fight I am confident that the ghost is not going to get hit and just fall over, but, more to the point, with Floyd there are a lot of ďnewĒ things in the mix. Personally I agree with guerrero in the fact I think Floyd is slowing a tad, his uncle Roger must still be having serious health problems forcing him to not be in the corner, and I donít care how cool father and son are today you donít just put all that family drama behind you over night and Floyd has not fought in over a year. At the end of the day it might end up being all irrelevant but I think that the change in his body, the change in trainers, the addition of his father back to the camp and facing a tough game opponent can all have a major effect of the overall outcome of the fight (personally I canít wait to see how Floyd jr and sr interact in the corner after a few intense rounds!). I am really looking forward to this fight. Keep up the good work and keep supplying that good insider info!!
Breadís Response:  Man good question. Floyd probably has slowed down a tad but that doesnít mean he wonít be equally as effective. Sometimes what you lose in athleticism you gain in other areas. Floyd seems to be punching harder and he seems to be physically stronger.

As far as him and his father reuniting I think it will be good. Floyd thrives off of confusion. Some people are just like that. The more chaos the better. I think he respects his father 100% as a trainer and I think his father will push him to the place he needs to be.

I think Floyd will beat Guerrero in a good action fight that people will see two times.


I have two sets of questions for your eyes, which clearly are a set of the greatest eyes in the boxing game today. My first set involves Donaire-Rigondeaux. How do you see the fight playing out? My second set involves what your eyes see with regard to Gennady Golovkin. Do you think he's all that and tax?
Hope all is well.
Breadís Response: GGG is the real deal in my opinion. Although he hasnít faced a top 5 middleweight yet sometimes you just know a guy is real. Now here is the thing we all must realize. Big punchers and dynamic offensive fighters are usually overrated. Even the ones who turn out to be all time greats. GGG will probably be no different. One day he will get outboxed and taken apart and the naysayers will say ďI told you soĒ.

But Iím telling you now. Heís still the goods. Heís still the boogeyman. Heís still the hardest puncher in boxing. And one day heís going to lose. It happens.  

Twitter: @Breadmanboxing

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