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April 26, 2013

By Rob Soucy

Sarah Kuhn W6 Nicole Woods..  Despite seemingly controlling the action for the majority of the fight, Nicole Woods lost a controversial split decision to Sarah Kuhn in Albany, New York. The more-experienced Woods landed her straight right hand early and often. Kuhn pressed the action but was very tentative in the first couple of rounds as she pawed with her jab. Woods won the first two rounds by landing the cleaner shots. Kuhn had a very good third round by picking up her punch output. She landed what would be her best punch of the night, a looping left hook that got Woods' attention. Kuhn got careless about five seconds before the bell and paid the price. She moved straight back against the ropes and Woods landed a hard right left hook and straight right hand that stunned her opponent. Kuhn walked back to her corner with a frustrated look on her face but she did enough to win the round. Woods seemed to outbox Kuhn in the fourth and fifth rounds as she continued to land clean right hands. Kuhn was the more accurate fighter in the final round but it didn't seem to be enough. Kuhn won by split decision, with official cards reading 59-55 (twice) and 56-58. Boxingtalk scored it 58-56 for Woods.

Vincente Miranda W8 Brian Barbosa... In an entertaining cruiserweight bout, Vincente Miranda improved to 16-1 with 9 KOs with a hard-fought and close but clear win over Brian Barbosa (31-7 with 23 KOs. The 39 year old Barbosa started well, stalking Miranda and landing looping overhand right that probably won him the first couple of rounds. After feeling Barbosa's power early, Miranda seemed gun shy. By the third, Miranda had success with his jab and lateral movement. Barbosa continued to press forward but got hit with clean shots, especially Miranda's straight right hand to the head and left hook to the body. The fight was even after four rounds but Miranda picked up steam. Barbosa's punches were losing steam and a hard left hook to the body hurt him momentarily. Barbosa had a good sixth and the fight appeared even going into the last two rounds. Miranda start ed to pick Barbosa apart in the seventh round with hard straight right hands that were landing clean. In the final round, Miranda put an exclamation point on a hard fought win. He was frustrating Barbosa and had his best round with  accurate power punching. Barbosa was deducted a point in the eigth round for holding without having been warned. Official scores were 76-75, 77-74, 78-73, with Boxingtalk seeing it 77-74 for Miranda.


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