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May 03, 2013

By Rob Soucy in Las Vegas

Pacquiao advisor says Marquez turned down $13 million for a fifth fight

Boxingtalk caught up with Manny Pacquiao's right hand man and advisor Michael Koncz for a brief chat at 50 Cent's gym  in Las Vegas. Check out what he had to say about Pacquiao's future fight plans.
BT: Michael, what's the latest with Manny Pacquiao?

Michael Koncz: Right now he is taking care of his obligations away from boxing and will be getting back in the ring in November.
BT: Why was September originally mentioned for Manny's return?

MK: That was a date that Bob Arum had thrown out there but we never agreed to it. Manny will make his return in November.
BT: Are Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios the front runners to be Pacquiao's opponent in November?

MK: Yeah Manny will fight either guy.
BT: Do you feel that either of their styles are better suited for Pacquiao? 

MC: I think Alvarado is a better boxer but once he gets hit he'll revert to brawling.
BT: Wouldn't you agree that Rios' come forward in your face style is what Manny would prefer to face?

MC: I can understand why you would say that but it really doesn't matter to us.
BT: Is a fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez out of the equation at this point? 

MC: Yes, we offered Marquez 13 million and he turned it down. He can think he is worth more if he wants, but that is what we felt the fight was worth.
BT: Do you think Marquez feels like he won the four-fight war with Pacquiao by winning most convincingly? [Pacquiao won two fights by close decision, one was a draw and Marquez violently KO's Pacquiao in the last fight].

MC: Marquez can think whatever he wants, but they fought three very exciting fights. The third fight wasn't as thrilling because Manny decided that he was going to counter punch the counter puncher.
BT: Who would YOU rather see Manny face in November, Rios or Alvarado? 

MC: Whichever of the two that we can get the best deal from.

BT: Look into your crystal ball and give me a name of the fighter who is at this point more likely....

MC: (cutting in laughing) I see what your trying to get out of me Rob, but I'm not gonna give it up because it could only hurt negotiations. 

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