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May 04, 2013

By Rob Soucy in Las Vegas

Mayweather-Guerrero prediction: I give Robert Guerrero a shot because I think he can outwork Floyd Mayweather. However, it took Floyd a round and a half before he began to time Victor Ortiz with his counter right hand and at that point, the fight was virtually over. Yesterday, Floyd weighed in at 146 and looks to be in tremendous shape, while Guerrero came in at 147. Guerrero will look to keep the fight on the inside but Floyd can beat him there too. Guerrero's defensive shortcomings will hurt him against arguably the most accurate puncher in the history of the sport. I think this could almost be a replay of the Mayweather- Gatti fight but Geurrero will last a little longer than Gatti did. Guerrero needs to fight a perfect fight to win which starts with the use of his jab. I think that at some point Guerrero will get lazy on the inside and leave his head stationery long enough for Floyd to hit him with a clean right uppercut, left hook combination that ends the fight.
 TKO 10 Guerrero
DeLeon-Mares prediction: This is a tough fight to handicap because Abner Mares is sometimes too tough for his own good. It just hasn't cost him yet. He needs to balance his need to please the fans with the his need to fight a smart fight against a bigger man. Daniel Ponce De Leon is a full blown featherweight while Mares is making the trek four pounds north to challenge for De Leon's title. Mares has the superior boxing skills and should be able to outpoint the champ if he sticks to his game plan. If the fight becomes a brawl and Mares is willing to trade, I wouldn't be surprised to see De Leon win by knockout. I don't see Mares being able to hurt De Leon but I see him surviving a few shaky moments and winning a unanimous decision. 
Mares W12 Ponce De Leon
Cruz-Munoz prediction: There is a reason why Leo Santa Cruz was featured in the first live boxing show on network TV in years. He is quickly becoming must see TV for boxing fans and I believe that he is a star in the making. Munoz brings a good record and punching power but is older and slower than Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz, a former bantamweight titlist, says he will go to the body early and often and I believe him. Look for Santa Cruz to end the fight with a left hook to the body fairly early in the fight. 
Santa Cruz KO4 Munoz:
Love-Rosado: Earlier in the week I felt that J'Leon Love would outbox Gabriel Rosado without much trouble. However Love weighed in a pound and a half over the 160-pound limit and having to shed the extra weight could hurt him later in the fight. Love has the superior boxing skills while Rosado has a big edge in experience. If Rosado is able to make the fight a brawl, he could end up overwhelming Love. This is truly a pick'em fight that will either be won by Love's skills or Rosado's experience. I'll go with the fighter that doesn't know how to lose. Look for Love to win a razor thin, possibly a split decision. 
Love SD10 Rosado

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