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May 13, 2013

By Tommy Canez

I think Floyd Mayweather needs to fight Saul "Canelo" Alvarez next because Showtime is going to force a marketable opponent due to the pay-per-view sales being so low. The longer he waits to fight Canelo, the worse the outcome will be for him because Canelo will get more experienced and Mayweather will obviously be declining. Unless like you said Paulie Maliganggi beats Adrien Broner- that will be the perfect get out clause and should do over a million buys. He could also do big numbers fighting Amir Khan in the UK. All the best from the UK, James

Tommy's response: Yes. Although reports are mixed, and there is no easy way to verify pay-per-view sales, I have also heard that the PPV numbers for Mayweather-Guerrero are going to be well under one million buys, which might very well force Showtime to put pressure on Floyd to take on a better opponent in his next bout. Cable networks are not in the business of losing money. I am sure Showtime won't give Floyd the luxury of fighting an overmatched opponent again. His next opponent will definitely need to be marketable as well. Canelo fits that description perfectly and let's hope he gets the fight. I agree with you that the longer Mayweather waits for Canelo, the tougher the fight will become for Floyd by allowing Canelo to gain more experience and confidence, while Mayweather advances in age. The time for Floyd to strike is now because Canelo showed his stamina is suspect in his bout against Trout and that is definitely something Floyd can exploit. I would actually favor Floyd against Canelo because of his exceptional stamina, experience, and mental toughness. Not to mention the fact that Canelo may have a hard time tagging Mayweather. Also, Canelo also tends to lung in at times. I saw he did that a few times in his fight against Trout and we all know Floyd can absolutely take advantage of that.

As for Malignaggi, if he defeats Broner, he could potentially get the fight against Mayweather but that could also be a tough sell as well because Paulie doesn't have a hardcore fan base but then against neither did Guerrero and he still got the fight. But we do know Paulie can provide pre-fight buildup with his unique ability to trash talk.

As for Khan, that could make for an interesting fight because Khan is very marketable and he punches in combination,  utilizes his lateral movement, and he has the heart of a lion which could potentialy trouble Floyd. Khan also has the luxury of having Virgil Hunter in his corner who is known to be a master strategist. However, Khan could potentially get knocked out by a Mayweather check left hook since he has shown in the past to be vunerable to check hooks by running in with his chin exposed.  One also has to wonder how many Mayweather right hands Khan would be able to take before his legs start wobbling like a bowl of jello. Another problem with a Mayweather-Khan matchup is that people would jump all over Mayweather and criticize him for taking on a guy that has serious chin problems. However, Khan's chin problems could also be a good thing because when a fighter shows that type of vunerability, it provides an element of excitement. Khan has also shown he can fight through it at times. Other than that, in my opinion, I think that fight could generate over 1 million PPV buys and would make for an entertaining fight. The intrigue is certainly there. Thanks for writing in James.

I cant understand is that Floyd Mayweather has been a champion for 17 yrs without a lost & [haters] like you have the nerves to say he has to fight Manny Pacquiao a motherfucker who damn near got killed in the ring in front of millions by a 40 yr old lightweight Juan Mnauel Marquez but if floyd don't fight him you say he will have * by his name, are you kidding me? anybody with boxing knowledge know pac don't belong in the ring with floyd either & would only have a punchers change & probably not even that since pac couldnt beat a two broke feet Tim Bradley who is nowhere close to floyd skills wise. Pac also have a very short reach & to small & one demensional floyd would knock his ass out quicker than marquez did. Plus why is it always a demand for floyd to fight bigger guys who are 20 lbs heavier than him but manny can keep fighting all these blown up lightweights with a catchweight & nothing is said about it but he suppose to be floyd equal. I gauranttee if floyd was fighting rios which is a lightweight who just lost & then fight him at a catchweight you & the rest of the media would murder him but yet pac last four fights has being against blown up lightweights but if you telling it he is the best thing since slice bread. Why would anybody still wanna see this fight bcuz floyd will only embarrass him. I being telling breadman that floyd would knock manny out the same way marquez did ( with a right hand he didnt see ) which is floyd money punch. So to all you haters who wanna see floyd lose, well quess what you WON'T even if he fought canelo, martinez or pacquiao ( lmao). KEEP DREAM & HOPING just maybe one day before floyd leave the sport all of you haters would wake up & realize you was witnessing greatness before your eyes but you let hate & jealousy blind you to the facts. hate= jealousy

Tommy's response: You're a funny guy Tyrone.  I normally ignore profanity-laced tirades [edited for publication here] but I will post this to break down your comments. If you say that Floyd can beat Pacquiao so easily and Pacquiao only has a puncher's chance, is one dimensional, is too small, has very short reach, and would get knocked out faster than Marquez knocked him out, then why does Floyd keep insisting on drug testing ? If we go by your assessment of Pacquiao, Floyd would have never asked for drug testing to begin with. It would have been an easy payday for him and an easy night and he would shut the whole world up by beating the man every boxing fan wanted to see him fight. Also, Pacquiao did beat Bradley. He didn't officially get the win but he beat Bradley. What fight were you watching? The judges just screwed Pacquiao and everyone who knows boxing knows this. Check this out Tyrone, all Pacquiao has to do is beat Rios in his comeback fight and he is right back into the Mayweather mix just like Ortiz was after losing to Maidana and scoring a huge win over Berto. Or just like De La Hoya was after losing to Hopkins and coming back to defeat Mayorga before jumping in against Mayweather. There are not any hard and fast rules when it comes to Pacquiao getting a shot at Mayweather other than beating a quality opponent. Pacquiao doesn't have to jump to Heavyweight and beat one of the Klitschko brothers to earn his shot at Mayweather. Pacquiao has already said numerous times that he would agree to drug testing with no cutoff and to a 45% split. The only major obstacle that would potentially hold this fight back is that they are both with rival promotional companies.

You said "I gauranttee if floyd was fighting rios which is a lightweight who just lost & then fight him at a catchweight you & the rest of the media would murder him but yet pac last four fights has being against blown up lightweights but if you telling it he is the best thing since slice bread." Let me break down your comment. First of all, Floyd did just fight a "blown up Lightweight" as you call it. Did you not know that Guerrero made the jump from Lightweight to Welterweight and beat Berto before getting the opportunity against Mayweather? Although Guerrero wasn't coming off a loss like Rios is, he was still a Lightweight who made the jump to Welterweight. Wouldn't you call that a "blown up Lightweight? The boxing media accepted it. Mayweather wasn't  chastised for fighting Guerrero, a "blown up Lightweight" as you refer to it. Of course not many people thought Guerrero had a chance but we accepted it nonetheless.
The fact of the matter is that Brandon Rios is not an easy fight for anyone and Pacquiao is not a defensive genius. It's not a question of "IF" Pacquiao is going to get hit, it's a question of "WHEN" and how many times he's going to get hit.  Throw in the fact that Rios has Angel Heredia in his corner and you never know what that will do to Pacquiao's state of mind. It takes a hell of a special fighter to mentally overcome the type of devastating knockout that Pacquiao suffered against Marquez and be able to put that behind him and jump into the ring against a fighter of Brandon Rios caliber. Tyrone, you know that a huge part of boxing is mental right? Imagine if you got brutally knocked out like Pacquiao did against Marquez. Do you think you are going to want to jump into the ring with a huge puncher like Brandon Rios in your very next fight? No. You'd probably want a soft touch against a feather fisted fighter and someone who isn't going to put up too much resistance. We all know Rios is not a soft touch and he will put up a lot of resistance. We don't know how Pacquiao is going to react the first time he gets hit with one of Rio's right hand bombs. We don't know if he is going to be as willing as he was in the past to throw caution to the wind or if he's going to be gun shy. We also don't know if Pacquiao is permanantly damaged psychologically. Therefore, Rios is a legitimate comeback fight for Pacquiao. Even if Pacquiao's mental state of mind is where it should be, we don't know if Pacquiao's punch resistance has decreased. There are many questions that will be answered in his fight against Rios and it will be exciting while it lasts.

Listen man,  I am a fan of Floyd just like you are. I appreciate his artistry everytime he gets into the ring. I am not a "hater" as you call me. There is no reason to hate on him. The guy just enjoys life. There is nothing wrong with that.  But why do you think his PPV buys are so low for the Guerrero fight? It could be because people do not want to pay $59.99 to see mismatches.  Don't take it from me. Take it from his PPV numbers.  I want to see Floyd go 49-0 just like you do but not against opponents who don't stand a chance. Thanks for writing in Tyrone.

Your column about Mayweather's road to 49-0 was a good read. Do you believe floyd's 49-0 (if he gets there) will carry the same weight as Rocky Marciano's 49-0?

Tommy's response: Well you have to consider that Floyd will face the same criticism that Rocky faced. A lot of historians argue that Marciano was the beneficiary of favorable matchmaking and was overrated just as many people today accuse Floyd of the same thing. Rocky beat Joe Louis but Louis was washed up. Rocky beat Ezzard Charles but he was also considered past it as well. Archie Moore was in his 40's when Rocky beat him. However, Rocky did beat a prime Jersey Joe Walcott in their first fight so he gets full credit for that. Floyd has the opportunity to put an exclamation mark next to his 49-0 if he beats Canelo and Pacquiao. It would definitely be quite an accomplishment if Mayweather reaches 49-0 with both of those guys on his resume. I would love to see it. But critics will always find a way to criticize any fighter's accomplishments. Fighters are always appreciated more after they are done with the sport. Time will tell whose 49-0 will carry more weight in the long run. Thanks for writing in.

Your article was a good read on mayweather staying undefeated. Why do you think Robert Guerrero was so ineffective against him? I bet some money on him and felt he would pull the upset. i though Andre Berto had same style as mayweather and the ghost would do the same beating on Mayweather that he did  to Berto. i thought guerrero's will would carry him to a upset. boy was i wrong. your thoughts ?

Tommy's response: Thanks for reading and writing in. Let me begin by saying that just because Guerrero beat up Berto, who happens to fight a similar style to Mayweather, did not mean that Guerrero was going to do the same thing to Mayweather. Their styles are not as similar as you think. Mayweather is more skilled at using the shoulder roll than Berto is. Berto is also very hittable. Mayweather is not. Their foot speed is not the same either. etc, etc, etc. Two very different fighters, who do many things differently.

In simple terms, the reason I think Guerrero was so ineffective against Mayweather is because he had the heart but he just didn't have the tools needed to beat Mayweather. He didn't have a superior jab. He couldn't close the distance fast enough. He couldn't cut off the ring. At times, he tried to outbox Floyd but couldn't. He didn't have a plan B and couldn't change gears. He couldn't make it a dirty fight. He was simply in the ring against Picasso and Picasso happened to be painting a masterpiece before Guerrero's very eyes.  I compare this to a mechanic who has all the tools in the world (Mayweather) and Guerrero who only has a few tools at his disposal. Who do you think will be a more effective mechanic? The same logic applies here. I agree with you that Guerrero had the will but he was never going to match Mayweather's skill. Think of what Cus' d'Amato once said. I will provide you with the partial quote.

“When two men are fighting, what you're watching is more a contest of wills than of skills, with the stronger will usually overcoming skill. The skill will prevail only when it is so superior to the other man’s skill that the will is not tested…."

Well in this situation, Floyd happens to have both skill and will and Guerrero only had will. Even if Guerrero had been able to peel away the layer of Floyd's skill, he would have met Floyd's will. Although we haven't seen Floyd be in a Roy Jones Jr type of situation where he had to dig deep and show he could overcome adversity to pull off a victory like Jones did in his first fight against Tarver, we have seen glimpses of it such as in his fights against Corley, Judah, and Mosley. That is as simple as I can put it. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for writing in. 
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