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May 14, 2013

Christian Schmidt@ringside

Darchinyan scores early stoppage

The outdoor show in Laredo, Texas over the weekend just barely beat a rain storm, but Top Rank beat the downpour to stage the first-ever boxing show at Uni-Trade Stadium Saturday night in Laredo, TX. 

Vic Darchinyan TKO4 Javier Gallo... The main event saw Armenian-Australian Vic Darchinyan (39-5-1) defeating tough Mexican Javier Gallo (18-7-1) in a fight scheduled to go ten rounds in the featherweight division. 

The first round started out with Darchinyan fighting flat footed and looking to land a knockout blow early.  Darchinyan used his southpaw stance, and three-inch height advantage to frustrate his smaller opponent. 

The second round turned out to be a rough one for the Mexican.  It started out by Gallo tasting the canvas early on and then seconds later going down again after a straight left. A desparate Gallo had a few moments of landing solid shots but he knew he was in big trouble.  Another left to the head from Darchinyan, a former 115-pound world champion, sent Gallo down with less than ten seconds in the round.  The third round featured more of Darchinyan scoring with a straight left right down the pipe.  Gallo had no answer.  In the fourth round it was another straight left from Darchinyan to Gallo's jaw that sent him on his backside, this time referee Mark Ca-Loy called mercy to the contest. Darchinyan was declared winner via TKO at :26 of the fourth round.

With this victory, Darchinyan positioned himself for a possible title shot against WBC 122-pound titlist Victor Terrazas in Mexico City on the undercard of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.ís comeback fight on August 3rd. UFC woman's phenom Rhonda Rousey was in the Darchinyan corner.

Oscar Valdez TKO1 Rocco Espinoza... Two-time Olympian Oscar Valdez (5-0) of Nogales, Mexico destroyed an overmatched Rocco Espinoza (4-7) of Las Vegas in the first round. Valdez sent his opponent down early in the first with a thudding left uppercut to his stomach.  Not long after that, Espinoza was on the canvas again, but gamely beat the count only to get TKO'd by a lead left hook to the head.  Referee Wilfredo Esperon waived off the bout at 2:58 of the first round.  The bout took place in the featherweight division.

UNDERCARD... The evening started off with Monterrey, Mexico's Rolando Garza( 3-0) pounding out a unanimous decision with three scores of 40-36 over Laredo's Roberto Lara (0-3) over four junior middleweight rounds...

That bout was followed by Adam Lopez (6-0) of San Antonio taking on a tougher-than-expected challenge from Manuel Rubalcava (1-4) of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in a super bantamweight contest.  Lopez survived a very aggressive wild punching Rubalcava in the first round by staying technically sound with solid punches and a good defense.  The rest of the fight featured several good exchanges with Lopez getting the better of it.  Lopez won a unanimous decision with all three judges seeing it 39-37...

Kendo "El Tremendo" Casteneda (4-0) of San Antonio was able to stay undefeated against Victor Rosas (2-1) of Nuevo Laredo.  Both fighters scored with several shots to the head and the body.  Casteneda began to taunt Rosas as the fight went into the latter rounds.  In the end, Casteneda was able to use his four inch height advantage to win a majority decision with scores of 40-36, 39-37 and 38-38. Castaneda had  former fighter Manuel Sepeda in his corner..

Thirty-nine year old Khalik Memminger (6-10-3) of Killeen, TX gave a spirited effort against Khurshid "The Mexican Russian" Abdullaev (6-0) now fighting out of Oxnard, CA in a junior middleweight contest scheduled for six rounds.  Abdullaev used his technical skills and youth to outbox his older foe.  At :38 of the third round, "The Mexican Russian" landed a left uppercut to Memminger's body that sent him down hitting his head on the canvas before his body did.  Referee Mark Ca-Loy immediately called off the bout.  Abdullaev is trained by Robert Garcia and had Marco Antonio Rubio in his corner...

Martinez Porter (1-3-2) of Arlington, TX took on Radames Montes(2-2-1) of Killeen, TX at super middleweight.  Both fighters seemed to be equal in skill and scored with one solid head shot at one point in the fight.  In the end, judges scored it a draw, 39-37(Porter), 39-37 (Montes) and 38-38.

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