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May 16, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

What up Bread? Nice work you doing with your boxer. I saw him on the undercard and didn't really realize it was him till after the fight and saw you in the ring. I was tripping. But he looked good though. I got a couple questions for you. Do you think height can be a major disadvantage for a fighter. Say i weigh 205 but am 5' 9", would it be ideal for me to try to fight at 154 or at 160? Also, Mayweathers last few fights have not showed his re hydrated weight, why do you think he declines to show that? Thanks man and keep up the good work. J. Best Chucktown,SC
Breadís Response: Thank you. Yes height can be a major disadvantage for a fighter if the fighter does not know how to handle it. Some fighters are thickly built but they give up a lot in height so they try to shrink down to a lower weight. Special fighters like Dwight Qawi, Pernell Whitaker and Mike Tyson donít care.

I think Mayweather declines to show what he rehydrates up to because of public perception. Itís no coincidence that he shows himself getting on a scale before the fight during training but not during the unofficial weigh ins before they go to the ring.

Here is my take on that. Mayweather is not a big welterweight but heís not the tiny guy the PR wants to believe either. In my opinion he is an average size welterweight. He also have very long arms, actually from armpit to fist they are the same length as Wlad Klitschko, bet you didnít know that. I believe Floyd is a training freak who gets himself down to his fight weight proximity then he just trains right there at say 148 or 149. Heís smart. But I donít believe if he wasnít training and just relaxing and eating regular foods that he would be that weight. I believe Floyd is a man that is about 160lbs or slightly lower.

Thatís really no big deal in this day and age. But if Floyd showed he rehydrates up to a certain weight then people would expect to him to fight bigger people. Some people have asked for him to fight Gennady Golovkin, which is not a fair fight. He would get hurt fighting someone that big, feel me? Now let me say this: I have heard about Floydís training regimen and his long 5 and 6 miles runs. I will tell you first hand when you do that you burn thousands of calories. There is no way 148 is his walking around weight if heís not doing anything. When I say walking around weight, I mean no training or dieting for say two weeks and you are not doing anything special. Not gorging yourself but just eating like a normal person. Believe it or not most fighters walk around 15 to 20lbs over their fight weight. I say Floyd if he allowed himself to get into that mode he would be about 10 or so pounds over. Not a huge guy for the weight but not as tiny as the perception is.

Whatís up with Paul Malignaggi and the drug testing for his fight vs. Adrien Broner? I read recently that Malignaggi asked for VADA [to supervise testing] but somehow they [Golden Boy] told him to use USADA or there is no fight. I donít understand why when VADA caught Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson. Maybe VADA is too good at what they do.

Breadís Response: I donít get it either. I have a feeling something ugly will come out of this. Maybe not now but later. The undertone and unspoken agenda is looking worse and worse. I really donít know what else to say.


Bread you seem to give Lamont Peterson a pass for being a PED user but you indirectly slam Antonio Margarito for cheating and you insinuate that Juan Manuel Marquez was on something. Neither of those guys was actually caught in the act but Peterson was. I heard you say in San Antonio in the lobby of the Marriot that you thought Peterson would win a decision over Lucas Matthysse but I remember back on the 4th Pacquiao vs Marquez fight you wouldnít even make a pick because of the PED rumors. What gives?
Breadís Response: If you heard me say that I thought Peterson would beat Matthysse then you must be a stalker. That was a private conversation and no one was close to me or the people I was talking to. Next time come over and say hello, will ya. Lol, the nerve of some folk.

As for giving Peterson a pass, I donít. I like Lamont but yes he tested positive. What else do you want me to say? You guys donít write into me about Lamont Peterson so therefore I canít answer questions about him. Itís that simple. But since you are up and arms about me not making a pick for Pacquiao vs Marquez because of the PED accusations.  I will be fair and I wonít pick Peterson by decision publicly. Hope you feel better Mr. Sensitive. 

Iím writing in today as a hypocrite. Iím beginning to like Adrien Broner less and less and less. Seems the reasons I donít like him are the same reasons I do like Floyd Mayweather. And that, my friend, is wrong of me. Iím an inner city kid and grew up around shyt talkers. Itís in my blood and I love hearing it whether itís on the basketball court, domino table or even something like Fight Night. Maybe I just want Broner to do a lil more before he takes his antics to the next level. I just think you gotta pay your dues a lil bit. In addition, I donít think people really understand how hard Floyd worked and works to be where heís at. I think they just see the product in the ring and say itís his natural talent. When I see Broner between fights he looks like heís stuffed into his clothing and that tells me that these dudes donít get it. Iíll go on record right now and say Bronerís gonna fall off badly. Thereís something about his mental makeup thatís shaky. Physically, heís got everything you need but mentally I think you can rattle him. He also gets hit cleanly which is a no no. Recently, Iíve noticed a lil hate spewing from Juan Manuel regarding Canelo. I think my negative bias toward Broner falls in line with why Juan doesnít like Canelo. Both Floyd and Juan had to get there the hard way. They both had fights where they were the B-side guy. When did Canelo or Broner ever have to deal with a situation like that? I mean, itís not their fault, but it can make the other guys a lil jealous. But ya know, I suppose thatís the world we live in. Everybody wants to crown some guy as the NEXT this or that without allowing the guyís career to play out. We see it in all sports. Sometimes the premature assessment is correct but most often it is not. The only recent sports figure that I KNEW without a doubt would be great is Lebron James. Now, donít get me wrong, we still have clowns that attempt to downplay how good Lebron is but thatís another conversation. Outside of James, Iíve tried to adopt a wait and see philosophy. Still though, based upon what Iíve seen, thereís no logical reasoning for me to like Floyd and not Broner. So today, I am a hypocrite.
Breadís Response: We have all have a right to our opinions as long as we are respectful. I actually like Broner but I will admit that his act seems a little scripted. Now that heís fighting Malignaggi I think his act will get exposed some more because Paulie is extremely observant and quick witted.

As for the hate Lebron gets itís sad. People try to make things up that he supposedly canít do. Thatís just the nature of humans.  We carry a jealous trait. Iím glad itís not in my genes.

Hypothetical match up Vic Darchynian vs Jeff Chandler, Henry Armstrong vs  Aaron Pryor, Felix Trinidad vs Wilfred Benitez?
Breadís Response: Chandler heís too tight with his defense and heís murder up the middle. Armstrong would get under Pryor and push him back in a war of the worst kind. Trinidad vs Benitez is very tough. I can see El Radar walking him into something nasty, see his fight with Petronelli on youtube. Um this is tough. Benitez thrived in the 15 round era but Trinidad has 15 round stamina. 50/50 but today give me Tito on workrate. Donít kill me old school guys.

Whatís going on with the Floyd Mayweather vs Saul "Canelo" Alvarez negotiations.? I am the biggest Mayweather fan but if he ask for a catchweight or for Canelo to come to 147 then I am completely done with him. I will agree with everyone who has ever said he is the biggest ducker in the history of boxing. My guts tells me he is ducking Canelo. In fact as I write this I am turning on him. He always seems to do something in the negotiations to not give us the fights we want. He canít use the drug testing or Bob Arum excuse in this one, so we now have a weight issue. Please give me the low down?
Breadís Response: Before you jump the gun wait and see how things play out. If you are the biggest Mayweather fan you at least owe him that.

From my perspective here is the dilemma. If Floyd asked Canelo to fight at a catchweight then he becomes the biggest hypocrite in boxing because he has blasted Manny for it. If he ask Canelo to come down to 147 or there will be no fight, translation he doesnít want the fight. Itís known in the boxing world that Golden Boy wanted Canelo to fight at 147 because heís just 5í7 1/2. At a certain point about 2 or 3 years ago it became unhealthy for him to make the weight so he settled in at 154. If Floyd asked him to come in at 147 then there will be no fight. Thatís another dilemma for Floyd because he publicly stated that he wanted Cotto to be comfortable at 154ÖÖ.

Floyd also asked Manny to fight him at 154 during the first round of negotiations in 2009. If you guys remember thatís why he said he gave Manny the weight at 147 and the glove size of 8 oz. Remember fighters at 147 and below fight in 8 oz gloves. I personally thought it was ridiculous to ask to fight at 154 when they were the 2 best welterweights in the world but what do I knowÖ I am sure Floydís team realizes some of the stuff they said not long ago, so I assume they are smart enough not to say certain things publicly.

I am withholding my judgment because Team Mayweather has not spoken publicly. All we are hearing from is Team Canelo. The only thing I know for certain is Canelo wanted a guarantee that he could fight Mayweather if he fought on the Cinco De Mayo card. Mayweather would not give him the guarantee so he didnít fight on the card. Canelo instead fought another Haymon fighter in Austin Trout.

Now another Haymon fighter in Erislandy Lara will be fighting Alfredo Angulo in a unification match for one of Caneloís titles. If Lara wins then he is the mandatory to Canelo. If Canelo has to fight two excellent boxing southpaws in a row, that would be tough. Iím not saying he canít beat Lara but I am saying it would push the Mayweather fight back at least another year.

Letís give Floyd the benefit of the doubt until we see who his next opponent is. Right now I say we wonít get the May/Canelo fight in September. Thatís a huge fight and they would have to get the ball rolling soon for a September mega fight. I think Canelo will fight Cotto and Mayweather will fight again this year but not in September. We shall see..

Bread,  I e-mailed you a similar topic before but I did not get a reply, Iím not sure if you didnít get a chance to read it or if you simply did not want to comment on it. The topic is the earnings for Floyd ďMoneyĒ Mayweather. I read that Sports Illustrated Fortune 50 named him the highest paid athlete earning $90,000, 000.00 (90 million!). He earned $0 dollars in endorsements, according to the report. Now here is my angle: on one hand, you gotta give it up to him for being the highest paid athlete. On the other hand, Iím shocked that he (or his team) is/are grossly overlooking the potential endorsement income.
The reason that I say this is because if you look at virtually all the other athletes, they earn hundreds of millions in endorsements. Floyd earned nothing in endorsements. ZERO. So we can be quick to say he is a genius for putting himself in a position to earn this kind of money from boxing alone (which he should thank Oscar De La Hoya for in my opinion). However, I must say that the money team is missing out on some serious cheddar on the endorsement deals. There is no reason that he should not be earning big endorsement money being such a high profile athlete. Even if you look like a guy such as Manny Pacquiao, I do not know the figures but he has endorsements from Nike and I saw him in a Hennessey commercial. So he might not earn as much as Floyd but at least he has the business sense to get endorsement deals to supplement his boxing income.
This also raises the question about Floydís marketability for endorsements. Perhaps playing up the ďvillainĒ role has helped sell PPV numbers, but it has done nothing for his public image if he cannot secure any lucrative endorsements. You can argue that if he was taking on the ďgood guyĒ role he might not sell as many fights. But if you look at guys like Ali and Leonard, or even the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson, they were still more popular with the public. I know they come from different eras but I remember Ray Leonard doing advertisements for soda, Hagler doing the speed stick commercials, ect.
I believe Floyd feels under-appreciated by the media and the public. You can tell this because every press conference or interview he talks about it. He doesnít like to be criticized for not fighting certain fighters, ect. He wants to hand-pick the opponents, and still get the credit as the pound-for-pound best or even the greatest of all time. I think this is also why he has been so vocal about Pacquiaoís success. He doesnít like the fact that Manny is more popularÖthe peopleís champ, so to speak. I know Floyd does good things too, they have shown it on 24/7 where he feeds homeless people and so forth. I think his advisors are doing him a disservice by not bringing in any endorsement income. But who knows, maybe they have tried and he is simply too hard to deal withÖhe may have priced himself out of endorsements. Maybe his legal issues affect his ability to get big endorsement deals as well.
I was training at the gym earlier today with a guy who is a semi-professional wrestler. I didnít know this until today so I asked him ďare you a good guy or a bad guy?Ē. He told me he was ďa bad guyĒ. Wrestlers flip flop from good to bad and bad to good all the time. Floyd could become the ďgood guyĒ in boxing before he retires. Who knows, maybe he could market himself to a position where he could still generate PPV revenue but also earn huge endorsement money. With that, he might actually get the credit he is seeking. You canít put a price on that type of recognition.
Your opinion would be appreciated since you got J-Rock on the come up, I know you advise boxers too, etc. This just seems obvious to me that there has been a big hole in Floydís financial game when it comes to this.
Keep banging out the mailbags Bread, youíre #1! And last but not least, rest in peace Johnny Bos...
Stace P
Breadís Response: I really didnít have an opinion on Floyd not getting sponsors or endorsement deals. But since you aksed I donít believe for a minute he canít get an endorsement. Even if he is the bad guy he could get a deal with a liquor or a jeweler or a risky clothing line. Think about that. You need to be a good guy to do cereal not vodka.

As for why he leaves that money on the table who knows. I really canít answer that. One last thing I think Sports Illustrated List was an asinine project. Why would you do a top 50 list of 2013 and we are not even half way through the year. You can see Sports Illustrated as well as ESPN is clueless when it comes to boxing. A boxer has to fight in order to get paid. In fact anybody who is involved in the game, knows that they donít give you your checks until the fighter steps out of the ring. True story. So to project Floyd at 90 million and he has fought just once in just dumb. In fact he got hurt in his fight and what if he or his opponent suffer an injury while training? When I saw the list I didnít understand it and I thought it was pointless. I only answered your question because it was well written and you took the time to write. Iím not insulting you in anyway just the list because they are putting money in his pocket before the man even fights. Where Iím from we donít do that.

Hope all is well bread. One quick question and simple one for that matter. I've been a boxing fan since I was born my family has been involved in boxing since the good old days of Cuban boxing back in the island. My question to you is why do you think people are making a big deal about Mayweather vs Canelo, don't you think Canelo should win a couple of more fights? Is he there at the level? Should expand his resume and little bit more with more fighter that are a threat? And do you think is fair for Mayweather to ask for catchweight ? Canelo does weight about 180 walking around I truly do believe that it is a lot weight for the smaller Mayweather and I know what he said about Cotto ( fighting at 154 )  but fans should know that it's a lot about publicity in order to sell there fight then the actual weight. Hope I get your insight from a good professor of boxing. Take care my man, it does seem that you love your job, that's the only way to go.
Mike for Miami
Breadís Response: People are making a big deal out of a fight with Canelo vs Floyd because it would be a big deal. It is the biggest makeable fight in boxing and its right in front of our faces. Floyd has made big on fighting popular Latin fighters. In my opinion Canelo is the best and closest to his prime out of any that Floyd has fought since he fought Jose Luis Castillo.

Canelo has over 40 fights, he has defended his title 6 times and he has unified the belts. He does not have to do anything else to get the fight. Letís play courtroom. If someone from Team Mayweather made that statement, Team Canelo could simply ask what did Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero do at welterweight to deserve a PPV pay check. Canelo is better than both of those guys first off. Secondly Guerrero beat Selchuk Aydin who just lost to trialhhorse Jesus Soto Karass and Andre Berto. Victor Ortiz quit against Marcos Maidana at 140, got a draw with Lamont Peterson at 140 and then beat the same Berto at 147 to get a fight with Mayweather.

If we go by those set criteria, Canelo is more than qualified. Austin Trout is better than Andre Berto and heís bigger. Canelo has been spoon fed a lot of smaller and older fighters to build his resume up, but Ortiz and Guerrero got the same treatment and they got the Mayweather lottery. Guerrero got to beat up on old Joel Casamayor and Ortiz got to beat up on old Nate Campbell and a shot Vivian Harris. So if anybody makes that argument they have to be careful, you canít change history. Letís see how this plays outÖ.. I donít think Saul Alvarez will get the fight and thatís fine. But for anyone to suggest he doesnít deserve it is just wrong. He deserves it just as much as Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero did.


JíLeon Love has now came up dirty. Thatís two guys from TMT. And I donít want to hear that it was just a diuretic and not a real PED, because diuretics are also used as masking agents. Who knows what Love was taking? My point is two members under Mayweather Promotions have used PEDs, Thomas Hauser wrote a story a while back that insinuated something very ugly going on with Floyd himself. Floyd was getting pushed around at 135 and now at 147 heís strong as an ox. At least thatís what his sparring partners are saying. If Floyd really wanted to clean up boxing he would cut ties with both members of his team I forget who the other fighter was. He would also make a public statement about this. But what else can we expect from a womanizing, addicted gambler. There is no way Floyd has so much integrity that he thinks everybody is cheating, but he will stay clean. His actions in other areas donít show that kind of upstanding character. What do you think?
Breadís Response: Wow! I can see you arenít a Floyd Mayweather fan, lol. Boy you really went in. Ok letís start with Love, Yes if the media reports are true then J Leon Love tested positive for a PED. And yes I agree diuretics are used as masking agents.

I also read the Thomas Hauserís story and boy was that deep. If what Hauser insinuated was true then this WHOLE PED testing thing is the biggest scam in sports history. Thatís all I can say about that because since then Hauser took a consultant job and he doesnít speak out anymore. SoÖÖ

I donít know who is on PEDs and who is not. So I wonít get into the whole Floyd got pushed around at 135 thing. A fighter has a right to get stronger without doing anything illegal. But I will say that Floyd needs some PR repair with two members of his team coming up dirty. There should be some kind of press release, or press conference or something. Now I wonít say he should cut ties with the fighters because we donít know ALL the circumstances yet. The fighters do have a right to defend themselves. While I believe that a lot of fighters are willingly engaging in PED use, I also believe that a lot of these so called nutrition experts are giving fighters things that the fighters donít know will hurt them. Last but not least I think the Rosado/Love fight should be ruled a no contest and an immediate rematch should be take place. We shall seeÖ..

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