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July 01, 2013

By G. Leon

I saw the bouts on HBO last night and I have to say I honestly saw Willie Nelson to lose that fight to Luciano Cuello (Nelson got the decision) . I keep reading how he outworked Cuello but what I saw was ineffective punching on his part and him getting rocked with most of the shots that landed. In my book when someone is getting rocked and they are landing shots that do nothing or land on the arms or gloves I dont consider that outworking someone. No disrespect to Willie, he seems like a great person and a good fighter but I think he lost that fight and he underestimated this dude and it showed. He needs to listen to his corner for starters. He's got the height and reach to keep guys at bay but he wants to fight like Marvin Hagler instead of Thomas Hearns. I think he will he a force at 154 but I am also concerned he is a bit chinny though. Thanks Greg, loved the Gennady "GGG" Golovkin fight too! Dude is a monster!! Sergio Martinez should not fight him but retire unless he thinks he has something to prove. He will get destroyed by GGG, absolutely.

Leon's Response: I doubt Nelson underestimated somebody whose only losses came against better and more experienced boxers (Saul Alvarez and Julio Chavez Jr.). Nelson's only loss came to somebody that doesn't belong in the same sentence as Alvarez or Chavez Jr. Regarding the fight, I believe Nelson deserved the win due to his work rate. Cuello was putting a lot of mental pressure on Nelson, but wasn't throwing anything for minutes at a time. If Nelson's punches were non-scoring blows that landed on the arms, that's still more than Cuello did because he was not punching. In Adrien Broner-Paul Malignaggi, a lot of Paulie's early round punches weren't landing but Broner wasn't throwing. Is the guy not throwing punches supposed to win the round for just blocking shots? I do think that Nelson would be in big trouble against any of the top junior middleweights. If he chose to box more he'd make his life easier, but his warrior spirit and lack of world class punch resistance will be a big problem as he continues to step up. GGG is a killer and I would love to see him fight Sergio Martinez. Not sure Lou DiBella would though.

1. Are you still Allan Green's advisor? 2. Are you going to Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson's card [in Connecticut this weekend]? You and 50 Cent could be a power team, like he's Richard Schaefer/Oscar De La Hoya and you are Al Haymon. 3. Any chance you swoop in on October 13, 2013 and become James Kirkland's go-to-guy?

Leon's Response: 1. Yes I am. Allan and I are like brothers. 2. That's the plan. I agree with you, 50 and I could do some great things together. Let's see what happens. I'm thrilled one of my boxers is headlining 50's first solo show and I look forward to future business with him. 3. Of course there's a chance, I'm always interested in prominent free agent boxers. I hope Kirkland and his romer trainer Ann Wolfe are able to work out their differences, because I believe he is a better fighter when she's training him.

G, I read the info re: the immature acts Adrien Broner participated in. I agree he makes an absolute fool of himself. As a young man that has not fully developed his frontal lobe, behavior like this often occurs. However, my biggest concern was his post fight interview. That was classless. I wasn't certain if he won the fight. I would have been ok either way with a decision, but his antics made me think. Nicknames tend to define a person. With that being said, he's in fact his own "Problem". Brush my hair, really? And his father, who you would assume has better sense, brushes this clown's hair. I guess common sense isn't so common in that family. Paulie did a better than expected job against Broner. And during certain exchanges AB didn't let his hands go. Is that because he was concerned with PM's punching power, or was he confused with hands in his face? PM has no pop so it appears he may be temporarily confused when there's rapid fire coming in.? I think AB should move down to 140lbs, it's safer there. Who's going to win the Gennady "GGG" Golovkin fight this weekend, and do you believe that AB is going down the road of "Self Destruction"? Is headed for Self Destruction, Self Destruction, headed for Self Destruction.... Sorry couldn't help myself, I loved that song. Best regards.   Ez Charleston, SC

Leon's Response: As a person, Broner and class do not belong in the same sentence. As a boxer, he's already world class and one of the best young guns in the world. I think Broner took Paulie very lightly because of his lack of punching power, I believe he thought he be able to play games for the first few rounds and get him out of there whenever he chose to put his foot on the gas. However, I think it was the combination of Paulie's foot and hand speed that threw Broner off. He had never been in there with somebody who has Paulie's wheels and that it more difficult for him to pot-shot Paulie. Broner didn't do enough to take Paulie's title. Period. But as he said, the more politically connected fighter always gets the close calls. I think Broner will be fine at 147, but you're probably right he's better served for 140. His out of the ring antics, getting rockstar wasted, liking twinkies and banana splits, etc, probably have something to do with his weight issues. I like Golovkin by third round knockout on a body shot. (It's always easier to pick 'em when they're over, lol) Time will tell about Broner. He needs to straighten himself up outside of the ring for him to maximize his potential inside of it.

How's it goin G? I don't know why guys are writing in to rip into you for bustin out Broner like that. Hell he went and busted out stuff that should have stayed between him Paulie and this Jessica chick. He did it after all was settled in the ring so Broner to me ain't nothin but a classless punk who I look forward to seeing get his ass knocked out at 147 or 140. This guy is talented but he also happens to be a lowlife scumbag so I'm not sure why everyone is up in arms over this. Oh well, seems like there is never a shortage of people who rush to defend even people with no morals.

Leon's Response: One thing Broner has going for him is his ability to act classess at times so people like you and MANY MANY others will tune in hoping to watch him get his ass kicked. You can't make everybody happy all of the time. Like everything else I've ever written, some people agree with me, some people think I'm a biased jerk. It is what it is.

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