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July 01, 2013

Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

How high do you rate Gennady "GGG" Golovkin in your pound-for-pound rankings? Actually who are your top 10 pound-for-pounders... you never really talk about it.
Breadís Response: I rate Golovkin really high. I think heís the best middleweight in the world. Off the top of my head here are my top 10 fighters in the world in order:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 2. Andre Ward 3. Guillermo Rigodeaux 4.Juan Manuel Marquez 5. Nonito Donaire 6. Abner Mares 7.Vitali Klitschko 8. Wladimir Klitschko 9.Carl Froch 10. Gennady Golovkin

My apology to Sergio Martinez. He has been a great champion but my eyes and guts tell me that GGG is a better than him at this point and if they ever get in the ring he will prove it.

Bread whats up man- hope all is well. I want to talk a bit about how Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is going to beat Floyd Mayweather- first off he BETTER be bringing multiple plans- no single plan can beat Floyd. No better example of that than Shane Mosely- he landed a big right hand in the 2nd or 3rd round- then Floyd as he usually does, took that away from him and Mosely was essentially done. The rest of the figth he was still trying to duplicate that punch, but Floyd knew thats what he would try to do and timed him with lead rights, and all he had to do was look out for the right- Mosely became one dimensional- and that will never beat Floyd. I hear Oscar De La Hoya telling everyone Canelo has to establish the jab- which is sound advice- but he better change his timing and approach as well. In his fight, Oscar stopped throwing the jab and he says that cost him- what he didnt say was why. Floyd took it away from him and then Oscar was done. Like Bernard Hopkins, Floyd is excellent and taking away your best weapon- and he is brilliant at adjusting- if you do not adjust with him (most dont) then you have no shot. Like a pitcher who throws 95- if he cant throw his other pitches for strikes, then all hitters have to do is sit on the fastball- and they will hit it no matter how fast. Same theory in boxing- if all you have is one way to fight- you have no shot vs the Floyd's of the world. I hope Canelo understands this- and continuously changes his timing of his punches and the way he is attacking- if he doesnt - Floyd will win a unan decision. I dont think at his age he will be able to do that and I expect Floyd to do what he normally does- figure his guy out by round 4, then dominate most of the later rounds.Floyd's style is such that he doesnt expend a ton of energy- fights relaxed, and usually his opponents are the ones expending all their physical and mental energy- which is why FLoyd looks so great late. Unless Canelo lands something big early- I think it is going to be a long night for him. It will be entertaining- but Im calling 8-4 Floyd- maybe 7-5. Sammy B

Breadís Response: Iím picking Floyd to win as of now but Canelo has some serious star power. The fans will go crazy every time he punches. Donít be surprised if something controversial happened. Remember Mayweather only beat De La Hoya by split decision.

You are right in your assessment but you are making it complicated. Talking to a boxer in those terms may not work. Go back to the basics. Shane Mosley fought one of the poorest fights I have ever seen at that level. He pawed and posed all night acting like he punched as hard as a Marvel Comics character. At the top level you are not going to ko guys like that. Winky Wright once said about Shane that Shane doesnít punch as hard as he thinks he does. He was right.

Shane should know that you donít load up and look for a KO like that. You set it up with other things. He got lazy and rested on his laurels and was never able to duplicate his successful 2nd round, Floyd also took his gump away.
Canelo has to simply fight his fight. Punch in strong combination in the mid range and be forceful with Floyd. He also has to realize Floydís greatest gift as you stated in other terms. If the fight is a race Floydís opponents are usually running full speed to stay even while he is in cruise control. So therefore he can pull away whenever he feels the need. If Canelo can stay even while not expending too much energy it will be interesting down the stretch, if he canít Floyd will pull away. Just that simple.

Whatís up with the Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse fight? I thought it would be signed by now but now there are talks of Garcia vs. Zab Judah in a rematch. I donít get that. Judah did well but it wasnít controversial. I do think Danny was exposed in that fight and that heís ducking Matthysse. What are your thought?

Breadís Response: Danny has grown on me over the years. As a fighter, I am a fan of his. I donít think heís scared of anybody. I donít know whatís going on with the negotiations. Behind-the-scenes stuff can get tricky. Here are my personal thoughts.

Matthysse is absolutely destroying people. I heard Richard Schaefer say he wasnít in the drug testing business. I know Danny fought Erik Morales when Morales was on PEDs in the camp before the fight. I assume Danny and his dad donít have trust in USADA anymore. Maybe they want better testing. I am not speaking for themÖ. I donít know what they are thinking. But if it were my fighter and we fought a guy on PEDs a few months back and they didnít tell us until late I would be skeptical.

As a fan you shouldnít just assume stuff without being reasonable. Again I donít know for sure but I assume something is going on behind the scenes that no one is talking about. In fairness to Matthysse he has earned a shot at Dannyís titles. He is the true number 1 contender. Fighting Judah again does not sit well with me when Matthysse is looming.

But there could be things keeping the fight from being made. If something fishy is going down then somebody from Team Garcia should say something. Because IF Danny does sign to fight Zab again , he will receive some backlash. Letís wait and see before we jump the gun.

For the record I think VADA is the best drug testing organization. 


I keep hearing Peter Quillen will fight Danny Jacobs. Is Al Haymon starting to pit his fighters against each other? This will be two in a row if this is true. But I donít get the fight. Jacobs has been fighting nobodies and Quillen looks like a killer.

Breadís Response: There have been a few occasions when Haymon fighters have fought each other. People make it out like Quillen vs. Fernando Guerrero was the first time but it wasnít. It doesnít happen often but it does happen.

I actually thought Quillen was going to go after Gennady Golovkin. Golden Boy has done good business with K2 promotions dealing with Jonathon Banks so I that that was a logical super fight. Two undefeated punchers. I donít know what happened with that.

I also think Jacobs will be way over his head. They stepped him up against Dmitri Pirog and he got crushed- knocked out cold for a 10 count. Then he gets cancer. He comes back and has been fighting really soft opposition considering his experience level and number of fights. He also has not been extended in a competitive fight in a while. Now he may fight a killer like Peter Quillen in his next fight. I see Quillen/Guerrero all over again. Multiple knockdowns and a terrible butt whooping. But who knows thatís why they fight the fights. Everybody has a manís chance but Quillen in my opinion is too much man at this point for Jacobs.

What fights are you most looking forward to that are coming up. Fights that can be made and fights that have been made already?

Breadís Response: Good question. Iím just looking at big fights. Everybody wants the big fights. So of course I canít wait until Mayweather vs Canelo. I am also curious to see Pacquiao vs Rios. I want to see if Freddie Roach can get Manny back into the shape he was in for Marquez 4 and if they can stop Riosís uppercut. The one shot you can hit Manny with.

I want to see Adonis Stevenson vs Andre Ward. I am curious to see Glen Tapia vs Abie Han. Two guys in my fighter's (Julian Williams') division. Carl Froch vs George Groves. I am extremely high on Groves he could actually upset Froch if he fights an American style fight. Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse. Peter Quillen vs Gennady Golovkin. And I would love to see Willie Nelson vs Jermell Charlo.

HI Bread, it's been a while since I wrote to you. Enjoying your mailbags, I just wish you posted them on some schedule, maybe Friday and Monday like Doug Fischer.

I wanted to ask you about Golovkin. I have been following boxing for 13 years. Boxers have come and gone during that time. I remember the hype around Jermain Taylor, the hype around Arthur Abraham. I caught some of the fights of Kostya Tszyu. But I can't recall anything like Golovkin's rise.

Macklin was supposed to be a tough test. Battle tested veteran, gave Martinez all he could handle for 11 rounds, beat Sturm but didn't get the decision. He didn't look like he PHYSICALLY belonged with Golovkin in the same ring. Now I have seen upsets like Winky vs Trinidad. I have seen Calzaghe-Lacy where Lacy was diminished to a punching bag. But I haven't yet seen a domination where a fighter of the same build and weight bosses around the other fighter (who is supposed to be in his league) as if the other fighter was two-three divisions smaller. It doesn't surprise me that Golovkin and his trainer Abel Sanchez keep talking about 168. It seems like 160-pounders just can't take Golovkin's physicality. It's like he is a bigger man somehow shrunk to a smaller body.

Have you seen anything like this before? Who had the rise and the hype similar to Golovkin? Tyson? JCC senior? Young Tszyu?

Breadís Response: GGG does appear to be a monster. I am really high on him and I would favor him to beat everybody from 168 on down except Andre Ward. My eyes tell me ďso farĒ that he is a cross between Kostya Tzsyu and Julio Cesar Cavez Sr. But let me ďpauseĒ everyone and tell you about a theory of mine.

Dynamic , destructive offensive fighters with glossy records get overrated slightly until they lose. It doesnít mean that some arenít all time greats but letís think about a few things. George Foreman. George Foreman was doing what GGG is doing now against HOF caliber fighters (Joe Frazier and Ken Norton). Before we even knew if he could figh long and hard, ďweĒ had him killing Ali in Africa. It didnít work out that way.

Tommy Hearns. Hearns was 32-0 with 30kos when he fought Leonard. Not only was he considered the best welter in the world but if he wouldíve won that fight he wouldíve been considered possibly the best welter everÖ. Leonard put him in his place.

Gerald McClellan, Mike Tyson, Julian Jackson the lists can go on and on. All of these fighters in my opinion are great fighters. But they all got brought back down to earth by extremely tough, battle hardened, well rounded fighters. I expect the same thing to happen to GGG. That doesnít mean he wonít be a great fighter. Because I think heís on his way. Iím not waiting in the bushes to take his shine away, like some sick hater behind a keyboard. I actually think heís the goods. Iím just letting you know as a whole we have a tendency to overrate these kinds of fighters.

Even David Lemiuex the kid from Canada was looked at as a SERIOUS threat. He was like 21-0 with 20kos. Then he got exposed twice by past it vets and now his career is in shambles. In fact the only fighter in history I think of off the top of my head that wasnít overrated slightly that fits this bill is Khaosai Galaxy. He finished like 49-1 with 43kos. And is the best junior bantamweight ever. But he fought exclusively in Asia so thatís probably most havenít heard of him.

My official take is GGG is the GOODS. I just donít want to go off just yet. History proves that he is good and could be great but we have to see so much more, especially with these kinds of fighters.

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