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July 09, 2013

By Doveed Linder

In this interview, former IBF junior middleweight title holder Cornelius ďK-9Ē Bundrage (32-5, 19 KOs) expresses his desire to fight Miguel Cotto. Bundrage also talks about how his relationship with thge late Emanuel Steward may have blocked a Cotto fight in the past, as well as his current search for a new trainer.

Doveed Linder: Whatís the latest?

Cornelius Bundrage: K-9 Promotions is ready to do business with Miguel Cotto Promotions. Miguel Cotto reached out to me. Cotto agreed to the fight, but Iím getting word that other names are being mentioned. Showtime doesnít want the fight, so letís take it to HBO. HBO likes K-9. I impressed the people at HBO when I knocked out Zaurbek Baysangurov [for the WBO title]. I knocked him out in the fifth round and he hasnít lost a fight since. This is the fight that my fans are constantly telling me they want to see. Cotto vs. K-9 is [another] Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward. Thatís what it would be. Send me a contract and letís do it. If Cotto wants to come back, K-9 is who he has to go through. Iím a proven champion.

DL: Donít you think itís ironic that Miguel Cotto will be training with Freddie Roach for his next fight?

CB: That means itís even better. Freddie Roach is an offensive trainer, so it will be a combat type of fight. Warrior vs warrior. Freddie Roach made Manny Pacquiao an offensive fighter. So this will make our fight an all action fight.

DL: Right before Manny Pacquiao fought Miguel Cotto, I read that Roach predicted that Cotto was going to quit. Did you know that?

CB: Oh, wowÖ No, I didnít. But that shows you the kind of guy Cotto is. One thing about Miguel Cotto is he has heart. Heís been in with the best. Thatís why we should fight. Weíre the same height, we both can crackÖ We never fought before because Emanuel Steward was training him while he was managing me. I think thatís why we havenít fought yet. But now, we need to fight.

DL: I saw a picture on your Facebook page that showed you, Cotto, and Emanuel Steward together.

CB: Exactly, exactlyÖ And he had his eye on me then. He was paying attention to me, because he knew we were going to fight some day.

DL: Did Emanuel Steward ever tell you how he thought a fight between you and Cotto would go?

CB: To be honest with you, he told me I would beat Cotto. He probably told Cotto to stay away from me. He probably said, ďThis guy can fight, man. You donít need to fight him.Ē Once Cotto left him, Emanuel wanted me to fight him. You would be surprised what Emanuel told me. He told me a lot of things. But he said these things thinking he would be in my corner. He knew that I trusted him and he trusted me. We beat Cory Spinks together. [After Steward passed away,] I didnít perform the same against Ishe Smith as I did in those fights. I had his nephew in my corner, but it wasnít a good combination. The recipe was gone.

DL: Whoís training you now?

CB: Iím looking for a new trainer. Weíre looking for an aggressive trainer. We need an aggressive trainer so we can beat Miguel Cotto. Tell Cotto to send the contract and letís glove up! Heís had me on the radar. He offered me the fight right before Austin Trout. They were going to make me an offer, but they fought Austin Trout. I donít understand why Showtime wouldnít want the fight. When I fought Cory Spinks, there was over 480,000 people who watched the fight. They just replayed it a couple weeks ago. They keep showing it. But I know HBO wonít turn it down. Letís make it happen. The dog is coming!

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