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July 23, 2013


Press Release: Art of Boxing, a new online baxing magazine, announced that the boxing styles of Andre Ward, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Sergio Martinez and two others will be reviewed in the upcoming issue, to be released by July 31, 2013. The assessment will detail how Ward, Alvarez and Martinez, as well as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Marco Antonio Rubio, perform in relation to the 10-Point Strategic Boxing System, a method developed by the magazine's founder and publisher Vinny Furlani.  The system is based on the old-school techniques Furlani learned from two-time world heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson.

Though not granting any official rankings to the mentioned fighters, Vinny notes Ward’s fighting style as the closest to the 10-Point System that marks a complete boxer. He also compliments Martinez’s defensive moves but criticizes Rubio’s punching style and Chavez Jr.’s undisciplined behavior. Vinny even reveals his favorite of all five contenders – Alvarez.

“Although my reviews can be conceived as controversial, I stand behind the old school boxing technique I continue to see lacking, though necessary to succeed in the ring,” attested Vinny. He then adds, “I am convinced my advice and perspective can help improve the game of many fighters, potentially transforming a very good champion into a legendary boxer.”

Taking the ‘10-Point Strategic Boxing System’ a step further, Vinny Furlani and Tracy Harris Patterson will unite in Newburgh, New York, on July 25th and 26th, to record several boxing training videos. The series, entitled “Training Like A Champ”, will feature essential methods included in the system, and is scheduled for completion by September 1, 2013.

“As a professional boxer, I know boxing demands more from a fighter than just natural talent and physical strength. It’s only when effective techniques play a major role in that combination that you see real winners make history,” said Patterson. “Having learned the ultimate ‘old school’ boxing techniques from my father and master [Floyd Patterson], we are eager to demonstrate in video each step of the system, preparing aspiring talents to become real champions.”

Vinny uncovers each individual step of the 10-Point Strategic Boxing System in every issue of Art of Boxing Magazine, in a section titled, ‘Vinny’s Corner’. This month, Point 4, The Hook to the Body, will be introduced. Vinny admits this was the point that propelled him to create the boxing training system which, when executed in proper form, gives a fighter the best chance of succeeding.

In addition, the ‘Featured Celebrity’ section of the iPad magazine will feature historic father-son boxing teams, including Floyd and Tracy Harris Patterson. The article will elaborate on how that successful partnership led Tracy to win the IBF featherweight title on June 23, 1992, and list the accomplishments of other father-son duos as well.

Continuing to promote the techniques he firmly believes in, Vinny has secured an interview with Tim Palesky, host and producer of ‘KnockOut TV’. The show is exclusive to Cablevision customers, and the episode featuring Furlani is scheduled to air at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, August 16th, in Bergen, Passaic and Morris Counties, New Jersey.

"Art of Boxing hits all aspects of the 'sweet science'. Whether you love boxing from inside the ropes or out, Art of Boxing is a KnockOut," said Palesky, whom has interviewed big names in boxing, including Oscar De La Hoya, Chuck Wepner, Freddy Roach, Nettles Nasser, and Joe Frazier.

To learn more about Vinny Furlani and the 10-Point Strategic Boxing System, the upcomiong videos, to subscribe to Art of Boxing Magazine, fans and fighters can visit

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