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November 05, 2013

By G. Leon

G. Leon: Congrats on another valiant performance. Obviously that wasn't the outcome you were expecting [getting stopped on cuts in a very close fight against Peter Quillin]. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance and the outcome?

Gabriel Rosado: "Pretty much the fight went exactly how I worked for him. That was pretty much the game plan, to feel him out in the beginning part of the round because we know he comes out strong, but then as the middle rounds came we were going to set him up for the knockout and get him in the late rounds after he shoots his load. He slows down and with my pressure I thought I was going to get him out of there in the tenth or eleventh round."

GL: Was there anything about Quillin that surprised you?

Gabriel Rosado: "Not really man. If anything, as the fight went on it got easier for me as the rounds went on. I thought that he would be more game. I expected an all out war from him, but once the middle rounds came in he was just backpedaling. There's a difference between boxing and trying to stay away from big shots and for the most part that's what it looked like he was doing. He was just trying to land one big shot that he wasn't going to be able to land."

GL: The cut was caused by a punch. Do you consider the nature in which it occurred a fluke? How are you looking at it?

GR: "I just feel like it's part of boxing and it's a part of the game. A fight never gets stopped on a cut unless the cut guy is unable to see or taking too much punishment. None of those things were happening to me. The cut happened at the end of the ninth round, a round that I won and then in tenth he didn't even land a shot on the eye. I was backing him up and not showing any signs of the cut bothering me."

GL: If they would've given you one more round like you were asking for, how would you have deviated from your game plan?

GR: "The thing is I wouldn't have deviated from the game plan because it was all working out for me, the game plan was to go for the knockout in the last few rounds. I let him do what he does early, took control in the middle rounds and started to break him down and then I was going to get him out of there late. That was my whole mentality going into the fight."

GL: Even though you haven't gotten your hand raised in victory as a middleweight is this where you feel you belong right now?

GR: "I really don't care about fighting at 154 or 160. I could go to 154 and if there's another fight at 160 for me I'll take it. I think traditionally when there's a fight like with me and Kid had, you have a rematch. When there's controversy, and those judges should never judge another fight again, but that's the corrupt side of boxing. With the stoppage being premature, yeah, the cut looked bad, but it wasn't effecting my vision or bleeding a lot. When the doctor stopped the fight the cut was dry, so the medicine that Billy put into the cut was already kicking in."

GL: So had the cut been caused accidentally and you had to go to the cards, in your mind you had done enough to take the title, correct?

GR: "Yeah I felt that I was up 6 rounds to 3. With him having that flash knockdown in the second round, it puts me up by a point when they would have had to go to the cards."

GL: What was harder to deal with losing on a controversial decision like you did with J'Leon Love or what happened in the Quillin fight?

GR: "It's almost like the same feeling, but with Kid it was more upsetting because I felt the knockout and the game plan was working so well. I felt the knockout [was coming]. As the rounds were going on I was getting stronger and he was fading. I'm telling you, there's no way that fight was going to the cards. I was going to knock him out, I felt it coming and it was only a matter of time."

GL: Most people would agree that you deserve the rematch, but I'm not so sure Quillin's handlers are among them. Have there been any indications that the rematch is a possibility?

GR: "Everybody says what's politically correct because they have their own agenda. I have to say that I lost a lot of respect for Kid. I was actually cool with Kid and we've known each other for a number of years, but after the way everything played out, I've lost some respect for him. I thought he was better than that. Usually when a fight has controversy, the champion in you makes you want that rematch. He has the power to say to his people, I know you guys have a different agenda, but I want Rosado. The fact that he's not doing that, and giving the politically correct answer, it's like c'mon man, be a fighter. Him shying away from that and not saying he wants a rematch is the reason I've lost respect for him. If you look at it, when everybody said that Floyd Mayweather lost to Jose Luis Castillo, he came right back and beat him again. That's what champions are supposed to do, that's how they're supposed to act, not the way Kid is."

GL: Do you really ever see yourself making 154 again?

GR: "Yeah I can make that weight, it's just a matter of my diet and my strength coach switching some things around."

GL: How many stitches did it take to close that cut? How long will it keep you out of action?

GR: "It took ten stitches, they already came out now. It usually takes about a month to fully heal, so I'd say I'd be ready to go in February or March."

GL: Is your scar tissue becoming a concern? Your skin busted up pretty good in two out of three fights at middleweight.

GR: "In the Triple G [Gennady Golovkin] fight, my trainer stopped the fight and if the doctor or ref would have stopped that fight I would have understood because it was two cuts above the same eye. With Quillin, I feel like those are the type of cuts you let a guy fight through. But I don't think much about it, if it happens it happens. I think the cuts should be judged based on how the fighter is dealing with it and his ability to fight through it. In the Quillin fight they had a doctor in each corner and the doctor in my corner allowed me to fight, it was the doctor in his corner that ran over to our corner after the tenth round started who actually stopped the fight."

GL: Give me some closing thoughts for the fans.

GR: "I want to thank all the fans for their support. I'm back in the gym tomorrow and I want to get back in the ring by February or March. There could be chance I get the rematch with Quillin, but I don't know it's up to him whether he wants to man up or not."

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