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November 18, 2013

By Scott Shaffer

Carmona hospitalized in critical condition

Jorge Arce TKO8 Jose Carmona... Less than a month after  Mexican boxer Frankie Leal lost his life from a knockout, and two weeks after a near-fatality in a New York boxing ring, Colombian featherweight Jose Carmona was rushed to the hospital for brain surgery after being stopped by comebacking former champion Jorge Arce in Mexico.  According to the website, the Sunday morning surgery went well but evaluations over the next 48 hours will go a long way in determining assessing the long-term prognosis for Carmona.  Arce, a former 108 and 122-pound champion, came back from nearly a year of inactivity to fight Carmona at 126 pounds. The end of the fight can be seen by clicking on this link. Looking thick around the middle as a featherweight, Arce nonetheless maintained his ability to exert ferocious pressure on his opponents. As the tall, skinny Carmona's legs tired, Arce trapped him against the ropes in round eight and threw about seventeen unanswered punches while Carmona tried weakly to tie him up. Carmona crumbled in the corner just as the referee stopped the fight, and far too many well wishers piled into the ring to celebrate with Carmona laying on the ground in obvious distress. Arce was quoted as follows: "I have mixed feelings. I'm a little sad about the outcome of the fight. My body is still very sore. It was a tough fight, and I am happy that I came back and won... On the other hand, I am sad how the fight ended, and I pray that my friend and rival Josť Carmona recovers." Boxingtalk wishes Carmona a strong recovery.

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