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March 01, 2014

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

I had a heated debate with couple of fans over Floyd Mayweather's selection process in selecting Marcos Maidana as his next opponent over Amir Khan. I just wrote a comment stating. I think we have seen this fight twice already: Mayweather vs Arturo Gatti (rest in peace) and Mayweather vs Carlos Baldomir. I got 100s of responses of people saying i was crazy, that Maidana has gotten so much better with Robert Garcia as his trainer and that he will put some pressure on Mayweather. Was i so out of line to say this? I stick to my guns... I still believe its a 120-108 decision for Mayweather. Thanks -- Big Ed, Panama City, Panama

Bread’s Response: What up Big Ed? Ok… I personally don’t have a problem with Floyd picking Maidana. Floyd markets a certain way. Everyone seems so up and arms but as people we listen to what others say too much. They way you can accurately assess what someone is going to do is to study their habits. A man’s habits make up his being.

Now if we study Floyd’s habits we know that he allows opponents to create themselves coming off of big wins. He did it with Baldomir when he beat Judah. He did it with Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero after they beat Andre Berto. He did it with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez after he unified the belts against Austin Trout. So when Maidana beat Broner he became the kind of opponent that Floyd usually selects. They will use the highlights of Maidana beating up on Adrien Broner all over the place to market this fight. The casual fnas will see this and love it. They will also look at all of his KOs and “buy” him.

There is no doubt that that Maidana is the hottest guy right now. But the problem that people need to be corrected on is, they are claiming he is the most deserved fighter. That’s simply not true.

Maidana lost clean to Devon Alexander at 147. He beat Josesito Lopez and Jesus Soto Karass but 90% of the elite of fighters at those weights beat those guys. Maidana also lost clean but competitive to Amir Khan. Who actually has an excellent resume. Khan kod Malignaggi and Judah. Had a very controversial fight with LAmaont Peterson and handled himself well in a loss to Danny Garcia. Maidana’s resume is not better than Khan’s. He’s just hotter.

Now Khan did not do himself any favors by struggling with Julio Diaz. Then after the struggle he didn’t fight, he waited on Floyd. Had Khan beat Devon Alexander who I think he would be the favor to beat, I believe he would have got the fight. But the last thing anybody remembers about Khan is him being dropped. The last thing we remember about Maidana is him beating up Floyd’s “lil bro”.

Back to the most deserving. Keith Thurman, Erislandy Lara, James Kirkland and Ruslan Provodnikov are all more deserving than Maidana. I’m not going to mention Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao obviously they have the best credentials. I also won’t mention Danny Garcia because he doesn’t want to fight Floyd.

So Maidana is not the most deserving fighter but he is the hottest. As for the fight itself, I was really impressed with Maidana against Broner. He invaded Broner’s space and sort of made him fight a grueling fight. Floyd doesn’t get forced into that kind of stuff. Floyd never fights a “lazy” fight. He always fights the right. Broner thinks he can just walk everybody down at some point and he gives away way too many spots throughout a round. He doesn’t have the ring command Floyd does.

I expect Maidana to do better than Gatti and Baldomir did but I don’t expect him to win. I think Floyd rips his body to shreds and he should stop him late. Not sure if I would bet that because Maidana punches so hard and Floyd probably won’t chance it. I think it will be a better fight than Floyd had with Canelo and Guerrero.

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