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March 04, 2014

By Benny Henderson Jr.

Alejandro Luna is a 22 year-old lightweight from California with a professional record of 16-0. On ESPN2's Friday Night Fights this weekend from Pala, California, Luna will face Sergio Rivera (27-14-2) in a rematch. In June 2013, Luna stopped Rivera in the eighth round.

Here are Luna's thoughts with the rematch approaching:

Benny Henderson Jr.: This Friday, you will be taking on Sergio Rivera, a guy you have already beaten. Do you see this fight going any differently than the first bout?

Alejandro Luna: I expect Rivera to be more prepared for my style since we've fought already. He's a very tough guy who can take a punch. In this fight, I will bring a different approach to him and try to utilize some new things we've been working on in the gym. Its going to be a tough fight for me.

BH: Your opponent is on a four-fight losing streak, which includes the loss you gave him. In my opinion, Rivera has nothing to lose, and he has already gone eight rounds with you. With all that being said, do you feel that makes him a dangerous opponent?

AL: I think any fighter that has nothing to lose is a dangerous fighter. He's probably going to be taking more risks so I'll have to be alert when he's coming at me. Most guys in his situation will go for broke early. If that is the case then I will be ready for his attack.

BH: What do you feel is your greatest asset as a fighter?

AL: I feel my greatest accolade is my ability to out think my opponent. As soon as they think they've figured me out, then I switch it up on them. I can fight from both stances so that in itself creates problems for my opponents.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from you come fight night?

AL: I'm always coming to please my fans on fight night. I have a relentless body attack that always seems to keep the fans entertained. I like to close the show with a knockout, but if it doesn't come then I'm good to take the fight the distance and win on points. My goal is to keep on winning and hopefully fight for a title by the end of the year or sometime in 2015.

BH: Anything you would like to add in closing?

AL: I want to thank my family and fans who've come out to support me. I also want to thank my promoter Gary Shaw and my team for getting me to this point. I'm hoping to land on TV if the other fights end early, so everyone should tune into ESPN this Friday.

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