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March 05, 2014

By Benny Henderson, Jr.

This weekend, ESPN2's Friday Night Fights comes to Pala, California, where super bantamweight Roman Morales of San Ardo, California takes on Khabir Suleymanov, a Los Angeles-based Russian. Morales turned pro in 2011 and is 17-0 since then. Suleymanov is 16-3 with three staright wins. He has never been stopped.Here is what Morales had to say about his upcoming fight:

Benny Henderson Jr.: You will be putting your unblemished record on the line Friday when you take on Khabir Suleymanov. What are your thoughts on the fight?

Roman Morales: I'm at the level now where its so crucial to remain undefeated. I've put in all the hard work to get to this point and now its time to capitalize on the television exposure my promoter Gary Shaw has given me. This is a major step up for me and I'm going to make the most out of this opportunity.

BH: Being a young prospect, there is always room for improvement as well as gaining experience. So looking at yourself, what do you feel are your best qualities as a fighter, and where do you feel you may need improvement?

RM: I'm always looking to improve on the skills that God has blessed me with. I feel my defense can always be polished. My body attack is what I feel is the most effective part of my game. You can never really master the jab, so I'm always working on that punch as well.

BH: What can you tell us about your upcoming opponent?

RM: Sueymanov is a very strong fighter who's been in there with some very good fighters [distance losses to Chris Avalos and Alberto Guevara]. He's never been knocked out so I'm expecting a grueling fight that will go into the later rounds.

BH: Aside from boxing, what are your hobbies out of the ring?

RM: I'm just a simple guy who likes to spend time with my family. I live in a small town (San Andro, CA) so there isn't really much to do. My main focus is to train hard and get ready for the next fight.

BH: Do you have anything to say in closing?

RM: I want to thank my promoter Gary Shaw for giving me the opportunity to fight on TV. And to all my fans who've been there for me since the beginning, I want to say thank you as well. To my team who's stuck by me, I couldn't have gotten here without you guys. Everyone tune in March 7th... I'm coming to win like always and put on a great show for the fans.

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