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May 23, 2014

By Doveed Linder

In this interview, lightweight Ryan Martin (5-0, 3 KOs) discusses sparring with Yuriorkis Gamboa, meeting Mike Tyson for the first time, and his plans for the future.

DL: Give me an update on whats been happening with your career.

Ryan Martin: Me and my team have been working very hard on developing my skills. Were taking our time and making all the right decisions. Im up here in camp helping Yuriorkis Gamboa for a world championship fight [Gamboa challenges Terence Crawford for the WBO 135-pound title on June 38th] and its an amazing experience to be in this position. When I go in and spar, I dont think about his accomplishments and who he is. Hes just another man standing across from me. But when were done, Im like Wow. Hes an Olympian, gold gedalist and a [former] world champion. [The undefeated Gamboa previously held IBF and WBA titles at featherweight and lost them outside the boxing ring].

DL: Recently, you fought on a show promoted by Mike Tyson. How did you like meeting Tyson? Im sure you were a fan of his when you first started boxing.

RM: I was very excited about that. I was in his presence at the weigh-in and he was just like he is when hes on TV. Hes a very good guy. I was very proud to meet a legend like Mike Tyson. He was the most dangerous man on Earth at one point. He was the most feared man. They invited me back to be on another show and that was good to hear.

DL: Who are some of the fighters in the game today who you look up to?

RM: Floyd Mayweather, of course, and Danny Garcia. But I dont really see it like I look up to people who are in the same sport as me. But my number one fighter ever is Sugar Ray Leonard. In and outside the ring. Hes the man.

DL: Whats next for you?

RM: Im fighting June 6th on a Mike Tyson show in New York. Its part of the Hall of Fame weekend. After that, July 2nd is my ESPN debut.

DL: Anything in closing?

RM: I want to thank everybody whos supporting me, especially in my hometown of Chattanooga. I want to thank my team, Joe Delguyd, Bobby Kaleal, my manager Tim Van Newhouse, and the boss man 50 Cent. I also want to thank Gamboa and his manager Tony Gonzalez.


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