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August 09, 2014


The Boxingtalk Scoreboard

Zhang Zhilei KO1 Curtis Lee Tate... In Fallon, Nevada, 2008 Olympic silver medalist Zhang Zhilei's pro debut was a disgrace. Zhilei was credited with a first-round knockout when Curtis Lee Tate appeared to take a dive after just a few seconds of "action".  ESPN2's replay showed Zhilei hitting Tate in the shoulder and Tate going down. He wobbled as he got up, and the heavyweight bout was immediately stopped. The official time of the bout was just 17 seconds. Tate is now 7-5 but his 7 victims have a combined ZERO pro wins. Based on this performance, Tate should not be allowed to fight professionally any more. 

Jason Escalera W8 Norbert Nemesepati... New Jersey super middleweight Jason Escalera is now riding a career-best hot streak, as he racked up his second quality win over the past three weeks. Fighting previously unbeaten Hungarian teenager Norbert Nemesepati, Escalera was rocked in the first round, but came back to pound Nemesepati in the second round and floor him in the third. After that, it was mostly smooth sailing for Escalera, who taught Nemesepati  that the American boxing scene is much rougher than Hungary and Slovakia, where Nemesepati foight exclusively prior to today. Escalera lost the first and perhaps the last rounds, but was credited on the three scorecards, which read 79-72, 78-72 and 78-73. Just three weeks removed from handing another European, Naim Terbunja his first loss, Escalera improves to 15-2-1. Nemesepati still has time to learn his trade, but his record is now 14-1.  source for both results: espn2 friday night fights

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