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March 20, 2017

By G. Leon

WBC champ looking for June return

GL: Congrats on your recent win over Gerald Washington. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? It was a fun fight, it was an exciting fight for the state of Alabama. I think Washington gained himself some fans that night. I think if I had to put this fight into a movie form and rate it, I would say it was a suspense movie because Gerald Washington seemed to have looked like he was the dominant guy until everything slowed down. We knew that he was going to be very excited and we knew he only had three or four rounds in him and we just wanted to take our time. I was calm and I was patient and then the right hand showed up and it was over with. It was perfect, I enjoyed myself and I didn't run out of energy or anything like that because I was so calm. It was a very fun fight, I talked to Washington afterwards and I told him he did a great job, to keep his head up and to keep working hard and he'll get back into the running again.

GL: You said that you knew he only had three or four rounds in him. How did you know that and is that why you started so slowly?

Deontay Wilder: "We knew that dealing with my coaches watching him on tape on him against other guys and stuff like that, even with Mansour, I seen that fight myself and he runs out of gas. His stamina is not up to par as it should be. That allowed me to take my time. I'm the type of fighter who takes my time anyway now. You won't see me being wild unless the fight is almost over or I'm showboating or something. Most of the time I display a calm, collected, awkward kind of style. We knew he couldn't move to his right off of the film that we studied about him. We changed up our game plan at the last minute in the dressing room with the hook-right hand, because he can't go to his right, so that's a perfect combination for a guy who can't go to his right and it worked out perfectly."

GL: Would you say that Washington was the most athletic big man you've ever been in the ring with?

DW: "I could definitely say that to date he is the most athletic big guy I've been in the ring with before."

GL: I spoke to Jay Deas after the fight and he said Kelvin Price was also another athletic big man that you were in there with and he thought the Washington fight was similar to the Price bout. You got off to a slow start, but scored a big knockout and as time passed people forget about the slow start and only remember the knockout, is that kind of how you view this fight with Washington?

DW: "For sure. With taller guys you have to take your time more because they've got long arms and you have to be a little more patient than with the smaller guys. With the smaller guys you see everything, it's definitely similar to the Price fight in terms of slowing it down and waiting for the perfect opportunity and the perfect shot and that's what we did."

GL: Who do you like in the upcoming Parker-Fury fight?

DW: "I got to go with Parker for that one man. I haven't seen too much on either fighter, but the fights that I did see and I'm basing it off of that, I've got to with Parker."

GL: Is the winner of that fight a primary target for your next defense?

DW: "Most definitely. I want to that WBO title, I want to unify the division and I want to be the undisputed American heavyweight champion of the world and I won't rest until I accomplish my goal and dream, so hopefully after their fight we can make something happen, but they're going to have to want to fight as well. I know everybody is talking about unifying now and they've heard me mention it many times, but they really have to want to make this thing happen like I do. It's not a matter of if I'm going to do it, it's a matter of when. It's a matter of time now and I think there's going to be one guy who slips up and fights me for their other title, I whoop him and then collect the other ones. It's just a matter of time."

GL: Last time we spoke I asked you who you like in Joshua-Klitschko. You said you're heart was with Joshua, but you're head was with Klitschko due to his experience. Have your thoughts on that fight changed at all?

DW: "I'm still going with the same remarks I made. I don't feel Joshua is ready for that fight yet on the experience level, but this is boxing and this is the heavyweight division. This division is based on power, so realistically if either guy hits the other the right way, they could knock each other out for sure. I'm stil going to stand by my words, I really feel this is too early for Joshua. I think England has hyped him up a lot as they always do with their fighters, once they're fighters is defeated they jump ship and go elsewhere and leave their fighter in a desert storm. Especially if he gets past Klitschko and fights me, I'm definitely going tear down that run. That's why I think Eddie Hearn is trying to put a lot of his other fighters on me to keep me away from Joshua. At first he wanted to talk about the Joshua fight, but now all of a sudden it's about everybody else. We're going to see what happens and I think I'm going to be there live and in person to witness this for myself. May the best man win and I hope they both go out of the ring the same way they got in. I think this fight is good for boxing, it's going to be a helluva fight, it's got a great build-up and a great hype behind it, so hopefully the fight lives up to all of that hype."

GL: What did you think of the Haye-Bellew fight? Were you surprised he lost?

DW: "I didn't get to see the full fight, I've only seen clips of it. I'm going to have to go back and see the full fight, but I heard it was a good fight, I done heard so many different things. I've heard that if Haye wasn't injured he would've won, Bellew wasn't going to be able to take his punches. Whether it's a good fight or a bad fight you have to congratulate the winner, and the winner was Tony, so I congratulate him. He called me and we'll see what happens with that. I think that's a mistake for him to make, but I wouldn't mind showing my face in England for the build-up. If Joshua beats Klitschko, I want to be there and I want the people to see me because that's the ultimate big that everybody wants to see."

GL: Are you looking at a Septemberish return? When will your next fight take place?

DW: "I'm looking at maybe June."

GL: I was only assuming September because with Parker-Fury happening in May, September seems like a logical target.

DW: "That's true, but I'm looking at a June fight and then coming right back again in September. I don't like to sit around, I told people many times before I got the belt and now that I've got the belt I'm keeping my promise. I told everybody that I wanted to be an active champion and that's what I'm going to be. I want to put my belt up at all times, I think this was my fifth or sixth title defense and I want to keep that streak going, why stop? I want my face to be seen all over the world, I want to fight all over the world, I've got things lined up to fight in other countries and stuff like that. It's just an early development of something that's going to be wonderful if all things work out. I'm definitely looking to come back in June and then after that we'll see what happens."

GL: What would you grade your performance against Washington?

DW: "I'd probably give myself a C or something. Maybe a C+ something like that. It's always about being smart in the ring and the reason I give myself that grade is that I think I could've jabbed a little bit more and I could've thrown more punches, but at the time I was looking for a particular opening and a particular shot. My mind was somewhere else in the fight, I knew what I wanted to do. I got my moment and mission accomplished, but I definitely think I could've thrown a little bit more because with me not throwing and him throwing, it was obvious that I wasn't winning of course. He wasn't winning because he was beating me up, he was winning because he was throwing more punches, which I was fine with. Sometimes you have to lose to gain, I was fine with losing a couple of rounds to gain what I accomplished and that's to knock him out. I'm very pleased with my performance and I'm ready for the next victim."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DW: "To all my fans whether you're a believer or non-believer, I want to tell you that I love you so much, especially my day ones. I appreciate y'all and love you from the bottom of my heart. One down and we've got a couple of more to go. I'm going to unify this division very soon and be on top of the world with all the belts and considered the baddest man on the planet."

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