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March 23, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: I never knew you worked odd jobs at Pizza Hut and as an Alaskan crabber, to go from there to where you are now with such a fantastic stable of talent must be like a dream come true for you. I never thought about it like that, I always looked at it as I'm doing something to help my guys. I was helping them and I knew that this country is something else, if you're looking for something and you're not going to sit on a couch for 24 hours you can make something, you can be something. That's what I think. This country is full of opportunities.

GL: How did you and Vasyl Lomachenko first link up?

Egis Klimas: "I had a couple of friends reach out to Lomachenko from the Ukraine, I took a trip and I tried to come back, but I had no luck and finally I met his dad and contacted one of his friends who said bring us to the United States and we will see what we're going to do. I brought them to the United States, I introduced them to the promoters and that's how we ended up working out together."

GL: What about Usyk?

EK: "Usyk came with him together and I asked promoters and cruiserweight at that time was not interesting at that time in the United States and no promoter wanted to sign him so I advised him to go back to Ukraine, because he's very popular over there. I told him to make maybe ten fights over there and we will see how we can bring you back to the United States. He listened to my advice and he signed with K2 and in his tenth fight he became a world champion and all of a sudden he was very welcome here in the United States. We were in contact all the time even though I wasn't his manager or advisor, I was answering this question or that question and telling him how to do certain things. Basically we were in contact all of the time while he was in Ukraine, the time came when he became a champion, then he came to the United States and that's how we ended up working together."

GL: How do you feel about his recent decision to work with Anatoly after previously working with Bashear?

EK: "Basically that was his decision. After the last fight, he wasn't happy with the last camp and I know that. We said the fight will be over and then we'll talk. The fight was over and they went in different directions. He said he was going to go back to Ukraine and make a few changes, I helped him as much as possible. Right now he's training with Russ Anber. Anatoly isn't training him, everybody thinks that, but he is being trained by Russ Anber. He's helping him in some directions, but his main trainer is Russ Anber. I am the manager, I don't get involved in the training camp too much, look Sergey Kovalev changed trainers so many times, he went to Don Turner, to another guy to another guy and then he ended up with John David Jackson. Boxers they want somebody to pay attention and if the trainer isn't paying attention they will look for somebody else."

GL: How do you feel about Lomachenko vs. Sosa? Is it difficult for Vasyl to get up for this fight?

EK: "Lomachenko is a different breed of people. It's pretty hard to beat Lomachenko in the ring. If anybody will beat him, they're going to have to be very, very good, especially right now. I feel very confident for this fight."

GL: Gvozdyk is looking like a beast. Are you expecting him to become a world champion soon? What do you think about this fight with Gonzalez?

EK: "I have about 15 guys and everybody I work with has the potential to become world champion. They're all really good, they are talented, they are hard working and they're always pushing for the best and I truly believe in every single one of them and that includes Gvozdyk too. I think this fight coming up will be a good one. Yunieski is a tough fighter, he's a guy from Cuban Olympic team I believe and the Cubans are good fighters. It will be a good fight."

GL: Do you know much about Michael Hunter the challenger to Usyk?

EK: "Not really. I saw a couple of videos after we signed the deal and I think Usyk will do very good."

GL: What's up with Kovalev?

EK: "We have negotiations and now it looks like the promotion is moving forward. The promoters are talking about it and maybe we'll be announcing the fight in a week or so. I strongly believe it's going to happen and I think it's going to be sometime in the summer, so it's not far away."

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