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April 03, 2017

By G. Leon

Reed-Sanchez on Lomachenko-Sosa undercard

GL: How is everything going in preparation and what can we expect to see from you on April 8? Everything is going good, my weight is good, I've had a great training camp and I've sparred with some of the top guys around here. People should expect big things on April 8. They should expect the same Mike Reed they normally get with a little more flair because I'm fighting at home.

GL: What do you know about your opponent Reyes Sanchez?

Mike Reed: "I know he's a durable opponent. He fought Carlos Molina in his last fight and he didn't get stopped, it went the distance. He's lost his last three fights so with that being said, I plan on stopping him fast. I'm going to get into his mind real fast that he can't hang with the top dogs."

GL: What does fighting in your backyard mean to you?

MR: "I'm excited. Hopefully the MGM is going to be my new home for years to come. It gives my fans and family to see me fight at home, they haven't gotten to see me fight at home in two years. It's a very big opportunity for me and this is the first boxing card there so there's a lot of things in my favor to make this a special night to me."

GL: You're 21-0 (12), you said you're trying to get rid of Sanchez quickly. How confident are you that you're going to get the stoppage? Would you be disappointed if you didn't?

MR: "I'm always disappointed when I don't get the stoppage, but with that being said he's got nine losses and he's only been knocked out twice. So getting rid of him would be a statement for me. I want to get the knockout, I know the fans love knockouts and that's what I'd like to bring to the table, but I always want to do it in a smart manner. It takes something off the knockout if you do it sloppy, so I want to do it with my skillset, not just my strength."

GL: How did you get the nickname Yes Indeed?

MR: "It was a substitute teacher in the eighth grade and he heard the students talking about me being a boxer, at that age not everybody know I was boxing at the level that I was winning national championships and things like that, so I showed them footage and he said man we got to get you a nickname and Yes Indeed came up and it's stuck ever since."

GL: How long have you been boxing?

MR: "I started boxing when I was 10. My older brother did it, I was the youngest brother of four, we've got a fifth brother now, but I was the youngest and I wanted to do everything they did. Boxing was one of the things that they did and I followed through."

GL: Who are some of your favorite boxers to watch?

MR: "My favorite to watch growing up has to be Diego Corrales and the reason I say that is because he never quit. Even in the Floyd fight, he got stopped but he never quit. Of course everybody goes to the Castillo fight and I think that in this day and age they would have stopped that fight and we would have been robbed of the finish that we had. At that moment I knew he was my favorite fighter, he had tremendous grit and determination and he was smart with it. He knew enough to drop the mouthpiece and buy a little time to be able to finish the fight in spectacular fashion like he did."

GL: How do you feel about this being your first ten rounder?

MR: "I'm excited about it because it's going to let me know how I feel going ten if the fight goes the distance."

GL: Do you think going the full ten would be a great experience for you before you take a real step up?

MR: "It would be a good experience, but I don't plan on going the whole ten. I know the transition from 6-8 rounds was fairly easy and I went eight easy, but if I have to ten rounds, I'm very confident in my ability and in my training camp that I will be able to go ten strong rounds."

GL: What are you hoping a victory on April 8 leads to?

MR: "Bigger fights, TV time and a bigger fight. I want to fight somebody in the top ten of any sanctioning body. Right now I'm just looking to continue to show everybody what I'm all about."

GL: Is there any specific bout at 140 that you feel would be a great opportunity for you to take your career to the next level?

MR: "I know Top Rank has a great stable at 140 and the two guys I always watch other than Terence Crawford of course and I wouldn't say him right now because I'm not ready for him right now, but Jose Ramirez and Alex Saucedo. Saucedo just fought at the Garden, he won by knockout and he's a big puncher and he's somebody that I've been keeping my eye on, so is Ramirez. I grew up with Jose and eventually our paths will cross. I know they're doing great things on the west coast, but I know our paths will cross and when they do either guy will be a fight I'm ready for. Victor Postol as well is another guy I'd like to fight, but he's been inactive for a while now."

GL: Have you expressed this interest of fighting fellow stablemates to Top Rank?

MR: "Of course, and they just tell me to keep doing what I'm doing and take my time because the fights will come. They're not going to be in a rush to knock one of their fighters off for nothing so when the fight does happen I'm sure it will be an eliminator or something like that."

GL: What are your thoughts on the junior welterweight division?

MR: "It's getting back up there. I think everybody was chasing Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, but 140 is definitely getting back up there. Even the 135 pound champions are hot right now, so eventually they're going to be coming up to 140 too. I don't know what Adrien Broner is doing and he's kind of an in betweener, but he should be able to fight at 140 and Amir Imam who I grew up with is also at 140 so there's plenty of fighters out there that can make the divison very hot again."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MR: "I want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to brand myself across the United States. I want the fans to continue to watch me, I'm a very exciting fighter with a bright future in boxing and I"m going to be around at the top level for a long time coming."

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