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August 09, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How's everything going in preparation for your big fight on September 22 against WBO super middleweight champion Gilberto Ramirez? Everything is going according to plan. Everybody is on point in my camp, everybody. GL: Is your mindset any different going into your first world title fight? Absolutely my mindset is different because this is for all of the marbles, but I can say that we haven't done anything different as far as conditioning wise. My conditioning has been on point in my last two fights. Everything is operating under precise timing, but my mindset is different because now I feel like all of those other fights don't matter, this is it. This is the fight that separates the good from the great, that's how I'm preparing in the gym as far everything is concerned.

GL: What do you think about Ramirez as a fighter?

Jesse Hart: "He's a world champion so I give him that respect, but skill wise and technique wise I don't feel he can hold my shoes. I don't think he's the got the skills I do. He's an ordinary Joe. I've never seen him do nothing special. Let me reiterate, I give him respect because he won the title which is a very difficult thing to do, so I give him that much respect, but as far as his own natural ability I haven't seen him do anything special. He beat Artur Abraham and it was regular, I think he fights like a robot and without the trainers in his corner, I don't think he can think on his own and that's what's going to separate us. I'm going to force him and put his back against a wall to make him think in there."

GL: Will it be your superior natural ability and skills or your ring intelligence that separates you from Ramirez?

JH: "It's going to be my intelligence in the ring. I think I can outsmart him. You got to understand that half of his fights were over in Mexico. That's where fighters to go to build their records up. He was like 19-0 when he came over here to start fighting. How much experience can he gain by fighting guys that are 7-18 over and Mexico in your 19th fight? You can't gain experience by knocking those guys out. He hasn't a knockout since 2014 and he didn't have anybody spectacular really in front of him. We have to take all that into consideration, when the competition steps up a level, now he's fighting the best fighter he's ever fought and he's going to have to think on his own. Is it too late for him to do that? Has he gotten the experience he needs to be in the same ring with Jesse Hart? I don't think he has and my team doesn't think he has. People say I ain't fought nobody or whatever else they want, but I've fought veterans and I've gotten experience in that ring. I've fought veterans who know how maneuver and tie guys up and hit and hold and I learned the tricks of this trade in that ring because I fought veterans. Who has he fought? Half his career was built up in Mexico and that's ok, but have you gained the experience you need to have in order to compete at this level?"

GL: When you hear those words and the new WBO super middleweight champion, what will that mean to you?

JH: "That's going to mean a lot come September 22. Those words are going to make it the best day in the history of my life since my child was born. I can't explain it. When a man becomes a father he has the obligation to that child and he owes that child the best that he can give him. When you first become a father that's the first thing you think about. I've never been a father so I didn't know what it was going to be like to have somebody calling me dad. I don't even know what the experience is going to feel like when somebody calls me a world champion or champion of the world. I want to prove myself as one of the best fighters to lace up the gloves, but to hear those words, it's going to mean the world to me. And the new, that's going to mean the world to me. I say that to myself because I get up every morning at 4:14 in the morning to do my roadwork and you know getting up at 4:14 in the morning is hard sometimes, but if you want to be the best and you want to hear those words and the new, then you've got to find a way. That's what we're doing, we're finding the way."

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction?

JH: "I predict that this fight won't go the distance and I also predict I will win. I think he's going to try to prove himself to me because that's the type of pride he's got. He's got Mexico behind him and he became the first Mexican to win a super middleweight title and he wants to be in the same situation Chavez Sr was in back then and Canelo Alvarez is in now. He wants to be in that same light, Juan Manuel Marquez and all their guys so he's going to come with something to prove, but I say confidently that he can't do nothing with me because we're prepared for everything. I mean we're prepared for the worst of the worst, so I'm think if I don't knock him out he's going to quit, that's how bad of a beating he's going to take."

GL: How do you feel about all of the exposure that's going to come with fighting in a world title fight on ESPN? 

JH: "I feel it's so major because of the view. On HBO it's just one night, but on ESPN it's sports all day long so even if you're watching a basketball game or a baseball game the bottom of the TV is going to say Jesse Hart is fighting for the world title on September 22. People are going to know when the fights are going down. You only hear about the PPV fights on HBO, now you're hearing more about the big fights going down on ESPN than anywhere else. The more eyeballs the better."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JH: "All I want to say is everybody needs to tune into ESPN on September 22 it's going to be a spectacular night of boxing. I'm going to give you the best of Jesse Hart you could ever hope to get. I'm going to give you flash, I'm going give you flair, I'm going to give you power and most importantly ring intelligence. But on top of all that I'm going to give you a knockout in spectacular fashion. If this guy doesn't quit he's going to get knocked out and he doesn't get knocked out, then he's going to quit."

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