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August 09, 2017

By Ivan Montiel

Boxingtalk's Ivan Montiel interviews super featherweight Alex Dilmaghani, who improved to 15-1 on July 21st by stopping Ulises Perez (17-6). Dilmaghani was born in the United Kingdom and lives in Mexico but fights out of Ontario, Canada. He hopes to fight twice more this year, which would give him six fights in 2017.

Ivan Montiel: First off let me congratulate you on your most recent stoppage over Ulises Perez. As always you put on a good show many boxing fans here in Toronto were excited to see you and want to see you back in the ring as soon as possible.

Alex Dilmaghani: Well Iíll be fighting in September and then again in November thanks to [promoter] Lee Baxter.  Both fights will be taking place in Toronto.

IM: If your plans work out, that would mean by November it would be six fights in 2017 for you.

AD: Lee Baxter is keeping me busy and I am very grateful to him.

IM: Not too many young fighters are willing to fight that many times in one year.

AD: Yes I am very lucky.

IM: Now do you have any opponents confirmed for either of these fights?

AD: No I just work on my craft.  The fight is still far away. I stay ready that way I donít have to get ready.

IM: Did you suffer any injuries suffered in your most recent fight?

AD: No injuries.  Actually a few days later I was ready to fight again.

IM: What about your training. Will you continue training in the United Kingdom or will you consider going back to Mexico?

AD: No, I think I will stay in the UK at least for now.

IM: What fighters are you currently sparring with?

AD: No big names yet very good fighters.

IM: What guys would you like to fight in the future?

AD: Who ever have the title world titles. I leave everything to Lee Baxter who tells me when, who and where I am supposed to fight.  I just focus on my training being prepared, to fight as often as I can and to become a world champion.

IM: Do you think thereís a good chance that you will be fighting in the USA sometime next year?

AD: I sure hope so thatís where the big fights are! 

IM: What about getting that world title shot? The champions in your weight class, 130 pounds, are Vasyl Lomachenko, Gervonta Davis, Miguel Berchelt and Lezreel Corrales. 

AD: I believe next year I should hopefully get a world title shot.  As long as I keep winning that title shot of mine should arrive.

IM: Of course you have no problem travelling since youíve already traveled to many places before.

AD: No problem at all.  A ring is a ring whereever. 

IM: Well I sure hope you get that title shot, hopefully on a big time network like HBO, Showtime or even ESPN which is also putting on a lot of good fights.

AD: Thanks Ivan I sure hope so myself. Once again Lee Baxter is doing a wonderful job.

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