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October 05, 2017

By G. Leon

Lara on Andrade: "I whooped his ass before and he knows I'll do it again!"

GL: You're going to be headling a Showtime Championship Boxing junior middleweight championship triple header on October 14. Tell us all about it. What are your thoughts of Terrell Gausha as a fighter? What can we expect to see from you on October 14? First off I'm excited to be a part of such a great card on Showtime on such a great card. I'm happy to be the headliner defending against an undefeated American Olympian. He has pedigree and I know he's training to win because this is his opportunity, so I'm expecting him to bring it. He knows this is his opportunity to beat the best, whenever you're in that position you're going to be 10-15% better than you would be for a normal fight. I expect him to bring it, but I'm the best guy in the division and I've beaten everybody they put in front of me even when the decisions didn't go my way. I expect to be victorious on the 14th and I look forward to unifying this division.

GL: Do you see yourself fighting the winner of one of the other title fights on the card next?

Erislandy Lara: "To me, after this fight there's only three fights that makes sense to me. This is just my opinion, I've had almost 30 fights and I've never made one of my fights. My managers call me tell me who I'm fighting and I get ready to win. But my three are Charlo if he holds onto his WBC title, the winner of Hurd-Trout for the IBF and then there's this big mouth clown named Demetrius Andrade who needs to be shut up as well. I want one of those three guys after the 14th."

GL: Andrade has done quite a bit of talking. How do you feel about him saying that you're ducking him?

EL: "I called my manager and I told him that's a fight I want him to make. But like I said they handle the business and I do the fighting. It's been that way my whole career and I'm not going to change anything now. I was once in a position like Andrade where nobody would fight me and nobody would give me an opportunity. I fought Paul Williams for $100k. I fought Angulo and Trout for $200k. If he wants to do more than talk about it, then he should take the money that's offered and try to come beat me the way I beat those guys. When he gets the opportunity to fight me, he needs to take the offer and not try to be a business guy. It's all talk, but when it comes down to it I've whooped his ass once and he knows I'll whoop his ass again."

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction for October 14?

EL: "I'm not big on predictions or saying I"m going to knock somebody out in a certain round. If the knockout comes it comes, if not I like to play the fight as it goes, but one thing I will predict is victory. It's something I've done for all of my fights and I haven't lost yet."

GL: Do you Gausha is ready for this level of a step up?

EL: "When I got the opportunity to fight Paul Williams I had amateur pedigree like he does and I was coming off a fight that was close with Carlos Molinea. Up to that point I hadn't really fought anybody and nobody gave me a chance and you saw what I did to Paul Williams. You could never be taking anybody for granted in this sport especially somebody that's young and hungry and trying to feed his family."

GL: How do you feel about fighting at the Barclay's?

EL: "I'm excited to fight there again and this time as the main event. Last time I fought there was against Austin Trout and I put on a good show. This time I'm the main event and I'm looking to put on an even better show. Barclay's is becoming the number one boxing venue in the country. It's where a lot of the big fights are happening now and I can't wait to fight there again."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

EL: "I want to thank everybody that has always been there supporting me. I want to thank my team and everybody around me. I'm training hard, I'm going to stay focused and keep on winning. Being out here in Houston I just want to send my prayers to everybody out here and I hope everything gets better for them as soon as possible."

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