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January 09, 2018

By G. Leon

Greg Leon:  How did everything go in preparation for your bout this Friday night? What can fans expect to see from you? 

Franchon Crews Dezurn: "I'm a performer and will rise to the occasion when called to do so. Preparation has been great because I am challenging myself once again. My husband and coaches have been supportive of me through camp and I expect fans to be entertained. I'm dramatic so I'm trying to give a 'drama show' *GGG voice*]."

GL: What do you know about your opponent?

FCD: My opponent has been around and has a great amount of experience against some formidable opponents. She hasn't been stopped before so that tells me she is durable and knows how to stick it out. 

GL: How did you and [trainer] Barry Hunter first link up?

FCD: Barry Hunter is a staple in the DMV [DC/Maryland/Virginia area] and has been around a long time.  Because of my accomplishments and previously fighting out of the DC area he knew of me and showed me love. He actually worked my corner for my last amateur fights at the 2016 Olympic trials which was an honor. My husband and I reached out and asked to train with him and he along with the team welcomed us. 

GL: What made you sign with Salita Promotions?

FCD: I briefly met the CEO Dmitriy Salita a while back and he was very nice even though I have a huge personality.  His boxing show was ran very smooth and I like that. Upon formally speaking to him about signing he did his homework and respected my accomplishments as a boxer. It didn't hurt that he was about that boxing life too. He looked at me being a woman as a plus rather than a downfall even though there isn't big money yet. Salita Promotions has also guided Claressa Shields to be a champion, which can be difficult because of her accolades. That is a great feat and with the right platform, plan and opportunity to do my thing, I believe I will be a champion also. 

GL: How do you feel about the current state of women's boxing?

FCD: I feel that women's boxing is on its way. A few weeks ago we had women on All over tv and where I'm from women packing a venue full of fans. That's the plus side the negative side is the equal opportunity in Promotions and pay for women in boxing. It's growing it's a process, super grateful for it but women have to keep performing at a high level & get the recognition in order to be where we need to be. A massive shout out to all the promoters and people who support the growth of women's boxing. 

GL: You have an outstanding amateur pedigree, what amateur accomplishment are you most proud of?

FCD: Thank you, my fav accomplishment was winning my 2012 world silver medal because it showed me I belong and not to give up. After I didn't make the 2012 Olympic team I was devastated and was done but my fans encouraged me and also raised money for me to fight one more time. That one time lead me to my medal and also being a part of the best elite woman's team in history due to our performance at world championships that year. 

GL: Any amateur rivalries you'd like to revisit in the pros?

FCD: Haha, it's fair game out here and I've learned that because you were a great amateur doesn't mean you will be a great pro. I'm focused on whoever is in front of me if they are 0-5 or 25-0. A lot of fans want myself and shields to rematch but at this moment we both have a separate hit list a few common interest though. I'm focused on building my legacy and whooping ass in the process. 

GL: How many times would like to fight this year? What are your goals for 2018?

FCD: This year I look forward to getting in the ring at least 4-5 times to get my feet wet and adjust to professional style. My goals for 2018 is possibly challenging for and winning a world championship belt. ALSO making history by fighting maybe headlining a card with my husband [Glenn Dezurn, who is 9-1-1] that would be epic. 

GL: When you and your husband are talking boxing, training, or watching boxing, what do you guys do for fun?

FCD: Mr. Dezurn & I are proud cat parents. (laughs)  We are honestly like old people. I sew, cook & nag while he watches tv, but we love to eat. When we do do cool things, we like to hang in DC with friends, go to the movies and work on our other professional aspirations. Honestly we are learning how to have fun. People say we need a reality show because of how we interact. 

GL: Other than victory, do you have a prediction for Friday?

FCD: Im not great with predictions I just prepare... but know The Heavy Hitting Diva is coming to work

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

FCD: To my supporter and new people getting introduced to me I just want to say thank you. This is my journey and you are witnessing greatness in the making.  

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