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February 13, 2018

By Ivan Montiel

Ivan Montiel: Let's talk about Roy Jones Jr. He just won a fight last week and announced his retirement.  I know Roy's a good friend of yours.  As a matter a fact I just finished watching that sparring video of you and Roy Jones. How did it feel it to spar with Roy, someone who you said at the time was going to become a world champion. 

John Scully: Roy kept me on edge even though I looked very calm and relaxed. But at the same time, I kept thinking I have to stay calm, stay sharp. I had to keep my defense sharp because Roy could explode at any time.  Roy could let his hands go with punches like overhand rights, uppercuts, body shots, left hooks. This guy can adapt to everything, so everybody who faced him had to always be on their toes."

IM: Roy Jones Jr was a five-dimensional fighter! This guy was a special fighter yet some say he should have hung his gloves up a long time ago.

JS: Well I have a different mentality. Yes, realistically in terms of boxing, Roy should have retired.  Roy was past his best and was not going to be a world champion again, but then again plenty of fighters from our era wish they could have done what this guy did.  Here he is 49 years old and he just fought a ten-round fight. How many of us would be able to say we could do that? Roy lived a dream a lot of us wish we could have done.

IM: I am sure you could go ten rounds!

JS: Yeah but Roy Jones Jr has done it!

IM: Yes, not only did Roy Jones Jr go ten rounds the other night, this guy was able to win the WBA heavyweight title [from John Ruiz].

JS: Yep. People that really know boxing know exactly what Roy Jones accomplished throughout his entire career and they respect this guy 100% for it.

IM: Then again there are those who criticize him saying he beat John Ruiz but did not fight guys like Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.

JS: Well, Ruiz beat guys like Hasim Rahman and Evander Holyfield. Ruiz beat a lot of good fighters.  A lot of heavyweights couldnít touch Roy. Now you can take what you want from that but Roy Jones beat John Ruiz who was a guy who beat quality opposition. 

IM: But what about Tyson and Lewis?

JS: Roy had a career any fighter would be amazed to have.  This guy even had that [rap] song Yaíll Mustíve Forgot! I think a lot of people forgot!  They forget in his prime what this guy was!  What this guy was able to do. He was electrifying! Now you can take anyone within the last 20 years and I mean any top prospect who came up out of the amateurs turned pro who are on their way up and everybody is talking about how great they are. Well none of them matched up to Roy Jones Jr.  Roy was phenomenal. Those people who donít want to give him credit are dreaming they are delusional. This guy was spectacular.

IM: I was surprised how easy he made things look against a prime James Toney, considered one of the greatest fighters of recent times, yet Roy was able to beat him with ease.

JS: Yes, well just look at a lot of guys Roy was able to beat with ease.  Once again for some reason there are some people out there who donít want to give this guy credit.  These same people will look back 20 years from now and see Roy in a different light.

IM: I believe many of those who discredit him are too young to understand they themselves have a lot to learn.  Did you make it to his final fight?

JS:  No unfortunately I couldnít make it since I had to attend the golden gloves.  My fighter won the semifinals we are now getting ready to move to the finals.  Things are going great with me and my fighters. I enjoy working with these kids.  Itís funny how this guy [I train] is actually fighting the same tournament which I won as an amateur.  This Thursday is the championship fight!

IM: Thatís great news.  I wish you guys all the best! Did you talk to Roy after his win?

JS: No, I left him a message saying sorry I couldnít make it, that it was an honor to come up with him, to spar against him, to come up together as amateurs and professionals.  I gave him his credit.  I am sure heís swamped with messages, emails and questions.

IM: Do you agree that Roy is guaranteed a spot into the International Boxing Hall of Fame?

JS: Of course! 

IM: Well John as always good talking to you. Iwish you all the best at the Golden Gloves championships.

JS: Any time! 

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